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Sixth House couplet

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Little victories, little despairs.

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  1. People who say, “I don’t care,” always care. Deeply.
  2. Sometimes you have to sacrifice pleasure to gain happiness.
  3. Astrologers don’t “observe the heavens,” they look at an ephemeris.
  4. There are times you should let others have the last word. It’ll make them feel good, get them to sheath their claws and save you time and energy.
  5. Sometimes we have to make peace with the fact that we will be misunderstood.
  6. If it hurt you, tell someone you trust about it. Saying, “It hurt me,” can heal.
  7. You are on your way to being an adult when you finally accept who you are.
  8. Peace comes from expressing who you are. It’s all right to be different, unconventional. I’ve found when I’m gentle and matter-of-fact about who I am, there is no fuss. But if I’m uncomfortable and strident, I tend to get a similar response in return.
  9. Sometimes the best strategy is to be direct and honest.
  10. It’s difficult to manipulate an honest person.

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Venus in Leo

madonnaMy trusty ephemeris tells me that Venus moves into Leo on 27-August-2009 and enjoys regal treatment there till 20-September. Venus rules our attitudes about both love and money, and in Leo, the one thing she’s not is a skin-flint. She doesn’t like them, either. If you are out to woo someone with this placement, make sure you look sharp and presentable as you go over to their place in your expensive and discreetly flashy car. They enjoy being wined and dined in style. Take them to the swankiest restaurant in town where they can see and be seen by the hoity-toity. This is their natural element and they won’t let you down. The women will elegantly hang onto your arm as they nobly walk into the room and gracefully accept the attention that comes their way. The men with this placement enjoy being seen with beautiful women who add to their aura of success.

Leo Venuses thrive on attention and it comes their way often. That’s what the Leo Venus is all about. She needs to be the center of attention and will dress with that in mind. I have a friend with a Virgo stellium whose Venus is in Leo. She expends more than the usual amount of time and resources on keeping her mane looking ravishing. She is also blessed with good taste and dresses with great elegance: when she walks into a room, heads turn. In admiration. But, out of control, this Venus can surpass the bounds of good taste and deteriorate into a loudly-dressed woman who’ll make dramatic gestures just to be noticed. Think Lindsay Lohan and Madonna, both Venus in Leo, who’ve been guilty of this from time to time.

Shrine AuditoriumMen with this position are attracted to spectacular women whose presence in their life can make them proud. Tom Cruise has both his Moon and Venus in Leo and all three of his wives have been actresses (Leo rules acting). The magnificent Nicole Kidman, Tom’s ex-wife, herself was born with Venus in the sign of the Lion.

Love with the Leo Venus is dramatic, passionate and bold. Don’t bore them, instead shower them with the attention they need and profess your passion for them dramatically and you’ll do just fine. In return, you’ll have a partner who makes you look good because they bring a larger-than-life opulence into your life and showers you with both emotional warmth and exotic gifts.

For all you Leos out there, with Venus transiting your sign, you’re bound to pay more than usual attention to your appearance and how others are reacting to you. Dividing your focus between your needs and that of others is the winning strategy during this time. You will find that it’s easier to charm others now, especially on the day transiting Venus contacts your natal Sun: use your power well.

How will this transit manifest for the rest of us? With numerous oppositions and quincunxes that Venus makes while in Leo, this time can best be described by Bette Davis’s memorable words in the movie All about Eve: “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!”

The ingress begins with an uncomfortable quincunx to Pluto. If you are having problems in your love life or material situation, use this time to stand back and take a good look at what is going on behind the scenes. Themes of manipulation and jealousy could emerge and may need to be dealt with.

The second week of September leads up to Venus’s opposition with Jupiter and Chiron.  Don’t get carried away by the need for self-gratification and self-aggrandization. And if you meet this need in others, try to be patient. The opposition to Chiron can bring wounding through a love relationship or echo a wound received in the past. But with Jupiter and Neptune flanking Chiron in the skies right now, you can make this a time when you finally begin to heal old wounds by seeing the big picture and by a renewal of faith in yourself.

