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As Venus prepares to move into Capricorn on Boxing Day this year, my thoughts turn to my acquaintances that have this placement natally. I think of the man with both his Moon and Venus in the sign of the Goat, who likes to be associated with socially prominent women; the young lady with her Sun, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn who has made a very advantageous marriage which has opened many social doors for her. The old saying “It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich person as a poor person,” comes to mind while thinking about Venus in Capricorn. If you think I’m categorizing this as the placement of the mere gold-digger who’s there just to take, you’re mistaken. Both these people are also hard-working, maintain a dignified front and their loyalty to their family cannot be doubted. There is no doubt that they will make a useful asset for  their partners. If you are involved with a Capricorn Venus you never have to worry that they will embarrass you or let you down by acting inappropriately. If anything, you might have to convince them to let their hair down once in a while.

This is a somber placement and people who have it are serious-minded about issues of love and marriage. They offer commitment, loyalty and hard work and will settle for nothing less than the same from their partners. If you’ve had your interest snagged by one of them, spruce up your wardrobe, take a look at your five-year plan and buy some books on etiquette. If you’re lucky, and they return your interest, then you can rest assured that you’ve aligned yourself with someone who will help you on your way up the social ladder and be supportive of your plans to better your material status. If you want a romantic dreamer who woos you with poetic words, you need to look elsewhere. But if you want someone whose word you can depend on in a world where words are notoriously cheap, then you’ve hitched your wagon to the right star.

My favorite celebrity with this placement is the versatile and breathtakingly beautiful Tyra Banks. This is how Wikipedia describes her: “An American media personality, actress, occasional singer, former model and businesswoman.” She’s the creator of two popular TV shows, “The Tyra Banks Show” and “America’s Next Top Model” If you are looking for an example of beauty aligned with hard work and business acumen, then you don’t need to look any further. Ms. Banks awes with her beauty, but instead of just coasting along on her looks, she has leveraged them to form a successful media career thereby winning our respect. Very Venus in Capricorn.

Now let’s take a look at the sky to see what the Venus ingress into Capricorn translates into for the rest of us. The goddess of love and beauty enters Capricorn on 26 December, 2009 and runs headlong into the arms of the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto. This Venus-Pluto contact is marked by intensification of needs and desires. It makes for obsessiveness that does not like to take no for an answer. Passion and possessiveness mark the first few days of the ingress. Handle this energy wisely if you meet it in yourself or in others. The mood is further complicated by the Venus-Saturn square. Although the square becomes exact on 29 December, 2009, you will start feeling its effect a few days before that. Irrepressible needs encounter harsh reality and limitations making for a rather frustrating time. Take deep breaths and do the right thing and you will sail through this with your dignity intact.

Mercury, which has been travelling in Capricorn since the first week of December, goes retrograde on 26 December and meets Venus during the first week of January, 2010. The Venus-Mercury conjunction is a time for sweet and poetic words. But since the planet of communication is retrograde it might mean a delay in getting your message to the recipient. There is a lot of activity in Capricorn during this time. The north node is also in the sign of the Goat. The second week of January witnesses Venus’ conjunction to the NN. Mark 9th and 10th of January, 2010 in your diary for fated romantic encounters. As you can see, this will not be a light-hearted time. It will be important, though, and there is some fun in store towards the 12th and 13th of January when Venus sextiles Uranus in Pisces. Do the unexpected where love and money are concerned and enjoy the vibe!

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My Grand Cross of Rage

There is a New Moon on 16 December, 2009 and I’m making my new year’s resolutions now. Not because of the New Moon, that’s just how it’s happening. Doesn’t surprise me, though; the lunation occurs in my tenth house and throws out some lovely trines to my second house Jupiter and sixth house Sun.

My personal experience with the trines is that you gotta love ’em. When my oppositions, squares and a rather tough quincunx makes me want to howl at the sky, it’s the trines that come and like a loving parent, pick me up, wash my face and cuddle me while telling me it’s going to be all right. I know some things are never going to be all right. They might be tolerable at times, impossible at others, but nothing’s really going to fix them. So I march along with the rest of humanity to my death (sorry, Scorpio is strong in me) with my motley collection of dreams and desires, achievements and failures, heartbreaks and joys.

