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Astrologers are an odd bunch. They speak a language that most don’t understand. They see patterns in the sky: it talks to them. And they are driven to bring this message to others. This is what Michael Lutin says about astrologers, “We’re a community of people and we don’t belong to the rest of the world, because once you step into metaphysics in any profound or deep way, and once you commit yourself to this life, you’re never going to completely be in their world again.”

It can get lonely and you can feel very isolated if you’re pursuing a passion that’s not mainstream. That didn’t happen to me. When I got into astrology big time last year, I already had a bunch of astrologers as my Facebook friends. Fine writers, great astrologers, and kindred spirits. Maybe it was my progressed Moon in Aquarius and in my natal Eleventh House that made me reach out to total strangers on Facebook and request them to add me as their “friend.” Not random strangers, but people with whom I share a deep passion for astrology. Once I entered the astrology “loop” on Facebook, others start adding me: friends of friends, both astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. I now have more than a hundred such people from all over the world as “friends.” (more…)

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