The Caduceus Cracked

He moves between heaven and earth

And even deeper into the shadowy realm


And I can work with him

And weave word spells

Or douse you in soft illusions

Or conjure a pun and amuse you.



I can work with him

And do all of that

But I cannot write anything

That will delete the pain from our hearts.


There is no quick fix

No magical chant

No spell, no verse ever written

No prose to soak up our pain. Continue Reading »

Who were we kidding

Thinking we’d get intimacy

As easily as painting our lips

And setting forth for the bright lights?

Who did we meet but others

Wearing too much cologne

And hiding a lack of heart

Beneath suave charm? Continue Reading »

I see your Ascendant


And kiss your Venus


And quietly shed

Soul tears

Because it’s not me. Continue Reading »

A Love Poem for Sagittarius







I watch you as you go

As you run, glide, slide

And fly away

To find purple mountains of glory.


I stand here still, quiet, alone

Aching a little

Smiling a little

I stay and I watch you leave. Continue Reading »

Projecting on movie stars. (Gulshan Devaiya, in “Hate Story”)

This what I’ve been thinking and perhaps others have written about it before or perhaps what I’m writing here is not quite correct. I certainly haven’t thought about it for very long or done much research on it. It’s about Neptunians, really. People with Pisces strong or Neptune much aspected. Especially with personal planets. And Neptune with Venus if you’re narrowing in on romantic love.

I was listening to a Howard Sasportas lecture on Venus (UAC 1992) and he was talking about the trials that people with Venus squaring Neptune go through. Can’t be very easy if you have Venus opposing or conjunct the planet of illusions and illumination either.

And this is what I think: Neptunians fall in love with archetypes. I’m not using the word “archetype” in any strict sense with reference to Jung unless I am doing so inadvertently. What I mean by it is concepts we hold like: hero, victim, genius, mover-and-shaker. Feel free to add more.

It makes sense that Neptune is associated with celluloid. Because in movies we see these archetypes clearly defined, they come alive for us. Is it any wonder we fall in love with movie stars? They’re such a perfect hook for our projections.

I suspect Neptunians project more than other people and on more people. Because Neptunians see archetypes. It’s not always easy for them to see people as flesh-and-blood mostly un-glamorous beings, no matter how rich or talented or how victimized and misunderstood.  Neptune has no boundaries and what happens when you put the planet of romance with this planet that knows no bounds? It isn’t easy to love the way Neptune wants us to, to love all there is, all there are, unconditionally. It messes with one’s mind or do I mean heart? So you see Neptunians caught up in impossible situations with impossible people and happy-and-miserable at the same time; stumbling around in a weepy daze in this very limited and limiting space-time continuum reading and writing poems, watching or creating movies, reading stories and living out their own. Continue Reading »

It’s a day after transiting Sun went over Saturn in Scorpio. How did you feel? I remember reading that this transit would give us good idea of how Saturn’s passage in the sign of the Scorpion was going to be like. While no transit of Saturn is ever a party, in this sign it is going to feel intense. Of course. The next two years or so also have the north node passing through Scorpio and if your natal north node is there, you’re up for your nodal return.  A life changing transit this. But more on this Saturn transit and the nodal returns later. Those are posts in themselves.

On a (questionably) lighter note, I just saw the trailer for the new Bond movie: Skyfall. It was first released in the UK on 23 Oct 2012, the day the Sun swam into the deep still waters of Scorpio. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but the trailer dialogues are very Scorpionic:

M: Where the hell have you been?

Bond: Enjoying death. Continue Reading »

Neptune swam into Pisces in April 2011 and then retreated into Aquarius in August. It moved into Pisces for a long stay in early February 2012 and will move back and forth over the first three degrees of the sign of the Fish till March 2013.  Chiron moved into Pisces in February 2011 and will go back and forth over the first 10 or so degrees till the end of 2013.

If you have planets in the first 10 degrees of the Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius or have your Sun early on in these signs, I dare say you have felt these transits. I was thinking earlier that Neptune makes promises it does not keep and thus causes a sense of disillusionment and loss. And what do you get when Chiron, the Wounded Healer, works on your chart? Great pain that needs healing.

I see the movement of Neptune and Chiron in the early degrees of Pisces as a great testing time for the mutable signs. A time of loss, pain, disillusionment, sacrifice and devotion; a time when many tears are shed. Your life could be going along nicely, or maybe not so nicely, and then these two come along and then you know what real grief and loss are. And that life is indeed so much bigger than you. A force you cannot control and what the Buddha says comes to mind, “Life is suffering.” Continue Reading »


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