Archive for July 17th, 2009

They’re very ordinary sorrows
That mark my todays and tomorrows

Some pain must befall us all
There’s nothing you or I can do
Short of asking time to stall

I watch the scudding clouds
Sometimes white and sometimes grey
And in my darkest hour
Console myself with the promise that I’ll pray

There are some things no one can fix
Sometimes I wonder
How hope and doubt in us mix

I’m not asking you to be kind
I know you have your own sorrow
And can do without mine to borrow

The hardest thing I find to share
Is the unrelieved grey of pain
If I talk about it, do I count that as a gain?

So in this instance, I will refrain
We will wear ours social masks
And faithfully perform our daily tasks

After all, not everything has to be revealed
And some things fester less when concealed.

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