Unlike the new agers, I do not believe that the earth experience is a great gift and we should fall to our knees because we find ourselves in a body. I think the space-time dimension is a realm of limitations and it’s slow, tortuous, and if you’re not careful, boring. But I’m not going to stand and argue with you about it. I might, if you catch my interest, if you’re passionate about what you’re saying. But if you’re some uninformed, obnoxious boor whose hair is neater than the ideas in his brain, then, no dice. Because not only are you boring, you’re superficial and I have too many other things to do.

Are you horrified by what I said? Let me add that I mean what I said and I say it here with vehemence. Because that is how I feel. I blame it on my Mars-Moon opposition in the third and ninth. I’m usually careful about how I use my verbal sword, because those who live by it, die by it. But that damned Mars preening in Leo is heating up a Grand Cross in my chart right now and I am rage.

If you’re an astrologer, how many time have you had some idiot (no, I don’t care what their day job is) harangue you about astrology? And it’s not just astrology, is it? There are people with perfectly manicured nails that have never had an original thought in their lives. People who live like animals. They can’t think for themselves. They have to read reviews before they decide to watch a movie or read a book. People who would never stick their neck out for their beliefs. How can they? What are their beliefs? What do they study? What have they explored? This is the general population? These are the people for whom scientists are struggling to find cures and astrologers are breaking their backs to provide emotional relief? Not me. I will have no truck with them. I’m clearing my world. Because for me, personally, faking it takes a great toll. And I do have to fake it when I’m with people whose ideas and interests do not jibe with mine.

For those of you that are academically inclined: Tr Mars at 19 Leo doth conjunct my Sun which benighted light doth be opposed by Tr Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron in Aquarius. Forsooth! The natal Mars-Moon doth square this deluded, hurting livid lot and maketh me…spout harsh words!

When I started this post what I intended to do was write about the New Moon. But, I suspect, all I’ve done is vent and probably antagonize people who base their decisions on  reviews. To retract now would be cowardly and undo what I’m trying to do: be honest. I agree I could do it more pleasantly, but we’re all works in progress and sometimes my progressed Libra Mercury is just ineffectual. What I can do, though, to ameliorate the situation, is tell you what I’ve been thinking about this lunation. It’s happening in Sagittarius, right? The sign associated with the ninth house. So look at your beliefs. Examine what you believe in. This is very important because our beliefs determine our inner realities. They also affect our actions and hence what we do in the external world; but their effect on our internal environment is very strong.

This New Moon will sextile Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron in Aquarius and trine the Leo Mars. It conjuncts Venus and Pluto (in Capricorn) and squares both Saturn and Uranus. Decode it for yourself, or go to Big Sky Astrology or AstroDispatch and read all about it. Me, I think it’s going to be a powerful lunation.



Don’t they say that music calms a wild beast? It’s true. While writing this, I saw a haiku that the wonderful astrologer Linda Reid wrote on her Facebook page. Let me quote the interaction for you because it ends with her haiku on the grand cross:




Linda Reid:
The sad frog wonders
Shadowy water sighs
The break after the storm

Very peaceful
It doth calmeth
My grand cross

Linda Reid:
A grand cross rises
Luminous energy soars
Brings fire burning with light

See? Wisdom will show you the way out every time, even out of a grand cross! 

If you’re an astrology student, you might want to check out her blog http://zodiacgarden.blogspot.com/. She posts great stuff there and her Venus series is especially helpful. She’s a great teacher.


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Back by popular demand, here is the BikerMagi talking about Mars:

Okay, y’all met the Biker Magi talking about Women and Venus. You’re thinking I’m a horrible chauvinistic anachronism. Maybe I am. But my moon is in Libra, so I’m fair. I bitch and whine if something is not fair. So oddly enough, I’m almost forced to be fair myself.

So I thought I would talk about Mars.

