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Venus rules Libra, the sign of partnership and marriage. In this sign, Venus learns to express itself by the give and take that is necessary for a relationship to survive. In Aries, the sign opposite Libra, Venus is said to be in her detriment. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, constantly cries, “Me! Me! Me!” That kind of attitude is great if you’re into exploring your individuality, but it isn’t the best way to cultivate a relationship with another person.

When I think of this placement, I’m reminded a high school friend who is über Aries. Many girls are coy when it comes to flirtations and love, but not this daughter of Mars! Direct, honest and passionate she’d go after the man she wanted and she’d get him, too. So was it all happily-ever-after for her? Well, not exactly. The road to romance is rocky no matter where you Venus is, but the Venus Aries faces some special challenges. They’ll drown you in their passion if you’ve caught their heart, because they love you. You’re an object of their affection. Their most prized possession. It can feel great. Initially. And then you start noticing that it’s mostly about them. They’re upset that you can’t take them to the party because you have to work overtime. They’re accusing you of abandoning them because you want to spend an evening with your friends. You get the picture.

Are you still reading this? Good, that means you’re confident about dealing with this high-powered placement. Since you have demonstrated your good faith, let me tell you about the pros of Venus in Aries people. If you want a loyal and courageous partner who will stand by your side and help you fight your battles, then you have a winner here. You will find out what it means to have someone who’s always on your side, whether you are right or wrong. That kind of loyalty is a gift when you receive it. And not everyone does. So if you have it, then cherish it, because you can build a lifetime on such a sturdy foundation.


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