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1. When you kill someone, it creates a very strong karmic bond: “Hey! We meet again!”

2. Never sit in the back of the class if you’re short.

3. Your instincts will never mislead you. Trust them today; or pretend that everything’s all right and realize much later that you were right the first time.

4. You can have anything if you are willing to wait long enough. A year, two, a decade. A lifetime or several lifetimes. How bad do you want it?

5. If you are irrevocably in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, you can choose to love them unconditionally. Try doing it for lifetime or even a year. It’ll teach you a lot about your definition of love.

6. At 30, I decided that since I didn’t fit in, I was gonna leave the party and throw one of my own.

7. A strong emotional foundation will allow you to face and rise above anything life can throw at you. If you’re lucky, the surest love is in your family bonds. Remember, the only people who are really happy at your success are your family.

8. They say that only the honest could look into Apollo’s eyes without going blind.

9. You pure intent expressed, verbalized will force everyone’s hand.

10. Remember we hide behind the truth as much as we hide behind lies.

11. The only moral laws that apply to us are the ones that we choose for ourselves. The universe was born a-moral. If you think like this, you’re preparing to break the moral laws of your time.

12. You are the impulse. You are the restraint. (From an ad)

13. There are two ways to live. One is “I accept.” There’s a lot of peace and harmony in that. It’s amazing how much you can put up with when you’re resigned to something.
You can live like this, “I’m not going to do it by the book. I’m going to rewrite the book. I’m going to change the world.” There’s a lot of energy in that. But for how long can you sustain that kind of passion?

Ideally, you should be able to shift between these two attitudes. And feel free to change your mind as you go along.

14. Charm smoothes out the rough edges in human interactions.

15. This is your life story, you get to star in it: dress for it. Choose to look as attractive as it is humanly possible. Or don’t. Either way, you’ll find out how important looks are to you.

16. The eyes have it. Ever tried to get someone’s attention by smiling quietly into their eyes?

17. What are you doing with people you don’t trust?

18. No one enjoys your company more than you do. Try and spend some time all alone. Do this religiously. You’ll lose the fear of having to live alone.

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Sometimes Saturn casts
Its coming shadow on me
Prognosticating sorrows I know
Will eventually befall me.

And Uranus doesn’t let up
He rifts and rives my soul
Tears me away from the known
And plunks me on an alien shore
Where I find myself all alone.

Neptune also plays his invidious part
I can no longer tell who lies
Is it me or it is you?
And is there anything
Such as a universal truth?

I’m sitting here with a bowed head
And folded hands
Submitting to Pluto’s volcanic passions
As he rolls over me
Crushing me into the dirt
The rubble
The evil that is humanity

And I take it
Faith like a steady flame in my heart
My spirit buffeted but not broken
My heart bruised but still beating
Very much the child of Sun and Jupiter
Who trine
Because once, long ago,
When you loved me
You blessed my soul.

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This morning, I read Petros Eleftheriadis’s blog entry about the hard time an astrologer had on Penn & Teller’s show. I saw a clip of it myself and it hurt to see the astrologer trying to figure out a career for this woman whose chart he was reading. I think the planet, or rather, the luminary he was looking at was the moon. As we all know, the moon rules a variety of careers and he listed them all out. The lady said later on that he mentioned almost everything under the sun and was bound to get something right.

But that’s just the thing, a planet can have various fields of activity under its domain. Take Jupiter: If it is connected with your tenth house you could be involved with anything from organized religion to publishing (books, not newspapers or magazines), to work connected with foreign travel or the law. To the astrologically uninitiated, it looks like a long list and since they can’t see the connection to Jupiter, it looks like the astrologer is wildly throwing these options around.

What Mr. Eleftheriadis says on his blog is that astrologers shouldn’t force themselves to find answers to all questions when they look at a chart nor try and find astrological evidence in the chart for everything they see. Donning the mantle of omniscience does more harm than good. This was brought home to me a while back when I was looking at an event chart and could find no obvious astrological markers for it in its chart. While this is more indicative of the gaps in my astrological knowledge than anything else, I still felt intensely frustrated when I didn’t see what I expected to see. I’ve saved the data for another look and will return to it with an open mind after a few days.

On a related note, I’ve been assigning myself astrological homework. I have the option of looking at friends’ charts or the charts of merest acquaintances. I’ve been wondering whether it is best to do a stranger’s chart while you’re learning. Because with people you know really well, you already know the issues that plague their lives. Like my friend whose financial situation is always unstable because of her spouse’s rather erratic career history. She has Saturn in the second house, squaring Uranus exactly, to the minute! Aquarius is intercepted in the eight: I’m taking Aquarius as her husband’s income. The Saturn indicates her money worries and the square tells us that the husband will sometimes be a source of added income and sometimes not bring in anything to their joint finances.

I only saw the above aspect because this theme was playing out very big in her life recently. But you see what I mean? If you had just plunked her chart before me, would I have seen it? But that square is kind of hard to miss. Anyway, I worry about stuff like this especially since I’ve put my homework on hold: to be or not to be. To read a stranger’s chart or read a friend’s? Paralysis. Haven’t looked at any chart at all as a result.

April Elliott Kent says something very useful about this in her post Constructing an Astrology Reading. She advises that you learn about your client’s “non-astrological reality” before doing a reading. It helps you organize your work better and adds value to the consultation. What I got from this was that one does not have to work blind and figure out everything just by looking at the chart. Have you read her post? You should, I’ve linked it, check it out.

One of the things that astrology needs quite badly right now is credibility. I think astrologers educating the general public about astrology and its limitations will help. If you are an astrologer who’s reading this, how many times have people asked you to guess their sun sign, even if you’ve just met them? Yeah, I know. Someone needs to educate the masses: Why can’t that someone be you? And why not start with the next person who wants you to guess their “star” (sun, SUN sign, O ignorant wretch! Star Signs is another book that Linda Goodman wrote!) sign?

Oh, and about that event chart I mentioned, I suspect that Aquarius on the eleventh house explains quite a lot!


P.S. Here’s a great post along similar lines: http://nononsenseastrology.com/?p=2395

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