If Venus shows the women in your life and what you like (or how you attract if you’re a woman), then the hairy, sweaty side of the coin is Mars. Mars was the wild-man of the gods in the mythology in use when men chose symbols for the planets wandering the skies. He’s not pretty like Venus. He’s not talkative like Mercury. He’s the animal nature. Mars shows how a guy acts, or — in the case of a woman’s chart — what kind of guy a woman ends up with. I want to back up just a bit and say that Venus doesn’t really “do” anything. Venus has to do with attraction in the way a flower attracts a bee. Venus works by inspiring or attracting. However, MARS actually signifies or personifies action! Of course, Mars will behave differently depending on the sign in which he is found. So, let’s take a journey with Mars through the signs.

The most natural sign of the Zodiac for Mars is Aries. Mars in Aries recognizes the self like the first awareness of the child as it raises his hand and gazes intently at it, recognizing himself! Symbolized by the ram on the craggy hilltop, Mars in Aries acts ready to head-butt any contenders right off the mountain. This is the first sign, and appropriately Mars in Aries will “act first” and … there is no “and!” He’s already off doing whatever he’s doing. In a woman’s chart with Mars in Aries, don’t get mad at your Man when he doesn’t think before doing something.

Mars in Taurus is a little bit nicer, being ruled by Venus in the element of Earth. Mars is in detriment is a Venus-ruled sign, and therefore, instead of merely ravaging wildly in Aries, is like the child becoming aware of and enjoying something other than themselves when it first begins to explore its surroundings so long as it does not go too far and leave their safety zone, and so, like the bull, Mars in Taurus tends to operate best in their own little comfortable ‘pen.’ They are strong, perhaps even stocky, and can be very focused and hard working. Mars is fire and Taurus earth, so the first visual image of an occupation that comes to mind is that of a potter. Or perhaps bricklayer or just construction in general.

Mars in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, in the element of air, and is like the first characteristic of the child trying to deal with complexity in its environment. Mars in Gemini likes to do more than one thing at a time. It can do this, AND it can do that. Two jobs. Two girlfriends. Occupation: communication.

Mars in Cancer, in the element of water, is the emergence of the child who, after dealing with complexity and making their choice of toy, wants to grab hold with both hands. Or both claws. Hanging on to the object gives these men comfort and this is the driving force behind their actions: obtaining comfort. If they cannot obtain it within themselves, they want to help other. His slogan: “Mars CARES.” Imagine that! Or “Mars nurtures.” Occupation possibilities might include counseling, teaching or … perhaps chef. Yes, that’s kind of interesting, but I think it fits. Or someone who runs a B&B.

Mars in Leo is like the child who, after having chosen and captured something, wants to show it off. Look at what I have accomplished! They don’t care what it is they do, so long as they do it in grand style. Mars is the god of war and of fire; in Leo, a fire sign ruled by the Sun, this sort of man might find work working with fire or light or metallurgy.

Mars in Virgo extends the idea of the child who has seen, been attracted by, selected, grabbed, and shown off a thing, now seeks to determine what they want to do with it. Mars is almost blocked by the confusion of what action to take, and worries about making the right choice. Often this comes from being criticized in their early lives; later, they worry about being imperfect and whether they did something properly. They might find work in a manner dealing with implementing the CHOICE itself, such as the computer analyst (yeah OK this is my Mars sign). Also traditionally associated with surgeons and career military personnel.

Mars in Libra extends the idea of the child. After having figured out what they want to do in Virgo, now they might want to share it with someone. Or trade! Mars in Libra is the collaborator. They want to partner with someone. They don’t want to fight; they want peace or … balance. They might make a decent negotiator. Or decorator.

If Mars in Libra is about collaboration, then the child analogy brings us to the situation where perhaps the other child doesn’t want to share something very attractive. Pent-up desire becomes a big factor. It’s no longer about sharing … and it’s up to Mars in Scorpio to figure out how to get what they want away from the other. This may involve watching for an opportune moment before craftily taking possession of the object. Think: corporate raider.

