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I can’t write with music on, can you? I’ll have to switch it off so that I can start working again. It’s been days since I did any writing and now my have-to do list is beginning to both embarrass and frighten me. These are the things I have to get done over my three-day weekend:

1. A synastry post to showcase a lovely poem my friend wrote
2. Start learning how to use Solar Fire
3. Homework for my Secondary Progressions class
4. Go through material for The 1st International Astrology Day Blog-a-thon. I’m helping publicize it. If you’re reading this and you’ve got a blog, are on Facebook and/or Twitter, I can use your help!
5. Start playing with Solar Arcs. Thank you, Buddy, for teaching me about these!

Incidentally, I had a natal reading done by Marina and Jamie of Funkastrology and it blew my mind. They’re both impressive astrologers and together they make an unbeatable team. The natal reading comes with a forecast report that includes transits, progressions, Solar Return Chart and a tarot reading. Another plus is that Marina specializes in Lilith and Jamie is an ace when it comes to fixed stars. This adds another layer to the insight that they give their clients. Funny thing about getting a good reading : it’s strangely liberating. Thank you again, guys!

The Virgo Full Moon is going to conjunct my Venus and trigger the Fist of God in my chart. I suspect I’ll be doing some crying when that happens. Another reason to finish my to-do list. To rephrase an old song: I’ll do my crying when all my chores are done. How’s that for a sixth house stellium sentiment? 🙂

Oh, if you’re curious about the Virgo Full Moon that occurs on 28 February, 2010, you might want to check out these links:

April Elliott Kent: http://www.bigskyastrology.com/articles/toserveman.html

Wendy Guy: http://www.evolvingdoor.ca/lowdown/current/lowdowncurrent.php 

Mark’s Springle: http://markspringle.com/?p=598.

This Full Moon conjuncts 9 Virgo and if this degree is sensitive in your chart, you’ll benefit from knowing what you’re in for.

Okay, that’s it for me. Gotta work. And maybe I can have the music on after all. Maybe if I turn the volume down…

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Sixth House Stellium

On my sixth house stellium: I don’t have a life, I have a to-do list.

For more on stelliums, go here:


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Got any planets around 3 Leo or 6 Pisces? The yods are activating them, you know. The yod is called “The Finger of God.” Look at your chart and see if the current yods are touching any natal placement, see what they’re trying to tell you. Huh, if those yods are active in your chart right now, you won’t have to try very hard to get the message. There is no way you can escape the message. Take Evander Holyfield, for instance, his Mars is under fire from Pluto and Jupiter. Yeah, you could say fingers are pointing at his inability to control his rage.

So, it’s isn’t the best of times. In fact, the planetary prognosis of the near future isn’t looking good. But bad news ain’t all I got for you today. Look out your window (this could be one of those figures of speech). See how Venus is smiling as she rushes to fling herself in Jupiter’s arms? It’s happening as I write this…

Some are wondering what all the excitement is about this minor Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Remember yesterday when the Moon charmed Venus in the sky and she thought she was in love? She was. Didn’t you feel it? And today that slight slivery emotion is growing bigger, expanding… I felt it. This afternoon I saw the blue sky and I thought it was the most beautiful sky, that it was perfect. Was it? The sky is always blue where I live, the sun always bright, the air always inviting. Why was this day special? Because of the love in the air… I think we do ourselves an injury when we limit love to just the romantic context. You ever fallen in love with the sky? Walked barefoot on the grass, and let the earth tells you that you were born out of the deep longing of its heart? Have you ever allowed yourself to be enfolded by the deep, dark heart of the night and let the breeze whisper magic in your ears? All it takes is a heart that’s open. Open your heart… Yes, the bad times will come. They have before. But look around you, life endures. And what is life without some joy? Without Venus’ gentle dalliance with Jupiter?

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If you’ve come here following a link to the Evander Holyfield and Rx Mars article, it’s moved to The Celebrity Astrology Blog. You can find it here:


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Baron over at Dark Sun Astrology says about the current period, “The heavens often contort themselves into an ironic configuration on Valentine’s Day, but this year plays host to an extremely benefic configuration – an applying conjunction of Venus to Jupiter in Pisces.” Venus moved into Pisces today and she’s racing gladly towards Jupiter. Love is in the air, no? Who can resist it, and with all these Piscean planets do you even have the will to try?

Love is many things to many people. Nothing brings us to our knees more effortlessly and nothing exalts us quite like being in love. And if it doesn’t work out, don’t despair, we’ll laugh about it instead. Now, why don’t you sit down and let me get you something to drink. And about the laughs, I wrote this for you:

Venus in Aries: Grabbing your lover by the hair, and letting out a triumphant war cry does not guarantee successful seduction with everyone.

Venus in Taurus: Farmer, is he? Oooh! And you saw him while he was sweat-slicked and fell for him like a ton of bricks? I totally get it!