Also operating at this time is Venus’s opposition to Neptune, which will be exact on 16-Septmeber. But we’ll begin to feel its energy as early as 8-September. Harmonious Venus-Neptune vibrations typify romance, but the opposition warns of illusions we harbor about our romantic partners. Tread carefully where money matters and affairs of the heart are concerned; people are not very objective at this time and see only what they want to see. The quincunx to Uranus around the same time muddies the water even further with its restless energy and the pull-push between being loved and being our own person. So, all in all, we’re headed for some interesting and dramatic times. Venus in Leo wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Disclaimer: I don’t know much about art and I’m learning astrology. Inputs welcome. 

Not to Be Reproduced

Not to Be Reproduced

Some first encounters are memorable. I first met René Magritte on the cover of my experimental psychology textbook. The painting, Not to be Reproduced, remains my favorite to this day. A few years after that first encounter, I came across a postcard of Time Transfixed. It was then that I knew: I loved this man’s work. I never thought about classifying it but I eventually learnt that he was a “surrealist” artist. But I’ve found that unlike many of surrealists, Magritte’s work has a unique quality of purity. You can probably see it in all his paintings, but I see most clearly in the painfully straight lines of Time Transfixed.

I’ve never tried to figure out or question Not to be Reproduced. I see it and time stops. For a while, everything is suspended. Is there a word for this feeling? I know “numinous” is not quite it. It’s like a gentle happy awe. As I struggle to explain what I mean, you can see the Virgo Mercury trying to grasp something Neptunian in words and failing.  This is what Magritte himself said about his work, “My painting is visible images which conceal nothing… they evoke mystery and indeed when one sees one of my pictures, one asks oneself this simple question ‘What does that mean’? It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing either, it is unknowable.” Very Neptune that. Coming from a man who is a master of his craft: just look at those lines!

Time TransfixedI thought it would be interesting to look at his chart and obtained his birth data from here. I expected to find Neptune, of course; but also Virgo. The former is evident everywhere: It conjuncts Pluto, opposes Venus and Mercury. But I didn’t find the Virgo emphasis I was looking for. He does have a Virgo MC, though, with Mercury ruling his career and conjuncting Venus and Saturn. Saturn, the hard taskmaster that he is, is probably responsible for the mastery evident in his work and helped him achieve the unique purity of style that characterize it. 

Although I hadn’t meant to look at his personal life, it’s hard to miss the Saturn opposition Neptune, with Pisces as IC. It foreshadows a tragedy in his domestic life, probably to do with a parent: when he was 14, his mother committed suicide by drowning. Natally, Magritte’s Saturn opposes both Neptune and Pluto (ruler of the twelfth house). This opposition of Saturn (reality) against Neptune (illusion) is best expressed in his Ceci n’est pas series. But, really, the essence of this aspect infuses the entire body of his work. This is what Wikipedia has to say (note the words I’ve put in bold):

Magritte’s constant play with reality and illusion has been attributed to the early death of his mother. Psychoanalysts who have examined bereaved children have said that Magritte’s back and forth play with reality and illusion reflects his “constant shifting back and forth from what he wishes—’mother is alive’—to what he knows—’mother is dead’.”

 He described the act of painting as “the art of putting colors side by side in such a way that their real aspect is effaced, so that familiar objects—the sky, people, trees, mountains, furniture, the stars, solid structures, graffiti—become united in a single poetically disciplined image. The poetry of this image dispenses with any symbolic significance, old or new.

A person’s philosophy is captured by the ninth house and Magritte’s ninth house ruler is the Sun. His Sun is in the twelfth, a house that brings to mind words like infinite, ineffable, unfathomable, spirit, God, divine. And I like to believe that when he painted and when he said, “…mystery means nothing either, it is unknowable,” he said it from a place of peace that the twelfth can bring if you surrender to God or the divine which is, for most of us, the Great Unknowable.

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Background: I’ve been under the weather lately and not doing much of anything. Not writing, either. Every idea I’ve had, a little voice in my head has shot down and I’ve allowed it to do so. But just a minute ago, one of these on-the-ice ideas came back and I wanted to write about it. I was suddenly quietly bubbling with enthusiasm. And wondering what happened.

Unlike my friend Raphael Simons, I’m no horary genius. But I do have an awesome book on the subject by Karen Hamaker-Zondag. It has several examples of event charts that correlate the event chart axes with a person’s natal chart axes. So, just now, when I was finally filled with Theos, I cast a chart: and sure, enough, it echoes my natal axes in its ASC-DSC and MC-IC. Additionally, the transiting Virgo Moon and IC are conjunct my natal Mercury by a degree.