Mars in Sagittarius furthers the higher-level processes Mars in Scorpio developed to obtain what the child wants. Perhaps as a result of scolding in the Scorpio stage, Mars in Sagittarius learns that they must extend themselves and work to appeal to another party greater than themselves to obtain what they want. A connection to Jovian occupations such as law, government, or education might be expected for them.

Mars in Capricorn further extends the notion that there is a process involved, and learns the development of rules that constitute that process. They will work so hard, following the rules toward the obtaining of what it is they want, that they may in fact lose sight of the goal itself and become lost in the process. Thus they are the born bureaucrats. They like to keep track of stuff, so they also make good accountants.

Mars in Aquarius works to deal with not just one other person, but in fact many; and learns that success means going along with what the group wants. They learn to mimic the actions of those whom they observe to be successful. But if there were a sign the Biker Magi doesn’t really “get,” it’s his opposite, so this particular sign presents to him an enigma. What somehow makes sense here is the idea that it is easier to get a buck from a million people than a million dollars from one. So based on that logic, it’s probably a good sign for a mass-marketer or telemarketer. Or perhaps a radio personality?

Mars in Pisces is the final phase: instead of dealing with the partner in Libra or the group in Aquarius, Mars in Pisces now operates within the infinite, working in religion or some form of altered or extended reality (drugs or alcohol). Or wet chemicals or oil refining. They are dreamers, but sometimes dreamers can bring forth their dreams in the form of books and movie scripts, and paintings, which have to be first dreamt! They may become psychologists. Or they may just be deluded.

So sayeth the Biker Magi.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The Biker Magi was born in the American northeast and grew up in middle class suburbia in a town ranked number one in Money magazine’s list of the best places to live in America in 2005, but that all changed when his father retired and the family moved to Florida. Distanced from what he considered decent society, he was a classic candidate for rebellion and eventually found acceptance amongst both motorcyclists and fellow military veterans. When repairing computers for the local IBM dealer, he inquired to one customer about some astrology software he found on one. “Oh, that’s my wife’s, she’s an astrologer.” Eventually becoming a student of this AFA-accredited astrologer of 50 years experience, he found a pickup line that he could safely retreat into. “What’s your sign? Hey, baby, I’m an astrologer, no really!” And since riding motorcycles necessitated a ‘road name,’ someone thought ‘Magi’ was appropriate due to his predilection for astrology. And it stuck!

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Interviewer: So, what are your thoughts on all the hype surrounding the impending Jupiter-Neptune conjunction?

Astrologer: Blown out of proportion if you ask me!


 Astrologer 1: I can’t tell the people I love that I love them and I can’t tell people I intensely dislike what I feel about them, either.

Astrologer 2: And your Moon’s in Scorpio? How odd!


Astrologer to bartender: These Venus-Neptune types, they think every man who walks through the door might be the man who changes their life.


Man: Elise, you know you got to watch that Neptune conjunction to your ASC. People think you’re a flake.

Woman: Really? I hadn’t noticed.


Bartender to Man: You guys broke up? But you said she was your soulmate!

Tropical Astrologer: I caught her cheating on me with sidereal astrology!


Astrologer to friend: I had to hit him! He sneered at my Mars-Sun-Moon T-Square. Sneered, I tell you. These Mercury-Mars types, an annoying bunch, I tell you. Annoying


Overheard: Who does she think she is trying to wow everyone with that overblown Sun- conjunct-Jupiter personality of hers? And did you notice her Mars contacts her Neptune. ::sniffs disdainfully:: I wouldn’t be surprised if she drank. ::shakes head::


Friend 1: Hey, why so blue?

Friend 2: ::sigh:: Saturn’s transiting my second house.

Friend 1: You think that’s bad? You have no idea what that Saturn-Pluto is doing to me! Man, I’ve been trying to put on a brave face and all, but…

Friend 1: Want to go to the bar?

Friend 2: Yeah, let’s get wasted!

