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I read Matthew Currie’s Daily Sky every day. Today’s tongue-in-cheek entry, which talks about Gemini, got me thinking that despite the dubious rep this sign has in astrological circles, I personally adore the sign of the twins.

The world would be a dull place indeed without the wit and charm of the airy Geminis who create little sparkles of light and delight wherever they alight. That kind of word play is very Gemini, by the way. You see what I mean? They flirt with words and their meanings and they’ll flirt with you, too. You, your friend, your pet parakeet, the grouchy man at the reception. You can call it flirting, if you want to be harsh. But really what it is, is their way of engaging with the world. They see something new and shiny, like it and want to play with it. The water and the earth signs will warn you that Geminis are inconstant. But the world is full of toys and joys and yummy boys and the Gemini wants to play with as many of them as possible. Which makes sense, right? It’s a wonderful, glorious world out there and they want to see it all. It is this enthusiasm for the new, yet-to-be-explored that makes their soul glow and lights up their eyes: ever looked into a Gemini’s eyes and seen how clear and sparkling they are?

When I want to plan my finances, I call my Capricorn brother. When my heart is bruised or I’m blue, I turn to my trusty Crab friend. But when I want to raise hell or just indulge my mind by engaging in fun, frothy banter, I seek out the Geminis. Before you write them off as intellectual twits, some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet are Gemini, too. Take my Moon-in-Gemini spouse: he has two MAs and one PhD in economics and can moreover talk your pants off on a variety of subjects: from poetry, to art, to cinema, to psychology…you name it.

If you’ve got an idea and want to make it happen, odds are good that the Geminis of your acquaintance will not only share your enthusiasm but will rush over with help, ideas and suggestions. There’s a post I’m working on right now and I’m interviewing several astrologers for it. I shot off a lot of e-mails last night and the first responses I got was from a double-Gemini who suggested that we do it over the phone. That led to a mini-discussion about international telephone codes, Skype and Facebook chat. Among other things, Gemini rules communication, but you must have guessed that by now.    

Wondering how to engage the interest of that cute Gemini who’s always hanging out at the water-cooler talking to everyone? Talk to him, text him, tell him a joke or a funny story. If you play your cards well, textual can eventually lead to sexual with this rather cerebral sign. 

For all you twinkly-eyed Geminis out there: Venus is going to stay in your sign for all of July 2009. She will enhance your desirability during this period, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and chase some falling stars or look for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The universe is beaming affectionately at you right now and you might get lucky.

And if you are someone who’s at the receiving end of Gemini’s friendly or romantic overtures and worried that the Mercury-bird who’s been batting their eyelashes at you might take you for a ride, throw caution to the wind. Let Gemini take you for a ride. You may land back on earth with a bit of a bump, but, oh! what fun you’ll have had!

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