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Why I love Astrologers

1. Because they don’t say “Happy birthday,” they say, “Happy solar return.”

2. Plebs say, “He gets on my nerves, can’t stand him!” Astrologers say, “His moon squares my Moon-Mars opposition.”

3. When they go pro, they think they’ve become merely an “astrologer”. When, in fact, they have also become gurus, counselors and healers of the human condition.

4. They don’t say someone is needy and whiny; they just smile wryly and go, “Oh, these Crabs.”

5. When they get drunk and are swapping war stories, they talk about their “Saturn return” if they’re in their late 20s and about their “Uranus opposition” if they are in their early 40s.

6. Because whether they admit it or not, astrology is not just a profession to them, it is their calling.

7. They have amazing self-control and self-restraint: that’s why they don’t punch that jerk who swaggers over to them at a party and asks, “Astrologer, huh? So can you guess my sun sign?”

8. Many of them are fine writers and humorists who are read by a fraction of the world’s population. They could have made more money and a bigger name for themselves doing some kind of commercial writing, but they burn the midnight oil and increase the sum of the world’s human knowledge for a minimal reward.

9. When they look at a chart, what they’re after is the truth. And the truth is the finest gift one human being can give another.

10. Because, even if they are unsung, they’re my heroes, man!

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