::Neptune smirks::


Budding astrologer to friend: My astrology class was cancelled last week….unforseen circumstances.*
*Contributed by astrologer Tony Vowles
Q: How many Virgos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Four: one to read the manual, one to inspect the quality, one to screw it in, and one to oversee that it’s screwed in properly.*
*Contributed by Michelle of AstroFix

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Fun Astrology Meme

My friend Fabienne Lopez at Astrology Unboxed just posted a cool, fun entry that I really enjoyed: five astrology-related questions that the she answered in her post. The format was born from a meme that was originally posted by Sunday Stealing and then modified for astrologers and astrology-lovers by Learning Curve on the Ecliptic.

If you want to play, you have to ask the person whose post you’re reading to interview you. Then you get five unique questions that you answer by posting them on your own blog. Eager to play, I asked Fabienne to interview me. So, here goes:

1. What is your guiltiest astrological pleasure?
A: Synastry. I love checking out my chart with others to see how we’re linked. It’s great fun. With my online writing friends I find that, more often than not, they have mutable axes, just like me!

2. In my chart, I secretly blame….?
A: My Mars-Moon opposition, conjunct my nodal axis, in the third-ninth houses for making me both hyper and hyper-sensitive where communicating with others is concerned.

3. When is it hard to do a chart?
A. I can’t do charts for my family. I’m too close to them, it’s impossible to be objective.

4. Could you do the rest of your life without astrology?
A. This lifetime, for me, is about astrology in a big way. But if I had to give it up, or lived in a reality where astrology didn’t exist, I would still be analyzing, classifying and trying to understand people and myself. That’s what I primarily use it for. It’s probably my Virgo Mercury and Scorpio Moon.

5. If you had to write a poem what it would be?
A. I did start work on a poem on Saturday. It’s about seduction through words. Very appropriate for someone with a Mercury conjunct Venus, don’t you think?

On another note, here’s a music video that lit me up. It’s very inspiring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGK84Poeynk

If you enjoyed this post and want to play, here are the rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Wanna play? 🙂

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I’m lucky enough to be friends with The Biker Magi. He’s got impeccable manners and a rare honesty of spirit. He’s also a tad unconventional and fearless in expressing what he thinks and feels. I cajoled him into distilling some of his long-term flirtation with astrology into a post. If you want a sanitized look at Venus, then this post is not for you. But if you enjoy the goddess in all her avatars, some of which are raw, then you will find this post a delightful romp!

When I laughed at an advertisement for Little Black Dress Wines in Wine and Spirits Quarterly, remarking to my uncle that it made me think of a drunken slut in a short dress, I realized what I wanted to write about.


That’s right. Shy types can just stop reading right now. Venus isn’t the nice girl in some Christian convent. Being a biker astrologer, I haven’t ever met a woman who grew up in a convent, if you know what I mean. And rather than dissecting the natal chart of another, I’ll dare to examine Venus in my own chart.

In my chart, Venus is located in the eighth house. Forget the politically-correct modern texts that tell you that the eighth house is the house of “shared resources and inheritance.” That’s pure modernistic bull, and it’s not good astrology. It may be part of it, but in traditional, time-tested astrology, the eighth house is – on account of the natural placement of the eighth house in Scorpio – the house of death.

But my Venus isn’t a mean girl. That would be Venus in … Scorpio maybe. Or in cold mental Gemini maybe. But she’s in the sign of Cancer, which – aside from her nefarious neighborhood – means this woman is caring, even if she is the “caring whore.” Forget the moralistic implications of the word. In Italian, “Putanesca” is a dish made from various ingredients thrown together, and the translation means, “what the whore had [in her pantry].” You see, once upon a time, when the rich traveler might be able to afford to stay in grand style, the ordinary wayfaring man might opt to stay with the local prostitute. This could simply have been a girl who wasn’t lucky enough to be betrothed when her parents died. Perhaps she lived in a little shack by the local cemetery [eighth house]. She merely did what she had to, and if treated well enough, she might throw some food together to nourish her patron.