Ninja_The_Last_Thing_You_SeeSo let’s use this analytical, every-hair-in-place, precision-of-a-scientific-instrument-without-emotion energy of Virgo to look at Scorpio and Pluto. I will be using the words Scorpio and Pluto interchangeably. Also, when I use one or the other, I don’t mean just folks with their sun in Scorpio; it can also refer to people who have planets in Scorpio or the eight house or have Pluto aspecting their personal planets.

Why the focus on Scorpio, though? Well, from what I’ve read on astrology forums, it appears that Scorpios leave a lot of people bewildered, especially in romantic linkages. Astrology forums are rife with the question, “Does that Scorpio like me?” If you’re asking yourself that question, then you’re already making a big mistake. But I get ahead of myself.

First let’s try and understand the nature of the beast. I had a high school friend tell me once, about her Scorpio brother, “We’re all very fond of each other. But he’s not very demonstrative.” I met someone recently who has his Sun, Pluto, Venus and Mercury in the sign. The Sun and Pluto are conjunct with an orb of four degrees. So what does this mega-Scorpio tell me the other day? “My sister says that I don’t show my love overtly. I tell her, ‘Deal with it.’” So, okay, we got that. Are you taking it down? Point one, they don’t show their feelings. So, the astrology books are right on that one.

Recently I heard one Scorp say to another, “We grew up too quickly. We always saw through the games the adults played.” I don’t know what the context was, but it captured something very deep about this sign for me. Although, they aren’t above playing a few games themselves, the Pluto-ruled are pretty good at seeing through any you’re playing, and depending on how they feel about you, they’ll either play along for fun or cross you off their list of people to be trusted. And if I know anything, chances are high that they’ll play along and cross you off their list. Either way, don’t play games, not if you want their trust. If you’re only in it for a lark, then it’s okay. As long as you don’t step on their toes, their eyes will gleam with amusement as they watch your antics.

An Aries, or a Mars-rules person will come right out and ask you, “What the heck are you up to?” But a Scorpio won’t. They’d rather figure it out. And while they’re doing this, you’ll have no clue that your every move is being analyzed. I know a Crab whose Sun, Mercury and Saturn are squared by Pluto in Libra. I’ve seen the Mercury square Pluto in action: he trusts no one and is suspicious of everything anyone says. Even innocuous statements about the weather are suspect. To say that he has communication problems is an understatement. In this case, the Pluto energy serves to bar its owner from having normal communication with other people. This is the dark side of the Pluto energy: it manifests as constant, and often unwarranted, suspicion. I also know Plutonians who use their keen perception of undercurrents and hidden agendas in relationship and group dynamics to help others by serving as peace-makers and negotiators. It’s the same energy, it just depends on how and for what purpose someone is using it.

So how does this help you figure out if that Scorpio likes you? It doesn’t really. But maybe this story will help: I have a tom cat who resents being petted, won’t come to you if you call him and is generally very averse to affection. But he tolerates our presence in the same room as him and even sits near me when I’m reading. Big deal, huh? Not really, unless you consider the fact that with anyone else, he flees the room if they enter it. I’ve come to realize that the few times he does voluntarily come and sit near me show that he trusts me. And that’s it. That’s Scorpio for you. Take it or leave it.

What am I getting at? Don’t try and second-guess them or play games with them. My advice has nothing to do with who’ll win or who’ll lose. It has to do with something that Scorpios know all about: power. Ultimately, this sign is about power. Personal power. If you’ve made a mess of your mind by dwelling on their every move, wondering about their motives, about whether they like you, you’ve given away some of your power. In my experience, your best bet is to be yourself, be friendly and refuse to play games. It won’t crack the enigma; but, if after that, they come and curl up by your side nonchalantly (they do nonchalant really well); well then, guess what? They do like you. And if they don’t oblige by hanging around you; well, you can chalk this one up as a loss and move on. I know that hurts. But look on the bright side: you aren’t leaving as a hollow shell of your former self. You’re leaving with your personal power intact and after having learnt a little more about Plutonians. Use your newly-found wisdom well. And as far as the Scorpios are concerned, there’s more of them around.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

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My Mars may have progressed into Gemini, but I was born with it in Taurus and this poem has always spoken to me of my very earthy Mars in a fixed sign:

Autumn Evening by Frances Cornford

The shadows flickering, the daylight dying,
And I upon the old red sofa lying,
The great brown shadows leaping up the wall,
The sparrows twittering; and that is all.

