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Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest

I remember something my teacher said on a Facebook thread about the internet and astrology. It was about the current generation learning astrology via the net. The downside being that when they look at a chart, they do not always get that some points in the chart carry more weight. In tropical astrology, the Sun, Moon, the ascendant plus its ruler are the four most important things to look at.  You look at them first, understand them really well and then move on to the other points. Just looking at those features will give you a good picture of your client, a picture they can relate to.

In the past few months, I have been reading the works of Evolutionary astrologers. A special area of focus in this branch of astrology is Pluto and the nodal axis. A young Evolutionary astrologer I spoke to told me, only half joking, that he remembers his clients not by their sun signs, but by their nodes and their Pluto. So I thought of my chart and charts of people I know really well keeping these points in mind and that proved to be a very revealing exercise. (more…)


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