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“I had the time of my life

And I never felt this way before

And I swear this is true and I owe it all to you.”

It encases your soul, your heart, your mind. Your body exalts when the breeze plays over your face and streams gently through your hair. It sings in quiet celebration when you entwine with the one you love. The gift of the senses: to smell, to taste, to feel, to touch, to hear. Your eyes through which your soul glows also receive the beauty of orange dawns that break in the east and the lilac sunsets that spill their heart on the horizon.

And when you love your body, when you hydrate it, feed it almonds and fruit and stretch it gently, slowly, just a little bit more in a yoga stretch and then release…you feel the body joy of a body that you have loved and that love is its own reward. (more…)

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There is so much that astrology has to offer. If you’re like me, you probably like the psychological insights into yourself and others that it makes accessible. Synastry or relationships astrology is great fun, too. Although several people are aware of these branches of astrology, for the lay person, astrology is synonymous with prediction. It’s true, a good astrologer can paint an accurate picture of the future for you. But there is another branch of astrology, not practiced by many, that requires a high degree of skill and intensive training in its own right: medical astrology.

Years ago, I found a copy of one of Alan Leo’s astrology books in the Central Library of Goa. It was from that book that I learnt that the caduceus is associated with the Greek god Hermes or the Roman god Mercury. The caduceus, in our times, has become the symbol of medicine. Interesting isn’t it? The confluence of these symbols and subjects?

Eileen Nauman wears many hats, one of them is that of a medical astrologer. Like many great astrologers, she is generous about sharing what she has learnt. If you want to know the basics of medical astrology, check out her post here. The link will take you to her medical blog, a goldmine of information that you can explore at your leisure.

Happy reading and cheers! Here’s to your health!

If history fascinates you, check out Wikipedia to see how the caduceus became associated with medicine. Astrologers will see the humor in the tale which is a typical Mercury story of confusion and error. I wonder if it was retrograde when this was happening. If you find out, let me know!

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