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Venus in Cancer

When she moves from Gemini to Cancer, Venus comes home, puts away her laptop, BlackBerry and cell phone. But the phone is always within easy reach, after all, someone from her family may need to get in touch with her. In this sign, she changes out of her uber-chic city clothes and into soft gingham dresses. No, she doesn’t have a split personality, she’s just moved into Cancer.

As Venus moves from Gemini into Cancer on 1-August, you can feel the change of mood. The pace slows down from verbal and frenzied to emotional and moody. The emphasis shifts from intellectually stimulating to the emotionally fulfilling. It becomes less about communicating and more about feelings. 

Cancer hold sway over the home and all issues related to the mother, mothering and nurturing. In this sign, Venus ties a tidy little apron around her waist and bakes you cookies and pies. In every sign she has a distinct appeal; her appeal in Cancer is the wafting smell of apple pie, loving arms welcoming you when you come home and then tucking you in for the night with a warm kiss on your forehead.

Although Cancerians are quiet and retiring by nature, they nevertheless have a strong need for love and affection. They often feel ignored and neglected because everyone else is too busy goggling at the antics of the more extroverted signs. So what does the gentle crab need to feel good? A lot of emotional and financial security. If this is threatened, you will find them seeking comfort by sneaking to the fridge at night or reaching for another helping of ice cream. Everyone has a little child hiding inside them, and as the energy and focus of Venus shifts to the sign of the crab, nurture and coddle your inner child: feed it, spend time with it at home, read it a story, take it to the park to feed the ducks.

This is a good time for investing energy and resources in and around your home by either spending time in the kitchen, cooking for your friends or generally beautifying your nest. The Cancer aesthetics are all about crocheted doilies on antique furniture. Incidentally, antiques are a big hit with crabs who hold the past so close to their hearts. Venus gracing Cancer is a good time to buy antiques for your home or as a gift for someone special.

Lack of emotional support, an empty larder and a less-than-rosy bank account all make the Crab’s sky dark and sullen.  But why not be inventive? Have a family picnic or call your clan over for a home-cooked meal. When darkness threatens, you can dispel it by celebrating love and joy and family bonds.

If you find yourself charmed by a Moon-child (Moon rules Cancer), remember it takes time and effort to get past their defenses and win their trust. But once they allow you entrance into their hearts, you will have found a haven of peace to come home to when the world gets too much. And for the crabs reading this, with Venus touching your sun by transit, your attraction quotient is sure to rise. So if you find that attractive fellow shopper at the produce section giving you the glad eye, go for it. Food and love, that’s what makes the world go ‘round!

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