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Aries Woman
She’s fire and emotion and bursts of energy. Her appeal is in her endless enthusiasm and her boundless courage. She’s like a hurricane that’ll blow the cobwebs from your mind giving you a new lease on life. She’s thrills, chills and the excitement of a fast car.
Taurus Woman
She’s like one of the flowers in the garden she loves so much. But she’s sturdy and perennial and not some easy-to-damage seasonal bloom. She’s hard work and reality checks but she is also soft sheets and floral scents and perfumed massages.  
Gemini Woman
She’s lively and bright and hard to keep up with. She’s mental gymnastics, intellectual eroticism and late-night phone calls. She’s hard to pin down and hold onto, but full of light, like a glowing firefly against a dusky evening sky.
Cancer Woman
She’s soft, moody, needy, weepy. Eternally feminine: she’s the wife, the mother, the gentle lover. She’s clingy, so if you don’t like that, don’t engage her feelings. But if you want a home and a hearth, you’ll find it in the haven of her heart.
Leo Woman
She’s the sun, shining through the clouds. She’s gilded dreams and fierce pride. She’ll drown you in love and affection when you’re blue. She’ll support you and promote you but she’ll want the same back, and on the double!
Virgo Woman
Don’t try and pull a fast one on her, her math is good, and she can tell in an instant when something doesn’t add up. She gets sensual pleasure from surroundings that are neat and organized. She’s neatly folded handkerchiefs and silk scarves that are green and cream. She’s white cotton night gowns and clean shiny hair. She’s sanity and rationality in a mad, crazy world. 
Libra Woman
She’s beauty and refinement and lovely homes and complementary colors. She’ll grace you arm and your life, but unfairness and strife will bring discord to her harmony. She’s more than just a dimpled smile and soft sighs, she has a strong mind, this girl, and she knows how to use it.

Scorpio Woman
She’s the serenity of the sea at dawn and its turmoil when it roils. She’s got the courage of a veteran and the precision of a surgeon (in fact, she might be one). If you have secrets, don’t look into her eyes.

Sagittarius Woman
She’s got the spirit of a dancer and she’ll dance her way around the world and in and out of numerous experiences. Her eyes are always bright and she’s always booking tickets to go somewhere. She’s a wise one, you know. Stick around, you’ll learn something. 

Capricorn Woman
She’s all neat, combed hair and finely defined ambition. Her upper lip is stiff and her mind clear, but she does have a heart. It belongs to her family and maybe a pet, and if she deems you worthy, to you. But have you got what it takes?

Aquarius Woman
She a scientist at Yale, an astro-numerologist, a flower lady…but whatever she is, she’s true to herself.  If you don’t want petty or spiteful, she’s the one you’re looking for. But if you want to date her, bring your astral-travelling gear: she a quintessential time traveler. 

Pisces Woman
When she tells you she loves you, in that moment, she is loving you. But she also loves that man with broken dreams and that little girl who can’t hear and she loves every “sad and lovely” thing. She’ll listen to all your dreams, even the ones you never talk about. But do me a favor, okay? Listen to hers, too.

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