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Sensual, erotic
Made to be seduced
The Earth is sensual

To get high
Is to inhale
The mingled perfume and sweat
On a shirt you left lying around (more…)

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My friend Amy recently suggested I write a tribute to all the elements. I did a post on Fire signs last year, and I want to do one on Earth now. For Amy who is a Taurean and for the many of the Earth sign folk whose lives have interweaved with mine and many of who own a piece of my heart.

When I think of Earth signs, many pictures flash before my eyes… Of my Virgo friend and ex-boss with her pure profile, tidy hair, head bent studiously over a document: bringing order to chaos.  Does nursing fall under the aegis of Virgo? I’m sure it does. Do you remember the neat person with a deft touch and a minimum of fuss who stitched you up when you were a kid and fell off your bike? Did you look into their eyes? Virgo eyes are clear, bright, sane. A haven of rationality in this world that is often painfully irrational. The little girl fussing over a motherless kitten; the young boy who rescues a hurt bird and then tends quietly to injured creature’s needs. There is nothing loud about Virgo, nothing exuberant, nothing over-the-top. It’s a sign associated with seemingly dull things like “service.” The quiet people who tally our numbers, bandage our cuts, edit and proofs our text. It may not be obvious at first glance, but what they’re doing is infusing our lives with beauty with their dedication to bringing order to the myriads details that form the sum of human lives. Their actions are like lyrical poetry, but a poem that has form and substance; a poem that makes the world a place where you can have peace, where thing work well, where systems function and numbers add up. A world you can rely on.  (more…)

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As a teenager, I was in love with Pluto. Dark, mysterious, moody: easy to fall in love with, easy to romanticize. I read and re-read Linda Goodman’s chapter on Scorpio and dreamed… Inevitably then, like an iron filing to a magnet, I fell in love with a strongly Plutonic type and had my heart broken. Eventually, I married a Scorpio sun with a stellium in the sign of the eagle. So, as you can see, I have nothing against Pluto; moreover, I can still see his appeal. But wait a minute! This post isn’t about Pluto!

Isn’t that just typical, though? Saturn got ignored again, and let’s face it, Pluto is hard to ignore. But that’s the thing with Saturn; you can’t ignore him for long. Because now, a decade and a half after being smitten by Pluto, if you asked me who the hottest guy in the solar system is, the goat would win hands down. I fell for Saturn gradually, slowly, over a period of time. But having fallen for him, I know this one’s a keeper.

When I look back over the past few years I note that I’m past my first Saturn return, that I survived his transit over my sun, Mercury and Venus; and I’m still staying put even though he’s been passing back and forth over my descendant this year. It must be this unwitting propinquity that made me see beyond the harshness attributed to the ringed-one and look for the good.


And there is a lot of good: you’ll go thorough boot-camp, no doubt; but, hey, who says you have to moan about it? Give in, surrender, obey. Because when you graduate, you will be an adult. And no matter what people say about childhood being the best time of our lives, I love being an adult: the responsibilities that you shoulder are the ones you chose, the limits that govern you are the ones you define and the liberation that your hard work wins for you is completely your own.

Don’t believe everything you read about goats as being stuffy: okay, so they might be when they are kids. But as they age, their dry wit can have you howling with laughter. My younger Cappy brother, who spent his childhood frowning at the antics of his fire sign siblings is now a successful (naturally) banker. This yesteryear wet-blanket is now a psychological rock for his more volatile sibs. He still frowns at our antics, but we forgive him that, because when we need advice we can trust and use, we turn to him. One of my most loyal friends is a girl goat who will always have a piece of my heart. And recently I met a dyed-in-wool Cappy man, who despite his lack of a social smile, proved to be one of the most fun people to hang out with.

So if you are single and looking for a star to hitch your wagon on, you can’t go wrong with Saturn. You may miss out on the outrageous antics of sun, Mars and Jupiter and you may have to forego Pluto’s mysteries, but if what you want is real and true and stable and lasting, you can’t go wrong if you fall for a goat.

 Sometimes we just need to be reminded that if we embrace Saturn and his lessons and limitations, we will, of a surety, reap the rewards of enduring success and the kind of freedom that only comes after we’ve paid our dues.

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