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  1. People who say, “I don’t care,” always care. Deeply.
  2. Sometimes you have to sacrifice pleasure to gain happiness.
  3. Astrologers don’t “observe the heavens,” they look at an ephemeris.
  4. There are times you should let others have the last word. It’ll make them feel good, get them to sheath their claws and save you time and energy.
  5. Sometimes we have to make peace with the fact that we will be misunderstood.
  6. If it hurt you, tell someone you trust about it. Saying, “It hurt me,” can heal.
  7. You are on your way to being an adult when you finally accept who you are.
  8. Peace comes from expressing who you are. It’s all right to be different, unconventional. I’ve found when I’m gentle and matter-of-fact about who I am, there is no fuss. But if I’m uncomfortable and strident, I tend to get a similar response in return.
  9. Sometimes the best strategy is to be direct and honest.
  10. It’s difficult to manipulate an honest person.

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1. When you kill someone, it creates a very strong karmic bond: “Hey! We meet again!”

2. Never sit in the back of the class if you’re short.

3. Your instincts will never mislead you. Trust them today; or pretend that everything’s all right and realize much later that you were right the first time.

4. You can have anything if you are willing to wait long enough. A year, two, a decade. A lifetime or several lifetimes. How bad do you want it?

5. If you are irrevocably in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, you can choose to love them unconditionally. Try doing it for lifetime or even a year. It’ll teach you a lot about your definition of love.

6. At 30, I decided that since I didn’t fit in, I was gonna leave the party and throw one of my own.

7. A strong emotional foundation will allow you to face and rise above anything life can throw at you. If you’re lucky, the surest love is in your family bonds. Remember, the only people who are really happy at your success are your family.

8. They say that only the honest could look into Apollo’s eyes without going blind.

9. You pure intent expressed, verbalized will force everyone’s hand.

10. Remember we hide behind the truth as much as we hide behind lies.

11. The only moral laws that apply to us are the ones that we choose for ourselves. The universe was born a-moral. If you think like this, you’re preparing to break the moral laws of your time.

12. You are the impulse. You are the restraint. (From an ad)

13. There are two ways to live. One is “I accept.” There’s a lot of peace and harmony in that. It’s amazing how much you can put up with when you’re resigned to something.
You can live like this, “I’m not going to do it by the book. I’m going to rewrite the book. I’m going to change the world.” There’s a lot of energy in that. But for how long can you sustain that kind of passion?

Ideally, you should be able to shift between these two attitudes. And feel free to change your mind as you go along.

14. Charm smoothes out the rough edges in human interactions.

15. This is your life story, you get to star in it: dress for it. Choose to look as attractive as it is humanly possible. Or don’t. Either way, you’ll find out how important looks are to you.

16. The eyes have it. Ever tried to get someone’s attention by smiling quietly into their eyes?

17. What are you doing with people you don’t trust?

18. No one enjoys your company more than you do. Try and spend some time all alone. Do this religiously. You’ll lose the fear of having to live alone.

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