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A few months ago, I was reading one of Linda Reid’s excellent articles on Venus and her cycles. I told Linda at the time that she might consider writing a book called Healing Venus Problems. I wasn’t kidding. Venus is the planet that rules beauty, romantic love, and our ability to attract these to us. She also governs our values. If things are not okay in any one of these areas of our life, our other joys and successes feel blighted. Without love, without beauty; even if we were to receive it, the world would not be enough. 

This is what Dana Gerhardt says in her essay Venus: “A goddess scorned is a goddess out for revenge, and Venus does this, says Hillman through a ‘pink madness.’ Says Venus, I shall invade every nook of the contemporary world that has refused me so long with a pink madness. I shall pornographize your cars and food, your ads and vacations, your books and films, your schools and your families. I’ll get into your T-shirts and underwear, even into your diapers, into teenie boppers, their slogans and songs, and into the old ladies and gents in retirement colonies, on walkers in San Diego and Miami Beach. I’ll show you by showing, until your minds are fuzzed pink with romantic desires, with longings to getaway—trysts, nests, sweets. That is, the civilization will be crazed to get into my preserve, my secret garden. I will excite your entire culture so that even those attempting to cure their neuroses, as well as their sober psychoanalysts, will have nothing better to talk about than desire, jouissance, seductions, incest, molestations and the gaze into the mirror.” (more…)

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