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You made it

like war.


You won every battle

And we both

lost the war.

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Meet and part
Meet and part
It’s torn my heart apart

The jagged thunder of the thrill
Has left my sky in shreds
The clouds are weeping
And rainbows are shattered (more…)

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I had become quite adept
At handling my neat little heartbreaks
A box for this one, a label for that one
This one filed away
That one deleted forever

I thought I grieved
And it’s true I cried
But I never met grief such as this
That broke open my heart
Split me apart (more…)

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I don’t know my soul
But I seek it everywhere
I go into the light
And then float about in the darkness
Sin shrouds me and then divinity (more…)

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Stern Grief extends an imperative hand
But I tell him I am engaged
I’d rather dance this one with gentle Sorrow
Than submit to Grief’s bleak demands.

I stop for a break, for a drink
To stand alone in a dark balcony
One with the cool evening breeze
And I remember the many dances I’ve danced. (more…)

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You’re content stringing me along
Like a jangly toy whose sound you like
And I’m content, sometimes, to jangle by your side.

I’m fascinated by how you soul-bond
With your laptop
your papers
and your phone

And by how you’ll go to a dictionary
To nail the nuance of a word
But miss the heart of the person who said it

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Cast a spell
With a look
So deep, so intense

It burns the soul
And makes the heart yearn
For just a little bit more of you

And afraid
Of that light and of that passion
That run so very deep.

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