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Touching someone's heart or looking into their soul is sacred. Do it with care and reverence.

Because I’m awfully lucky, I have a copy of Richard Idemon’s Through the Looking Glass: A Search for the Self in the Mirror of Relationships. The book is a transcript of a week-long seminar that Richard did and it has been edited into a book by another person I love to read, Howard Sasportas. In fact, it is the transcripts of seminars that Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene did that I really love more than the books either one of them wrote individually. Astrologers, all three of them, but also psychologists. And great minds. We owe them a lot.

There is so much treasure in Through a Looking Glass. The chapter on love where Richard talks about the four concepts of love that the Greek knew is something we all need to read and understand. Don’t they say that to understand all is to forgive all? Well, I think understanding also leads to the beginning of self-healing and I’d recommend this book just for that.

When I started my relationships’ classes with Dawn, one of the first things she taught was to look at the missing element or modality in a person’s chart because they will be strongly drawn to people who have what they are missing. Any good astrologer will tell you that before you do either prediction or synastry, you should look at the person’s chart and understand it well. Transits, progressions and synastry don’t happen in a discrete units, they interact with the chart and you have to read them like that. Which is why I don’t do readings: it’s too much work.

To get back to the point, Richard says the same thing: look at the chart, look at the dominant function, the inferior function, the singletons and which aspects predominate. By function he meant: element, modality, signs, house orientation and yin-yang balance. Look at that you’ll have a fairly good idea of the areas where someone over-compensates, represses and projects onto the other. Projects and draws them into their ambit. (more…)

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