Cancer, however, while it is the sign ruled by the nurturing moon, isn’t really the sign of the virgin, either. Using the animal image associated with that sign, Cancer is the crab. Now crabs aren’t solitary creatures. They’ll crawl over one another, and can be cooked without a lid because, if one attempts to climb out, one of the others will reach out and pull it back! Cancer doesn’t want you to leave; it wants you to endure the same fate as the rest of the group or society. So a man could do worse than a Cancerian Venus whore. In fact, due to the group-related nature of Cancer, it could be fun. She might even bring a friend [or three or ten]. Just don’t try to leave and expect to be remembered fondly. You’re expected to conform to her, with her friends, with society, and if you don’t … well, best you sneak away in the night.

The eighth house does in part encompass the modern insurance industry, and one of the more attractive women I have met in my life was a boss in a large insurance company headquartered in the American northeast. I remember in a meeting that she announced it was her birthday, and I’m thinking, “Sun at about 15 Cancer…conjunct my Venus,” and, in fact, she was exactly what I find attractive. How I drooled over this woman and her tight pants (covering her eighth house parts) and — though she was a manager — she was to my amazement actually knowledgeable, sufficient that I could relate a complex programming problem and feel a sense of connection (Venus) with her! If that woman had only known the power she had over me … (damn, I should have told her the power she had over me!). The eighth house is the second house to the seventh house of “others,” and as such can show the possessions of others, and one of the great loves of my life was and is … well, the possession of another.

Venus also shows what you enjoy, and Cancer has to do with nourishment and therefore the mouth. The eighth house — of course – anatomically represents the reproductive tract and associated naughty bits. Do I need to paint you a picture?

So where’s your Venus?

Venus in Aries is like Xena the Warrior Princess. She likes weapons. If she’s in the military, get the hell out of her way and you won’t get hurt. DO NOT tell her your gun is bigger than hers. If she’s not in the military, she might even be a biker … the idea of iron and steel powerfully combusting between her legs gets her off. She leaves the earth scorched and burned behind her. She probably has more female conquests than you do. You think men are bad?

Venus in Taurus likes to have her “space” the way the bull likes its pen. She’s quiet until you trespass upon her protected area. And then you wake up on your ass.

Venus in Gemini is mental. Remember that gal who played Spock’s betrothed on the Star Trek episode ‘Amok Time?’ She explained what would happen if Spock had actually killed his Captain, that he would be jailed and she would get the man she really wanted. And Spock turned and told her that “having isn’t really so good as wanting.”

Venus in Leo is grand. She’s got the big hair and the big bosom. Probably a porn star. And she’s the user, not the guy. Probably hates dogs, the way lions hate hyenas. Woo her with shiny stuff. Like mirrors.

Venus in Virgo is clinical. A surgeon perhaps. Or a lab technician or some form of computer analyst or someone who makes a living that requires absolute cleanliness and order. DO NOT make a mess in her house, or she’ll probably dissect you. Turn-ons include crisp, ironed linens. Or the scent of the same. Give her the gift of a maid.

Venus in Libra likes pleasantries. It’s more important to her to have pleasant surroundings, pleasing coverings and clothing. Take these away, or argue with her, and she’ll come unbalanced. Hopefully you have health care.

Venus in Scorpio is a spy or assassin. Ask her to see the gun or dagger she has strapped inside her pantyhose and she’ll ask you, “Which one?” Think Sharon Stone.

Venus in Sagittarius is like a learned professional, like a lawyer. If you want to have sex with her, expect to have your argument planned out, and file your pleadings well in advance.

Venus in Capricorn is the accountant. She has a picture of Scrooge that she masturbates to. Do not ask her if you can borrow money.

Venus in Aquarius goes with whatever the group wants. You’re not her only boyfriend. If you buy her something, make it something she can share with all the others.

Venus in Pisces either meditates, prays, or drinks; or she drinks, prays while she is sick in front of the commode, and then meditates that she will never do that again … until next time.

So there it is. Enjoy your Venus. It’s not my place to judge what gets you off.

