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I’ve been wanting to write about Venus-Neptune contacts and unrequited love for a while now, and I’m working on it. But this is one piece I don’t want to rush and so while I’m getting it together, I thought I’d write a brief one about the 11th house. Especially because this house is in focus for me right now in a big way.

Simply put, the 11th house of your chart rules hopes, dreams, wishes and friends. The highlight for me currently is my friends or as I like to think of them: my tribe. I enjoy people tremendously, but none of the people I know in flesh-and-blood are astrologers or deeply interested in astrology. For two decades now, I’ve been trying to learn as much about this subject as I can. Books on astrology have not always been easily available in my location and if it hadn’t been for the Internet, I would be laboriously casting charts using pen and paper. Fortunately, thanks to www.astro.com you don’t have to do that unless you want to.

So, what does the Net have to do with the 11th? Aquarius, the natural ruler of this house also holds domain over the Net. And astrology. In my progressed chart, the moon has just entered the 11th house, which happens to be Aquarius. And the highlights of this year for me so far have been: emotional liberation, online/Facebook friends and this blog.

How does Facebook come into it? Well, I took a chance one day and looked up one of my favorite astrology writers on Facebook: April Elliott Kent. Everything you hear about the Leo warmth and generosity is true, because not only did this phenomenal writer accept my friend request, but encouraged me to start a blog of my own. If it wasn’t for April, you wouldn’t be reading this. After that it was the domino effect: Sasstrology and Jeffrey Kishner, Daily Sky and Matthew Currie, Elsa P and the Astro Dispatch. And the blogosphere: I discovered Beth Turnage, Jeremy Neal, Julie Demboski, Eileen Nauman, all masters of their art. Despite being on different continents, some of them have become my friends, the tribe I have always sought, and my cup runneth over.

I wrote a story a few years back about an animal that just does not fit in with his pack, till one day he discovers that he is an altogether different species. There was never anything wrong with him or with the others, he just needed to hang out with his own type. And, after that, having found his tribe, he lived happily ever after. I like my stories to have happy endings. This story is a simple one, but the point it is trying to make is that your “tribe” is essential to your feeling of well-being. Your tribe is not a bunch of people you need to put a mask on to impress. Your tribe is souls who are on the same path as you: whether you are a musician, an economist, a biker or a mathematician. Sometimes this means having a great passion in common, whether it is books, chess, computers, travelling or astrology.

For me, I love the way my progressed moon in Aquarius has played out. All the symbols associated with the house and the sign are living themes for me at the moment: astrology, online friends, community, network. Talking about networks and linkages, you’ve found your way here because the aforementioned people created links from their page to my page. Without that your search engine never would have found me. What do you say when someone does something like that for you? This is what I want to say, “Thank you for being my friend!”

If you want a deeper understanding of the 11th house, I highly recommend this excellent article written by Dana Gerhardt: http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_dgelevhouse_e.htm

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Of late, I’ve been reading one of my favorite writer-astrologer’s blog archives at http://www.bigskyastrology.com/index.php. I first discovered April Elliott Kent’s work on http://www.MoonCircles.com and kept going back for more.

Today, I came across an archived post where April talks about Mars; she says, “And along comes a poisonous blog post to show you just how ugly Mars can look if you don’t deal with it properly. When you refuse to get behind the wheel of your own Mars, you can’t very well complain about the way other people drive theirs.”

When I started writing today, I thought I’d talk about Mars a bit; but the above quote brings to mind a phenomenon I’ve been observing on Facebook: that of written aggression. An innocuous post can evoke unexpected responses from different people and then, the said people will sometimes get deeply engaged in verbal sparring. Sometimes it’s intellectually stimulating, but sometimes it just gets out of hand.

I think this happens partly because we’re dealing with written communication: the tone of voice, the facial expression are missing and we can give what we read either a negative or positive value depending on who we are, how we see things. There is room enough for misinterpretation or even, I suspect, projection. It’s easy to project on a stranger, see them as the enemy, and engage them in a verbal battle. Many times we do this without being aware of it. It does not always end badly, of course. Sometimes, you are made aware of a perspective you hadn’t considered before and come out of the experience richer.

But, sometimes, you end up in a no-win situation with both parties feeling mighty aggravated. I read once in an old, dusty volume that “Thoughts are things,” and verbal/written sparring has taught me this is indeed the case: not only are they things, they are our things. We identify with our thoughts, we are our thoughts. So a disagreement can feel like an attack. And, seeing an attack, Mars is going to fight back. That is his mandate and you can’t fault him for that.

But, being very Martial myself, I’ve discovered the value of peace and harmony. It’s a delicate balance, though: how to be true to yourself and yet diffuse friction. It isn’t always easy, but it can be done. Let me quote Art Grant, a fellow Facebooker on this issue, “I have learned, too, that when a writer is harsh — and not careful about how they express their opinion, or to whom they express it to, and what the recipient’s values might be — sometimes those who receive their words sometimes have no alternative but to perceive the incoming message as hostile. Even pleasant words expressed in a certain manner may appear to convey underlying hostility.”

I just checked, Venus is still conjunct Mars in Aries, and I wonder if she has been passing her message to us through Mr. Grant 🙂

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