Body language says it all

Body language says it all

A writer at Mashable says: Perhaps the worst line in these alleged sexts is Bezos referring to Sanchez as “alive girl.” “I love you, alive girl,” he reportedly wrote. There are loads of questions to be asked here, but it’s hard to focus on anything but the word “alive.” Why did Jeff B need to specify Sanchez was alive? 

Because of her fire. Mr. Bezos has only Jupiter in Aries as fire in his chart and Ms. Sanchez with Sun conjunct Venus in the fiery sign of Sagittarius is anything but dull. Her Sun and Venus get a lot of oomph because of the square to Pluto. In fact, her Sun is exactly square Pluto which shows up in the career she has built for herself as well as her predilection for dating, marrying and dallying with very powerful men.

The mature beauty described as the “biggest flirt” in high school may not be every one’s cup of tea especially with her current collagen enhanced perpetual half-grin, but she sure lights up Mr. Bezos. Her Juno conjuncts his Mars and her Lilith opposes it: he finds her bewitching.

The Daily Mail writes: 2016 – Sanchez gets her pilot license and launches Black Ops Aviation, her own film aerial production company. The National Enquirer claims this is also when she began her affair with Bezos. With her progressed Mercury at 19 Capricorn approaching his Sun at 21 Capricorn during 2016 that certainly makes sense. The leaked messages reveal that he loves her ideas and talking to her and this conjunction, which was exact in 2018, certainly confirms that. Additionally, her progressed Venus and Juno at 20 Aquarius are moving towards an exact conjunction with his Saturn at 21 degrees of the same sign. I believe him when he says he loves her.


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self portrait on chair.jpgI’ve been studying astrology for about 27 years now. A lot of people have been instrumental in my learning but the single most important person was my teacher Dawn Bodrogi. I’m currently engaged in an astrology reading and as I switch from the natal to the secondary progressed to the solar arc with some asteroids and the eclipses thrown in and navigate with an ease I have never known before, it’s Dawn I think of.

We lost her in November 2017, but she was and always will be a luminary in my inner sky. She taught me chart synthesis, secondary progressions and about the asteroids. I was one of her lame ducks, I found it hard to learn the secondaries, I couldn’t do chart synthesis, I didn’t know where to begin while looking at a chart, I would goof up on calls with her, planets on my screen would become invisible and I was unable to answer even simple questions like, “Do you see Mercury?” She was never condescending because she was born to be a teacher and I was born to learn from her. Even now when I look at the secondaries and if I feel like I don’t know where to begin, I hear her say, “Look at the lights. Look at what the lights are doing, Neets.” Continue Reading »

Stay well, Mr. Depp!

JD IllI don’t think I’ve seen any of Johnny Depp’s movies, but even I know who he is. When reports surfaced on 2-June-2018 about Mr. Depp looking gaunt and perhaps being ill, I was intrigued. On that day, transiting Pluto, Moon, Mars and the South Node were in his sixth house, the house associated with illness. The sixth is an important house in this chart because it contains both the Moon and the South node.

Now, a week after those reports, there are new reports from “inside sources” claiming Mr. Depp is well and purposely losing weight. His fans are not buying it and if one looks at his chart, his fans are right to be concerned. Progressed Moon entered his sixth house in January 2018 and indicates health concerns for the next 2.5 years.

There are many techniques to look at the past, present and future conditions in a chart. And there are many concurrent cycles we go through in a lifetime. Some of these cycles take decades to complete one circle around the chart and these are the ones that provide the bigger picture of what is happening to a person. Mr. Depp is reaching a climax with two such cycles and both of them have heavy implications regarding his health. Continue Reading »

14980735_10153842924416968_3378903504728679467_nI just got back from an astrology workshop in Bali. It was one the most gratifying and transformative experiences of my life. The astrological community is like that: you go in and meet friends. You connect with the people there and feel a sense of homecoming.

I was thinking of the experience and since she created it, it is Evelyn Roberts I want to mention first. The workshop was residential. The environment in which we were housed had a lot to do with the transformative aspect of doing a Heaven and Earth workshop. You are plunged into the heart of nature: its beauty, its creatures and its rhythms.

I’m terrified of spiders; I saw spiders and learnt to co-exist. I discovered that the sound of a frog jumping into a pond is my favorite sound. I got to hold baby chicks. I discovered it’s true: mother hens are very protective. I ate local food, at fixed times and in fixed quantities and came back free from my addiction to junk food. I also came back feeling like I could take anything on. I came back stronger.

