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The gentle breaking of morning every day
The benediction of the evening breeze
The smell of the rain in the air, on the earth
The soaring freedom of a bird in flight
The shade of the trees in a wood
The butterflies in the garden on a drowsy afternoon
The moon and the stars in a clear winter sky

Woodsmoke, rainbows, ocean waves
pebbles on a riverbank

I have loved you like that.

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I was always loving you
if it wasn’t clear in my text
you should have delved deeper
it was shining in the subtext.

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I lacerate my heart this way
I assuage the lack this way

I act like a fool when I do this
I find a way when I do this

I forget sometimes
in my sparkling sapphire moments

I don’t remember at times
in my rambunctious ruby rants

I feel joy envelope me
when I am tipsy topaz tickled

My soul stretches and embraces the world
when I emerge entrancing emerald

But there are spaces that are no color
there are moments of quiet alone with the silence

When I leave the demanding world behind
when I re-visit the ghosts I wished I had laid

Then I travel in time again
I haunt the past again

I become a ghost with the others
I hurt and I heal this way.

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