I thought to send my soul to far-off lands,
Where fairies scamper on the windy sands,
Or where the autumn rain comes drumming down
On huddled roofs in an enchanted town.

But O my sleepy soul, it will not roam.
It is too happy and too warm at home:
With just the shadows leaping up the wall.
The sparrows twittering; and that is all.

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I’m tired, tired
Of all human pretences
And, although, it’ll hurt you
I’m even tired of your honest little confidences

I dread it when you come
Knocking on my door
My love, my sympathy
My understanding
I know you want some more

The ring of the phone
Fills me with gloom
It dispels the quiet
The beauty of my doom

It’s not that I dislike you
It’s just that my spirit needs some rest
Give me some time alone
Is my passive-aggressive behest

I know you are filled with sadness
Bereft of hope and wounded in love
But help me God and the Heavens above
I’ve just about had enough

So for a while, I’m going to hide here
Maybe go on an emotional ride here
And cry me some glad tears
And take out and look at
My own very ordinary fears

And there in the blessed aloneness of my being
In that space that is just me
Where many things can come alive and be
If then you reach out
Without a hook, without a vortex of want
 A telepathic link, a gentle friendly shout
We can share a cup of tea
And laugh at what the fuss was all about.

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A while back, I was surfing the Net half-heartedly and feeling rather discontented. The discontent arose from the fact that I was looking at the end of another weekend without having much to show for it. This despite the fact that I did more this weekend than I usually do and even managed to fit in a nap. Nonetheless, I felt unhappy because I hadn’t written much.

I remember reading a Barbra Taylor Bradford where one of the characters is standing in his study, looking out the window and addressing a tree in the courtyard. He addresses it mentally and says that he had never thought one could be happy, but as an adult he had hoped he could snag contentment. I read this a decade ago but it has stayed with me because, like Nick, all I want is contentment.  

So I updated my Facebook status with “A day when I don’t write is a day that leaves me unsatisfied,” and got up wanting to fix dinner. Nothing remarkable in that unless you know me. I don’t like to cook. But the cook did a no-show and I had this extraordinary urge to tinker in the kitchen. Inexplicable urge. But the transiting moon is in Cancer as I write and that probably explains the aberration. But even as I was planning out what I was going to make, my mind was on the fact that I hadn’t written anything today. Then I remembered what my friend, Hitch, told me the other day, “I have a friend with Moon in Virgo in the 2nd house who can just clean all day! It makes her feel useful and productive, and satisfies the 2nd house need for self-affirmation. ElsaElsa frequently advises that we should ‘live our Sun and satisfy our Moon’, and I’ve always remembered it!”

And then I knew! I wanted to write about the Moon and emotional satisfaction. So, cooking was put on the backburner (do note the pun) and here I am typing away and altogether very happy.  That’s all it took. My moon is in the ninth and for as long as I can remember I’ve always had the need to read. The desire to write came later and the need to write on astrology is very recent. The ninth house rules publications of book. Writing for newspapers and magazine (which I’ve done) and this blog is more third house. So what’s going on? My Moon is in a T-Square and this is part of what my astrologer friend Raphael told me a few days ago, “The arms of the T-square, i.e., Mars and Moon may cause you to write and/or teach as a way of work and service. The Moon’s depositor Mars shows where the Moon’s expression goes. Mars is in third. You may want to write small pieces of a Higher Mental nature. You are writing astrological pieces.”

I know someone with a twelfth house moon who feels good if he spends some time alone “communing with himself.” One of my friends has her moon in the fourth and she enjoys pottering around her house and rustling up culinary delights in the kitchen. Raphael generously contributed some personal information for this post vis-à-vis his moon and house location. This is what he says, “My Moon is in the third house and by mutual reception it is also in the tenth house. I need to read, write, travel, and develop my career to feel good. Moon in Sagittarius is always reaching further and further. I have a big library that I have to weed out from time to time to keep the house from bursting. I like to take lots of short trips.”

