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You remember when you were a kid and they made you learn the figures of speech? Did you hate ‘em? I loved ‘em. Still do. But, really, we owe our English teachers a big “thank you” because where would we be without a fine appreciation of irony?

Take me for instance, I wrote a whole series last year about Venus. I wrote about her  retrograde recently and now that she’s out of the retrograde’s shadow, I’m writing about her again. The irony is that I have the most benighted (is that the same as cursed?) Venus in my chart. By sign, by house, and even by aspect, damn it! Okay, it does conjunct my Mercury and yeah, I love that, but that’s it for something good. I swear!

On another note, astrologers look at the ephemeris and predict events. I know people like that and they’re very good. Me? I look at the events around me and pick up the ephemeris. I did that today and saw that Venus is at 15 Scorpio; she came out of her retrograde shadow on 20-Dec-2011. You see any thematic connections or thematic unfolding happening now that is related to what happened during the recent retrograde? If your retrograde was eventful, then this is another act in the same play. Action moves forward.



I was reading Barbara Hand Clow’s Liquid Light of Sex last night and in it, while talking about the crown chakra, she tells of a story she learnt from her Mayan teachers and her Cherokee grandfather. It’s God talking about why he created us, mankind. It’s wonderfully written, powerfully evocative, thrilling and I think it might also be healing to read it, to feel it, to imagine it. (more…)

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I’ve always liked reading about asteroids. Although, not as high-profile as the planets and the luminaries, nonetheless, they shed a lot of light on issues connected with them. So if you are looking for answers, it’s worthwhile to factor them in.

Juno has a special place in synastry because of its association with marriage. Michael Wolfstar of http://neptunecafe.com/ once told me that he has seen Juno connections in most enduring marriages. Majority of the astrologers agree with this point of view. But not all (You didn’t think it was going to be non-controversial, did you?). Magi Astrology has a unique take: according to it, Juno rules affairs and mistresses and Chiron rules marriage. There are times when I am open to new ideas and so when I went through the Magi site, I decided to just to keep an open mind and spent several happy days reading the charts they had posted and their take on various things. If you want to explore this more check out the Magi at http://www.magiastrology.com/ So now when I want to look at synastry in two charts, I look at both asteroids.

But sometimes when you want the truth, you eventually find it sitting smiling right under your nose. My husband’s Juno is conjunct my ASC, to the degree! And the Juno of my great unrequited love is conjunct my ASC with an orb of one degree. I find these Juno connections rather startling and both men have played important roles in my life. Does this conclusively prove Juno rules marriage? I don’t know. Note the other guy was the great “unrequited” love of my life. Make what you will of it, but since the orbs are so tight, I thought it merited a mention here.

One thing you can bank on, though, is that if you are looking at couple synastry, Juno has an important role to play. If you want more concrete information on Juno, then head over to Sasstrology and look up Julie Demboski’s Juno series. Julie’s meticulous and detailed coverage of this asteroid is a learner’s delight. Even old astrology hands can benefit from her clear delineations. For case studies that you can sink in, you can do no better than Wolfstar’s http://neptunecafe.com/Juno.html

So the next time you find yourself wondering about lasting connections, hop over to you computer and check out the Juno linkages.

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