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I’m putting my misery here,
I’m putting it here: carefully.

I’m letting the pain go,
I’m letting it go here: completely.

I’m shedding some old tears,
I’m shedding them here: softly.

I’m saying a little prayer,
I’m saying it here: reverently.

I’m remebering the past,
I’m remembering it here: bitter-sweetly.

I’m thinking of you again,
I’m thinking of you here: smilingly.

I’m saying goodbye,
I’m saying it here: sadly.

I’m trying to heal now,
I’m healing here: slowly.

I’m hoping to be whole again,
I’m hoping here: faithfully.

I’m looking at time,
I’m looking at it here: uniquely.

I’m letting the sadness go,
I’m letting it go here: poetically 🙂

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I don’t think of her at all
Except sometimes a painting will remind me
That she loves Magritte
But I don’t think of her at all

I never loved her at all
Except sometimes in the quiet of the night
I keenly miss her calls
But I never loved her at all

She never meant much to me at all
And this restlessness I feel
Has nothing to with her after all
‘Cause she never meant much to me at all

She never was the one for me at all
Too flighty, too stubborn, too flaky
I’m finally well rid of her, y’all
‘Cause she never was the one for me after all.

For more on nodes and synastry, please see this: https://astrologyexpressed.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/nodes-in-synastry/

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I’m hurtling into tomorrow
Just like everyone else
Without any will
Without any choice

But the breeze is cool on my face
And the stars are out tonight
And my steps are still brisk
And my eyes are still bright

I’m leaving this tainted world behind
Just for a little while
While I’m walking almost-alone
While I’m getting purified

For once my thoughts are still
As I see the flowers
And feel the breeze
And wend my way in the half-light

But I know I must return again
To my world of semi-sorrows
And partly joyful tomorrows
And some troubles which I’ve borrowed.

Because there are still chores to be done
Before this day has been won
Before I can call it a night
And forget what I saw with my second sight.

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