Although, when I started this, I thought I’d just focus on the house (realm of activity) the Moon is in, Raphael’s comments make it clear that to truly understand your Lunar needs, you also need to look at the Moon sign and the aspects this luminary is making in your chart. The moon is connected with emotional nourishment, feed it well and who knows, you may snag that elusive contentment after all.

For more information, try these links:




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NR: Good to see you. Please sit down. You know, it wasn’t easy to get in touch with you. You have one tough secretary.

Saturn: One of the things I’m in charge of is boundaries. As someone who works for my best interests, it’s my secretary’s job to maintain those boundaries.

NR: But doesn’t that distance you from others?

Saturn: Yes, that’s the idea. It filters out whatever is a waste of time.

NR: You look tired, do you want to do this another day?

Saturn: It’s been very busy. Let’s do it now and get it over with. I want to cross it off from my list of tasks.

NR: That works for me. As I told you before, I wanted to interview you today about your transit through the seventh house.

Saturn: What do you want to know? I don’t have a lot of time.

NR: You sound rather brusque. Let’s start with that. What’s with the brusqueness? It’s making you very unpopular in some quarters.

Saturn: My job is to get things done, not to win popularity contests.

NR: Everyone applauds your dedication to taking care of things. But, surely, you could chill out a bit instead of always being so business-like? It would probably make your encounters with others more pleasant.

Saturn: I don’t know about “chilling out” but I always follow the correct protocol in my dealings with people. If that is not sufficient for someone, then they are probably immature. I have no patience with people like that.

NR: Surely you can give them a break? Not everyone can be as focused or mature as you.

Saturn: It’s a tough, competitive and demanding world and if you want to survive, you need to grow up and act your age. People who snivel about things really annoy me. Instead of whining, you need to be out there fixing problems; not wasting everyone’s time by pointless complaining.

NR: Some people would say that’s a pretty harsh attitude. Aren’t you afraid that when your time comes, you will meet with the same response?

Saturn: I’m not banking on others’ sympathy to bail me out when times get tough. I’m working hard now to secure the future.

NR: Okay, moving on, a lot of people wanted to know about this one. Does Saturn transiting in one’s seventh house lead to divorce?

Saturn: Not always. A bad marriage usually ends during this time. But that’s because it’s been floundering for a while. And at this point, people decide to end something that hasn’t been working for a while. But even a good marriage can become an area you need to work on. It may have sprung a few leaks. So you patch those leaks and it’s good as new. In fact, it’s better. Because during this transit, you’ll learn that a marriage also needs effort to maintain and requires that you invest time and resources in it if it’s to stay healthy. That requires sacrifice. Some people decide that their marriage or current relationship is not worth that kind of effort and end it. Others become conscious of the fact that they want to keep their relationship alive because of the good in it and are willing to work to keep it afloat.

NR: Wow. I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing that. I’m sure many of us are relived to hear it.

Saturn: Anything else?

NR: Yes. I did a little research before our interview and I heard that some of your friends are complaining about your standoffishness.

Saturn: In the seventh, I give a lot of thought to relationships. Ones that are based on mutual affection and reciprocity work well. But we all acquire connections where there is no mutual affection. Or worse, connections that are parasitic.

NR: Parasitic? Would you please elaborate on that?

Saturn: You ever have a “friend” who only got in touch with you when they wanted something from you?

NR: Oh, I see. So you just ignore these people if they come knocking on your door?

Saturn: Look at it this way: this transit will at some point square the IC and the MC. So you’re looking at a person who has a lot of responsibilities at home and in their workplace. These become areas of priority requiring a lot of focus and hard work. So here you have a very busy person who has very little time and energy to spare. If they value themselves and are discriminating, they will not want to invest themselves in people who are out to use them.

NR: You’re saying your friends are siphoning off your time and energy?

Saturn: No, my friends are people I gladly share with. In fact, my relationships with them have improved. I am disengaging, but it is from people who only seek me out when they need something from me, who are not there for me when I need them, or people for whom I have no true affection.

NR: Okay, I’m done with my questions. Any parting words for people who have Saturn transiting their seventh house right now or will have it soon?

Saturn: Focus on what needs to be done in your home or at work and do it. Eventually, your hard work will pay off in terms of success at work and a stable home. Examine your relationships and if you find some are not working out, either fix them or end them. Where others are concerned, don’t make promises you can’t keep. You have enough on your plate. So if you want to do justice to it, invest your resources in areas where your duty lies.

