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My friend Amy recently suggested I write a tribute to all the elements. I did a post on Fire signs last year, and I want to do one on Earth now. For Amy who is a Taurean and for the many of the Earth sign folk whose lives have interweaved with mine and many of who own a piece of my heart.

When I think of Earth signs, many pictures flash before my eyes… Of my Virgo friend and ex-boss with her pure profile, tidy hair, head bent studiously over a document: bringing order to chaos.  Does nursing fall under the aegis of Virgo? I’m sure it does. Do you remember the neat person with a deft touch and a minimum of fuss who stitched you up when you were a kid and fell off your bike? Did you look into their eyes? Virgo eyes are clear, bright, sane. A haven of rationality in this world that is often painfully irrational. The little girl fussing over a motherless kitten; the young boy who rescues a hurt bird and then tends quietly to injured creature’s needs. There is nothing loud about Virgo, nothing exuberant, nothing over-the-top. It’s a sign associated with seemingly dull things like “service.” The quiet people who tally our numbers, bandage our cuts, edit and proofs our text. It may not be obvious at first glance, but what they’re doing is infusing our lives with beauty with their dedication to bringing order to the myriads details that form the sum of human lives. Their actions are like lyrical poetry, but a poem that has form and substance; a poem that makes the world a place where you can have peace, where thing work well, where systems function and numbers add up. A world you can rely on.  (more…)

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