So sayeth The Biker Magi

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The Biker Magi was born in the American northeast and grew up in middle class suburbia in a town ranked number one in Money magazine’s list of the best places to live in America in 2005, but that all changed when his father retired and the family moved to Florida. Distanced from what he considered decent society, he was a classic candidate for rebellion and eventually found acceptance amongst both motorcyclists and fellow military veterans. When repairing computers for the local IBM dealer, he inquired to one customer about some astrology software he found on one. “Oh, that’s my wife’s, she’s an astrologer.” Eventually becoming a student of this AFA-accredited astrologer of 50 years experience, he found a pickup line that he could safely retreat into. “What’s your sign? Hey, baby, I’m an astrologer, no really!” And since riding motorcycles necessitated a ‘road name,’ someone thought ‘Magi’ was appropriate due to his predilection for astrology. And it stuck!

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Are you familiar with the work of the UK-based astrologer Drew Biggin? If you’re not, let me tell you a little about him. Better yet, you can check out his blog at No Nonsense Astrology – So Long Sun Signs. As the name suggests, Drew’s slant on astrology is that it’s more, much more than just sun signs. As a Neo-astrologer, Drew’s specialty is examining charts with a focus on the Gauquelin sectors. The sectors are named after Michel Gauquelin, a French psychologist and statistician who made a lasting contribution to the field of astrology. Drew kindly agreed to tell us more about the use Gauquelin sectors in astrology.

Michel Gauquelin and the 36 Sectors

Michel Gauquelin, founder of Neo-Astrology, wanted to take a serious, scientific look at the effects of the heavenly bodies on human behaviour. This meant abandoning the traditional 12 houses. Instead, for statistical purposes, he divided the chart into 36 sectors; sectors which represented nothing but pieces of sky.

To his amazement, he found that some, not all, of these sectors were particularly powerful – these are known as Plus Zones. Gauquelin found that: 

  • Scientists/physicians were often born with Saturn in a Plus Zone.
  • Sports champions were often born when Mars was in a Plus Zone.
  • Actors were often born when Jupiter was in a Plus Zone.
  • Writers were often born with the Moon in a Plus Zone.

The fascinating thing about Plus Zones is that they are all grouped around the astrological angles – the Ascendant and Midheaven (the most powerful zones) and the Descendant and IC (slightly weaker, but still strong). It seemed that the ancients were right to place emphasis on the Four Pillars of the Sky. However, their judgement was slightly off.

Cadent Power

The ancients believed that the most powerful areas of the sky were the Angular houses – the First, Fourth, Seventh, and Tenth houses. They believed the houses following the angles – the Twelfth, Ninth, Sixth, and Third – to be weak, or Cadent.

Gauquelin discovered the opposite – while parts of the Angular houses were indeed strong (the latter areas, closest to the angle), he found that planets seemed to have the most powerful impact on character, and, as a result, vocation, when they were in the supposedly weak houses – especially, the Twelfth and Ninth.

Grain of Gold

The Mars Effect: the greatest number of sports-champions were born when Mars was in the Twelfth or Ninth House.

The Mars Effect: the greatest number of sports-champions were born when Mars was in the Twelfth or Ninth House.

While the ancients were wrong about which houses were the most powerful, it seems that some of their planetary interpretations were correct. Blood-red Mars did make people more assertive. Jupiter did give people jovial temperaments. Saturn did make people quieter, and saturnine. And the Moon did make people express their feelings more.

However, Gauquelin found no evidence to support the influence of the Sun, Mercury, or the outer planets. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have any effect, it just means that we may be a little off when it comes to our interpretations.

Sadly, he could find no evidence of the zodiac affecting personality. Nor could he find evidence supporting the traditional/modern house meanings.

Mysticism Vs Maths

While some astrologers may argue that there’s no place for number-crunching when it comes to the heavens, the fact remains that Gauquelin did prove that there was a reason to believe in astrology. For that he should have been applauded. Instead, he was ridiculed by some scientists, and completely ignored by many astrologers – clearly those who still insist that the Twelfth is the home of bad spirit and oxen have turned a blind eye to his advice.

Michel Gauquelin took his own life in 1991. While his books slowly go out of print, the sales of sun sign/love sign/Jungian astrology books thrive.

Sad, but, in a world where sun sign columnists are millionaires, inevitable.


Drew Biggin is a Neo-Astrologer and the creator and writer of No Nonsense Astrology.com.

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