I reconnected with old friends and made new ones. I refined the delicate line of togetherness versus necessary solitariness. I learnt a very important skill: I’m a better listener now than before I went. And I learnt (thanks, Brian!) how to say goodbye.

c-n-bAre you familiar with Carole Taylor and Brian Clark? Carole is associated with FAS, UK and Brian with Astro*Synthesis, Australia. I don’t know what to say. That’s striking because there isn’t much that I can’t capture in words. But with Carole and Brian I cannot. They are superb astrologers, very articulate and fundamentally just brilliant people. Listen to them for just a minute and you know you are in the presence of greatness. And you cannot be touched by greatness without being transformed.




Inherent in each ending is a new beginning. We don’t see that when we go through loss and goodbyes, but it is always true. Just as it’s true that a new beginning implies an inevitable ending. Perhaps we sense that, because when we are happy, we are afraid that it won’t last. It doesn’t: we begin, reach fruition, give of the fruit and then there is decay and death. And in the womb of that death there is another rebirth waiting to happen.

The progressed lunation cycle (PLC) is 29.5 years long and has eight distinct phases:

  1. The Progressed New Moon: Start of a new beginning
  2. The Progressed Crescent Moon
  3. The Progressed First Quarter Moon
  4. The Progressed Gibbous Moon
  5. The Progressed Full Moon
  6. The Progressed Disseminating Moon
  7. The Progressed Last Quarter
  8. The Progressed Balsamic Moon

2Astrological time is cyclical. It is the ongoing story of beginnings and endings. One can capture this cycle broadly using the PLC. I recently did a table of my PLC, and those time periods captured my life and its biggest turning points: Leaving the country as a child, coming back, another relocation, the years when I thought I was lost, going to university, meeting my future husband, doing well at work, losing my husband to cancer, retiring from the corporate world, it was all right there.

I met my husband at a progressed new moon in my chart and lost him to cancer when the progressed moon was full. I started the disseminating phase August 2016 and I see this as a time when I work with clients and share what I have learnt.

1.jpgIf you’d like to work on a life review or a life preview in terms of the lunation phases for your entire life (80+ years), I’d be very happy to do this with you on a call. We will explore in depth the current phase of the cycle you’re in along with the start of the current cycle and then see where you are headed next. The cost is USD 45.

If you want just the data, via email, with notes on what each phase means, that’s an option, too.  The cost is USD 15. If you’re opting for just the data, here are links that can help with self-study:


Your Personal Lunar Phases: The Cycle of Your Relationships

Honoring the Gods

VenusI’m trying to focus on developing my Venus function and getting more control over Mars. I should say I am trying overtly to be a little bit more Venusian. Very necessary for me right now since my progressed Sun moved into Libra recently and my progressed Venus has been in a steady direct-after-a-lifetime of retrograde movement.

Synchronistically, the goddess showed up in my life through a friend who spontaneously guided me about color and makeup. It doesn’t sound like a biggie but it is for me. Because if there is one god I have downplayed in her overt expression in my person, it is Venus. I’m guilty of not honoring her enough. So now I’m making amends in little things I do.

I’ve been meaning to write about honoring the gods for years now. Because I understand that to have the kind of peaceful life I want, I must honor and appease all gods that live within me. I think it’s true of all of us. There are some functions that flow wonderfully for us and we invest in them and develop them to a high extent. Others we have an uncomfortable relationship with and we may express them erratically or with some unease. Hence we end up with a lopsided personality and thus a lopsided life. Not ideal. Unless, that’s what you want and, sometimes, that is what we want. Perhaps it’s my progressed sun in Libra but the word “balance” has become so important for me: in all aspects of my life. Continue Reading »

"Do you believe in fate or free will?" The answer that works for me: "Yes. I believe in both fate and free will."

“Do you believe in fate or free will?”
The answer that works for me: “Yes. I believe in both fate and free will.”

This post is a result of a conversation I had with a friend about her astrology reading. She mentioned that her reading had indicated a positive event but it turned out that something very different happened. I don’t know the astrological details but I know the astrologer who did the reading. I highly respect his work: it’s astrologically sound, very precise and he operates with great integrity.

Astrology is Symbolic

Astrologers often mention that death charts have very good transits: especially that of Jupiter, the planet that bestows good fortune, indicates long journeys and expands our horizons. In the months leading upto his death, all through the radiation and the chemo, my husband had Jupiter transiting his twelfth house: the house of prisons and hospitals stays. The doctors were amazed, Titu felt no pain at all; and death took him very gently. Jupiter not “saving” him but protecting him and taking him onwards to the greatest trip of all.

Another Personal Story

About 13 years ago, I moved to my current location and got a job I stayed in for 12.5 years. It was a job I loved and I got it when Jupiter went over my Sun which is in the sixth house (house of work) trining my Jupiter-ruled MC (indicator of career path). Jupiter cycles are 12 years long: it takes that much time to go around the chart once. So recently, it was back on my Sun having finishes an entire cycle. Continue Reading »