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Stay well, Mr. Depp!

JD IllI don’t think I’ve seen any of Johnny Depp’s movies, but even I know who he is. When reports surfaced on 2-June-2018 about Mr. Depp looking gaunt and perhaps being ill, I was intrigued. On that day, transiting Pluto, Moon, Mars and the South Node were in his sixth house, the house associated with illness. The sixth is an important house in this chart because it contains both the Moon and the South node.

Now, a week after those reports, there are new reports from “inside sources” claiming Mr. Depp is well and purposely losing weight. His fans are not buying it and if one looks at his chart, his fans are right to be concerned. Progressed Moon entered his sixth house in January 2018 and indicates health concerns for the next 2.5 years.

There are many techniques to look at the past, present and future conditions in a chart. And there are many concurrent cycles we go through in a lifetime. Some of these cycles take decades to complete one circle around the chart and these are the ones that provide the bigger picture of what is happening to a person. Mr. Depp is reaching a climax with two such cycles and both of them have heavy implications regarding his health. (more…)

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