NR: Thanks, that’s good advice. As you know, I’m a big fan of yours and everything you’ve said only reaffirms my good opinion of you.

Saturn: I know. That’s why I agreed to do this interview. Good PR.

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DISCLAIMER: If you dislike whining or witnessing an orgy of self-lashing, DON’T read this! You’ve been warned!

FeatherdusterI have my natal Sun in the sixth forming a T-Square with Mars in the third opposing Moon in the Ninth. I was discussing this with Matt who describes the sun in a T-Square as “agitated”. He also said, “A happy sixth house Sun is much more likely to do its job well… an agitated one paces and doesn’t sleep and smokes.” Since the sixth house rules service, the daily routine and health, you can imagine how it would feel if it wasn’t doing its job well, or unable to maintain a perfect daily routine or God forbid! indulging in unhealthy habits.

I’m very clear about how I want my life to be. My trusty Virgo Mercury, also in the sixth, helpfully makes lists for me and formulates schedules that, if followed, would make it all possible. Oh yeah, I can have the perfect life with everything in its place, everything done on time and most important of all, everything dust-free! But it would also make me a drudge with no room for spontaneity or indulgence. A perfect life, but would it be worth living?

My idea of beauty is spotless glass. But life is not like that, it’s not crystalline, its amorphous. And dusty! And I’m full of guilt. Because I’m sitting here writing this while there are bookshelves to be dusted, laundry to be put away, emails to be answered, tasks to be crossed off lists. It’s endless. I can’t argue convincingly about the immortality of the soul or existence of true love, but I sure can tell you that things to be done…are perpetual, endless, immortal.

When I was a kid, I loved going around the house dusting every surface I could reach, arranging kitchen jars in neat rows, happily vacuuming carpets. My mom never had to ask me to help, I was eager to make our home as perfect as it could get. I even dusted the leaves of her house-plants! I gave up when I was sixteen because the dust would return, the jars would move into disarray again and the carpets would need another round of vacuuming. The realization that, no matter how hard I tried, I could not get things to stay clean and perfect was the end of my innocence. I still haven’t gotten over it. I’ve “outsourced” as much of the housework as I can. But I still haven’t been able to fully escape the clutches of the “things that must be done” monster.

Raphael says that my cadent Mars “procrastinates.” And, as always, Raphael is right. As he pointed out, my T-Square works hard mentally. I get a high from writing, but if I spot something in my home that needs to be done, then the writing becomes a guilty pleasure. More guilt than pleasure.

I have a friend, Mercury and Venus in Virgo, who manifests the Virgo energy splendidly. From her perfectly applied eyeliner to her strict maintenance of her daily rather punishing schedule, she manifests this energy better than anyone I know. Since she is very picky about how she wants things in her house, she abhors domestic help and does a lot of chores on her own. She also has a full-time job. She gets taut as a stretched wire if her schedule gets slightly disrupted and is prone to falling sick ever so often. This is the dark side of Virgo: becoming a slave to routine, creating a well-ordered life that you don’t enjoy, turning brittle and liable to shatter easily. 

But any energy ill-expressed has a dark side. And before you dismiss Virgo or the importance of the sixth house, have you considered how very essential it is? Think of freshly laundered linen; soft clean cotton sheets; a perfectly written post that has no errors (don’t look at me); sparkling window panes; being in a space that is both clean and neatly arranged, which soothes the senses and the spirit. For creativity to flourish, it needs a crucible of structure to hold it while it gestates and is birthed. Without our daily routines, we are like debris floating on the surface of a chaotic sea. Without the contrast of “work” there is no perception of “reward,” no enjoyment of “pleasures.” And a diseased body is no vehicle for fun and pleasure. 

I’m here today to make my peace with my sixth house destiny, because even as I rant and rave, I know this: In the twelfth, we leave the material behind for the spiritual; but in the sixth, we manifest the spiritual and the sacred as material. In the twelfth, quiet meditation brings peace; but in the sixth, peace comes from living out the fact that cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. 

Let me know what you think. I’ve got to go now, some dusting to do!


Note: Transiting Sun is currently in my sixth and in a few hours will conjunct its natal degree.

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