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Astrology in Shakespeare

HELENA: Monsieur Parolles, you were born under a charitable star.

PAROLLES: Under Mars, I.

HELENA: I especially think, under Mars.

PAROLLES: Why under Mars?

HELENA: The wars have so kept you under that you must needs be born under Mars.

PAROLLES: When he was predominant.

HELENA: When he was retrograde, I think, rather.

PAROLLES: Why think you so?

HELENA: You go so much backward when you fight.

PAROLLES: That’s for advantage.

HELENA: So is running away, when fear proposes the safety; but the composition that your valour and fear makes in you is a virtue of a good wing, and I like the wear well.


All’s Well That Ends Well – Act 1, Scene 1

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I love talking to you
When over one last drink, you tell me,
That love and beauty can’t be dissected
And I tell you thoughts are things.

Over my favorite bowl of soup
While you bemoan your Faustian failures
And I relate my endless despairs
I love talking to you.

I love talking to you
Over the last shared cigarette
Before we go to bed
And let sleep “knit up the raveled sleeve of care.”

Over endless cups of tea
While we separately investigate our universes
Sometimes going parallel, and sometimes clashing in the middle
I love talking to you.

I love talking to you
Whenever we meet again
After a day, a week, an hour
Whenever we find ourselves together again.

On the phone, on the Net
Whether it’s earth-shaking news
Or just a random shared fact
I love talking to you.

I’d rather be with you
Passionately arguing a small point of thought
Than with another more congenially-minded companion
Because the heart of the matter is, my dear,
That I love talking to you.

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