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Grounded by Saturn!

This morning, I deleted my Twitter account and temporarily deactivated my Facebook account. Perhaps, it’s related to the mid-January eclipse that fell in my 11th house and made hard aspects all over my chart.

Of course, the Facebook deactivation is temporary. FB is such a wonderful resource and I’ve met so many astrologers because of it. One of them is Dr. John P. O’Grady. You might want to check out some of his astrological writing here.

It was from Dr. O’Grady that I learnt about the Timaeus software. This is what the website says about it, “This program monitors the sky for changing astrological conditions and reports your ‘daily horoscope’ based upon aspects to natal positions.  It is also capable of sounding audible alerts when a planet/degree crosses an angle.  It displays the current planetary hour glyph in the system tray.  Timaeus is a ‘real time’ monitor of astrological events, but can be used to research future or past dates.” What I like best about it is the real time chart I have access to at the click of a button. I’ve downloaded the 30 day trial version and it’s pretty cool. I will eventually want to buy it, but I just bought Solar Fire, three e-books from Donna Cunningham and donated to one of my favorite astrology blogs, so I’m calling it a halt for this month.

Saturn's apprentice

Saturn's apprentice

Among other things, the eclipse opposed my Saturn and activated a natal T-Sqaure. Saturn is a demanding taskmaster, you know. He’s been on my case about my flitting about on Facebook and Twitter and not doing any real work. Can’t argue with him when he’s right: so for the next few weeks, I’ll be getting my act together, hitting the books and hopefully, doing some more writing. I want to do a review of Michael Lutin’s excellent book, SunShines, a post on Alice in Wonderland to please a Gemini friend and, of course, write about the Venus ingress into Pisces for NeptuneCafe.

And then, perhaps, as a reward for my good behavior, I’ll be allowed my Facebook privileges again!

P.S. ::Writtern many days later:: I caved in and reactivated my FB account. The event chart showed 3 degrees of Leo on the ASC…

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