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I am Lilith

Fergie's BLM aspects her Sun, Moon and Uranus. She's one of her Lilith Goddesses...

Fergie’s BLM aspects her Sun, Moon and Uranus. She’s one of our Lilith Goddesses…

I came here to get crazy

I was born to get wild, that’s my style

If you didn’t know that, well, baby, now you know now

-Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, The Dirty Bit

I was born free and I belong to no man. No man can own me or tame me but if you desire me, then engage me and if you have courage, follow me. I’m fun and danger and sporty mystique. I’m raunchy music and booze and smoke and late night sex.

I wield in my power openly and am spurned by humanity, I am sustained by my bond to the earth, my mother and to the sky, my father. I am the lone woman on the cliff with the wind blowing through her hair who exults in being alive. And when I come down from the top, will you have the courage to join me? Will you come with me into the night and take off everything and see how crazy we can get, how far we can push it? (more…)

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