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Come, sit here, I’ll give you some wine
It’ll make things bright, bring out some shine.

Sink deep in the chair, why be afraid?
We’ll swap stories, not engage in tirades.

Did I tell you about the rainbow that disappeared?
And suddenly, in the midst of my despair, reappeared.

And if you’re feeling sad, have a good cry
It will make you feel better, go on, try.

I know, I know, this not how it was meant to come out
But it’s lost now and you’re old enough to do without.

But there’s comfort here in the lamp light
With reflection, thing’s look a little bright.

You can leave your worries there, there by the door
Take a refill, we’ll drink some more.

It’s late evening and your day’s done.
We’ll slouch together and watch the setting sun.

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