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Body language says it all

Body language says it all

A writer at Mashable says: Perhaps the worst line in these alleged sexts is Bezos referring to Sanchez as “alive girl.” “I love you, alive girl,” he reportedly wrote. There are loads of questions to be asked here, but it’s hard to focus on anything but the word “alive.” Why did Jeff B need to specify Sanchez was alive? 

Because of her fire. Mr. Bezos has only Jupiter in Aries as fire in his chart and Ms. Sanchez with Sun conjunct Venus in the fiery sign of Sagittarius is anything but dull. Her Sun and Venus get a lot of oomph because of the square to Pluto. In fact, her Sun is exactly square Pluto which shows up in the career she has built for herself as well as her predilection for dating, marrying and dallying with very powerful men.

The mature beauty described as the “biggest flirt” in high school may not be every one’s cup of tea especially with her current collagen enhanced perpetual half-grin, but she sure lights up Mr. Bezos. Her Juno conjuncts his Mars and her Lilith opposes it: he finds her bewitching.

The Daily Mail writes: 2016 – Sanchez gets her pilot license and launches Black Ops Aviation, her own film aerial production company. The National Enquirer claims this is also when she began her affair with Bezos. With her progressed Mercury at 19 Capricorn approaching his Sun at 21 Capricorn during 2016 that certainly makes sense. The leaked messages reveal that he loves her ideas and talking to her and this conjunction, which was exact in 2018, certainly confirms that. Additionally, her progressed Venus and Juno at 20 Aquarius are moving towards an exact conjunction with his Saturn at 21 degrees of the same sign. I believe him when he says he loves her.



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