Venus in Gemini: Yeah, I see why you like her. Not every one reads that much anymore. And you’re right, I can see why you’re attracted to her best friend: you’re both passionate about celadon. And that girl you work with? I can see why you find her irresistible. It’s not everyone who can talk knowledgeably about string theory.   

Venus in Cancer: Put that egg beater down, sweetheart. Put it down! You’re a wonderful baker. The best. I couldn’t love you more if I tried. Really. But the doctor thinks my weight is bad for my heart. Oh, don’t cry, honey! And, no, I don’t want a cookie.

Venus in Leo: Gee, sure, being in love with yourself could be seen as a fulfilling life-long relationship. But is all that plastic surgery really necessary?

Venus in Virgo: What? You fell in love with him because of the way he punctuates? And you love him despite his apostrophe errors? Yep, this time, it’s true love all right.

Venus in Libra: You both like the same exact shade of blue? Does that mean he’s your soul mate? I don’t know…

Venus in Scorpio: The lady in the bus called the cops when you stared fixedly at her and made suggestive gestures?

Venus in Sagittarius: That foreign dude you met in university? The guy who’s always going on and on about the philosophy of religion? You want to marry him in a Buddhist ceremony… What do you folks think about that?

Venus in Capricorn: Just because your office BlackBerry is constantly humming, it does not mean that you are in a mature, loving relationship.

Venus in Aquarius: Well, most people would not qualify trading software with another person as a deep and intimate romantic encounter.

Venus in Pisces: No, when your pusher randomly calls you, it does not mean he loves you. Sorry.

See? Isn’t that better? 🙂

If you want a more heart-felt post, I wrote something about the planetary energies on Valentine’s Day for Sasstrology. You can see it here: http://sasstrology.com/2010/02/valentines-day-astrology-forecast-2.html

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What’s the Buzz?

I love technology, who doesn’t? If you’re anything like me, it’s an inevitable part of your life: both professional and social. But I’m not obsessed with it and neither do I aspire to be a geek.

But today’s been a day when I’ve been intimately involved with it. Surrounded by it, actually. And it’s not just me. Take the Google Buzz, for instance: everyone’s buzzing about it on Twitter and Facebook.

As I write this, Mercury, the planet that rules communications, has almost finished cruising through the first degree of Aquarius, the sign that rules technology and innovation.

I found the time at which Google Buzz was announced and cast a chart:

  • 0 degree Aquarius on the MC with the 29 degree Mercury conjuncting it from Capricorn.
  • Sun, Chiron, Venus and Neptune all in the 10th house in Aquarius
  • Jupiter in Pisces in the 11th can’t hurt if what you want is to build social networks!

I found the announcemnt times here:



My limitations force me to end this post here. Ideally, I would have liked to compare this chart with Google’s chart. 

I’m hoping Michael O’Rielly will cover this in his weekly NewScope column on www.neptunecafe.com. What do you think, Mike, did they consult an astrologer about this?

Although it looks like a glorious time for a launch, there are still some tough aspects in the sky. What do they mean for G-Buzz? Let’s wait for the experts to speak! Me, I’m going to play with it some more and see what it’s all about.

P.S. Here’s Jamie’s excellent post on the Google Buzz chart: http://funkastrology.co.uk/?p=1739

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If you like, you can read my post here: http://sasstrology.com/2010/02/valentines-day-astrology-forecast-2.html

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Chaucer and Astrology

My friend, Art Grant, found astrological references in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: Prologue to Wife of Bath’s Tale:

Gap-toothed I was, and that became me well;
I had the print of holy Venus’ seal.
So help me God, I was a healthy one,
And fair and rich and young and full of fun;
And truly, as my husbands all told me,
I had the silkiest quoniam that could be.
For truly, I am all Venusian
In feeling, and my brain is Martian.
Venus gave me my lust, my lickerishness,
And Mars gave me my sturdy hardiness.
Taurus was my ascendant, with Mars therein.
Alas, alas, that ever love was sin!
I followed always my own inclination
By virtue of my natal constellation;
Which wrought me so I never could withdraw
My Venus-chamber from a good fellow.
Yet have I Mars’s mark upon my face,
And also in another private place.

I confess, I don’t know if a gap between teeth is “Venus’ seal.” And what is “Mars’ mark” on her face? Probably a scar. But in the below quote there is no doubting that the author is talking about planetary detriment and exaltation:

The children of Mercury and of Venus
Are in their lives antagonistic thus;
For Mercury loves wisdom and science,
And Venus loves but pleasure and expense.
Because they different dispositions own,
Each falls when other’s in ascendant shown.
And God knows Mercury is desolate
In Pisces, wherein Venus rules in state;
And Venus falls when Mercury is raised;
Therefore no woman by a clerk is praised.
A clerk, when he is old and can naught do
Of Venus’ labors worth his worn-out shoe,
Then sits he down and writes, in his dotage,
That women cannot keep vow of marriage!

