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Background: I’ve been under the weather lately and not doing much of anything. Not writing, either. Every idea I’ve had, a little voice in my head has shot down and I’ve allowed it to do so. But just a minute ago, one of these on-the-ice ideas came back and I wanted to write about it. I was suddenly quietly bubbling with enthusiasm. And wondering what happened.

Unlike my friend Raphael Simons, I’m no horary genius. But I do have an awesome book on the subject by Karen Hamaker-Zondag. It has several examples of event charts that correlate the event chart axes with a person’s natal chart axes. So, just now, when I was finally filled with Theos, I cast a chart: and sure, enough, it echoes my natal axes in its ASC-DSC and MC-IC. Additionally, the transiting Virgo Moon and IC are conjunct my natal Mercury by a degree.

Ninja_The_Last_Thing_You_SeeSo let’s use this analytical, every-hair-in-place, precision-of-a-scientific-instrument-without-emotion energy of Virgo to look at Scorpio and Pluto. I will be using the words Scorpio and Pluto interchangeably. Also, when I use one or the other, I don’t mean just folks with their sun in Scorpio; it can also refer to people who have planets in Scorpio or the eight house or have Pluto aspecting their personal planets.

Why the focus on Scorpio, though? Well, from what I’ve read on astrology forums, it appears that Scorpios leave a lot of people bewildered, especially in romantic linkages. Astrology forums are rife with the question, “Does that Scorpio like me?” If you’re asking yourself that question, then you’re already making a big mistake. But I get ahead of myself.

First let’s try and understand the nature of the beast. I had a high school friend tell me once, about her Scorpio brother, “We’re all very fond of each other. But he’s not very demonstrative.” I met someone recently who has his Sun, Pluto, Venus and Mercury in the sign. The Sun and Pluto are conjunct with an orb of four degrees. So what does this mega-Scorpio tell me the other day? “My sister says that I don’t show my love overtly. I tell her, ‘Deal with it.’” So, okay, we got that. Are you taking it down? Point one, they don’t show their feelings. So, the astrology books are right on that one.

Recently I heard one Scorp say to another, “We grew up too quickly. We always saw through the games the adults played.” I don’t know what the context was, but it captured something very deep about this sign for me. Although, they aren’t above playing a few games themselves, the Pluto-ruled are pretty good at seeing through any you’re playing, and depending on how they feel about you, they’ll either play along for fun or cross you off their list of people to be trusted. And if I know anything, chances are high that they’ll play along and cross you off their list. Either way, don’t play games, not if you want their trust. If you’re only in it for a lark, then it’s okay. As long as you don’t step on their toes, their eyes will gleam with amusement as they watch your antics.

An Aries, or a Mars-rules person will come right out and ask you, “What the heck are you up to?” But a Scorpio won’t. They’d rather figure it out. And while they’re doing this, you’ll have no clue that your every move is being analyzed. I know a Crab whose Sun, Mercury and Saturn are squared by Pluto in Libra. I’ve seen the Mercury square Pluto in action: he trusts no one and is suspicious of everything anyone says. Even innocuous statements about the weather are suspect. To say that he has communication problems is an understatement. In this case, the Pluto energy serves to bar its owner from having normal communication with other people. This is the dark side of the Pluto energy: it manifests as constant, and often unwarranted, suspicion. I also know Plutonians who use their keen perception of undercurrents and hidden agendas in relationship and group dynamics to help others by serving as peace-makers and negotiators. It’s the same energy, it just depends on how and for what purpose someone is using it.

So how does this help you figure out if that Scorpio likes you? It doesn’t really. But maybe this story will help: I have a tom cat who resents being petted, won’t come to you if you call him and is generally very averse to affection. But he tolerates our presence in the same room as him and even sits near me when I’m reading. Big deal, huh? Not really, unless you consider the fact that with anyone else, he flees the room if they enter it. I’ve come to realize that the few times he does voluntarily come and sit near me show that he trusts me. And that’s it. That’s Scorpio for you. Take it or leave it.

What am I getting at? Don’t try and second-guess them or play games with them. My advice has nothing to do with who’ll win or who’ll lose. It has to do with something that Scorpios know all about: power. Ultimately, this sign is about power. Personal power. If you’ve made a mess of your mind by dwelling on their every move, wondering about their motives, about whether they like you, you’ve given away some of your power. In my experience, your best bet is to be yourself, be friendly and refuse to play games. It won’t crack the enigma; but, if after that, they come and curl up by your side nonchalantly (they do nonchalant really well); well then, guess what? They do like you. And if they don’t oblige by hanging around you; well, you can chalk this one up as a loss and move on. I know that hurts. But look on the bright side: you aren’t leaving as a hollow shell of your former self. You’re leaving with your personal power intact and after having learnt a little more about Plutonians. Use your newly-found wisdom well. And as far as the Scorpios are concerned, there’s more of them around.

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