So, was Chaucer interested in astrology? Well, it sure looks like it: http://colfa.utsa.edu/chaucer/ec22.html

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You notice how prosaic love has become? Think “love” and you think relationships, obligatory gifts on Valentine’s Day, and all the attendant headaches of figuring out equality between the sexes. Love is many things for many people, but what it is not for Venus in Pisces folk is prosaic, ordinary, run of the mill, down to earth… You get the picture.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by the trident-bearing God of the oceans, Neptune. Neptune dissolves boundaries and is vast and undulating like the sea. Deep, full of mysteries and reflecting the myriads colors and moods of the sky. Venus, the planet ruling love and beauty is exalted in the sign of the Fish. Which makes sense because like the Neptunian waters, love is also vast, defying shape and form, boundless, ever changing yet never changing.

Too poetic for you? Well, that’s how it is with Venus in Pisces. Love and romance for them are poetry, mystery, the-longed-for-yet-never-seen. Venus in Pisces is always in love, their hearts break for the little boy who doesn’t fit in with his contemporaries, for the bag lady with her mysterious past, for the man who broke the law and is being carted off to jail… Their love and compassion are limitless and given without judgment. You did something bad? The Pisces Venus will forgive you; will understand that your act of depravity was born out of a wound that still needs healing.

The world is a better place because of the Venus Pisces compassion. Better for everyone who meets them. But if you have this placement, you need to exercise care that you don’t fall for every hard-luck story you hear. Love might be endless, but your personal energy and material resources can only stretch so far. The Neptunian vibe experienced through Venus can make you fall for people who need rescuing in some form. Since the role of the martyr comes easily to you, you need to be especially wary of such scenarios. But if you can grasp the fact that the deepest need of your heart is to love and to give and if you can express these needs in healthy ways, everyone wins, including you.

Love that is formed by the blending of Venus and Neptune is what inspires poets and stabs all our hearts with a nameless longing. Neptune is also the higher octave of Venus and together these planets raise love to beyond the ordinary. They take love to a realm which we cannot see but which we can faintly perceive with our hearts. Venus in Pisces inspired Gibran to write: “When you love you should not say, ‘God is in my heart,’ but rather, ‘I am in the heart of God.’”

Drew Barrymore with her Sun, Jupiter and Venus in Pisces, is a good example of this energy. All these planets are placed in her very public tenth house and define her image in the world.  She is known for her run-ins with controlled substances, her multiple marriages and her roles in romantic comedies. But she is also known for her compassion and sensitivity. Her inner wisdom and light is evident in these quotes from IMDb, “Life is very interesting. In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” And, “When I lay my head on the pillow at night, I can say ‘I was a decent person today’. That’s when I feel beautiful.”

Venus moves into Pisces on 11 February, and then goes on to form a rather uncomfortable quincunx with Mars in Leo and Saturn in Libra on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, a deeper understanding of the essence of femininity and masculinity can save the day. And whatever you do, play fair. Venus’ sextile to Pluto is operating around the same time, so romantic feelings will run high and seek an outlet. Use the energy wisely.

Don’t look glum, because this quincunx is followed by Venus’ conjunction to Jupiter on 16 and 17 of February. This is a better time for romantic demonstrations than Valentine’s Day this year. The vibe is optimistic, effusive and since it’s happening in Pisces, it’s a bit dreamy, too. Great day for being social, hanging out with your friends and if it’s closely connected to your chart, who knows what goodies might drop in your lap?

The first few days of March see Venus dallying with Uranus in an electrifying conjunction. Physics talks about “strange attractors” and if you’ve been wanting to break out of your cage, color your hair an electric hue and give in those strange attractions this is the time for it.

For all you Sun in Pisces people out there, Venus transitioning through you sign while Jupiter and Uranus are already there promises many happy surprises. Go on, put on those glad rags, this is your time to have some fun!

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Humor: Astrologers in love

  • If the horary doesn’t say what you want it to, you change the house that signifies them.
  • You sigh over the conjunctions and gloss over the squares.
  • Ptolemaic aspects are obviously not enough; you also look at parallels, asteroids, Arabic parts and anything else you have ever heard of.
  • Not only do you remember their major planetary degrees, you also know their cusps by heart.
  • You think south node conjunctions indicate that it was meant to be. You also think this about anything else that catches your fancy.
  • If you don’t have their verified time of birth, you’re willing to devote a lifetime to learn rectification, so that you can finally do their chart. 
  • If you meet someone who shares the same degree as their sun, you are instantly prepared to like this person. But only after you find out their sun degree.
  • You cast an event chart of the time they asked you to pass the salt.
  • You play soppy love songs as you pour over synastry aspect grids.
  • When you encounter a new astrological theory that indicates strong synastry between you, you’re more likely to think that there is merit in it. Merit? Huh! It’s a work of genius!
  • You don’t think they’re capable of lies and deceit, you think it’s because your charts have hard Neptune contacts.
  • You’re blinded by the Venus-Mars contacts and brush the other aspects under the carpet.
  • You spiral into self-pity because of your Venus placement. If only your Venus was better placed, they’d love you more.
  • You do progressions and figure that in, say, 40 years their progressed chart will find your progressed chart irresistible.

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