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With Jupiter’s recent ingress into Pisces, he’s on everyone’s mind right now. Everyone likes Jupiter, because he gives. Freely, joyously. Everyone likes that. I’m waiting for some Jupiter action myself. But even as I sit here dourly waiting for it to finally come out of my twelfth and hit my ASC, I know that sometimes instead of waiting for Jupiter to come give us, we have to don his mantle and give others

The recent tragedy in Haiti has brought out the Jupiter in the astrological community. Here are some links where you can buy Donna Cunningham’s excellent astrology e-books and Molly’s 2010 astrology calendar. The sale proceeds will go towards helping the people of Haiti. And Wendy Guy is donating half the cost of astrology readings, for two months, to this cause.

Scientists have been saying for a while now that altruism is healthy. Even without, that it’s never a one-way flow. The universal law of giving promises that you will get three times what you give. But even more enchanting than that is the soul-expanding experience of giving.

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Hello my Fellow Traveler,

How’s it going for you? Difficult transits? Yeah, me too.


Chiron’s been opposing the ruler of my sixth house: my dog died last month and my cat’s not well. Cat wouldn’t allow me to take him to the vet; and when the good doctor came home, he wouldn’t allow the tired man to do an examination. Now Cat’s hiding in my cupboard (even though that’s forbidden territory) and I’m exhausted.

The Chiron opposition is not all that ails me. I believe the current sky’s making a grand cross in my chart: there’s trouble everywhere I turn. And I’m standing in the midst of all these swirling currents and I’m tired. And humbled. That’s another thing tough transits do for you: they humble you. Face something you can’t control, like illness, and you have to let go. I don’t mean don’t get treatment. Do all the right things. But you know that it’s out of your hands. That Life, God, the Universe, whatever you call it, is bigger than you. And there are some things that can’t be changed, they have to be endured. And that you can’t figure everything out, that sometimes you just have to accept it, whatever it is. Am I sounding very Neptunian and defeatist? I don’t mean to.

I don't know the flower associated with Jupiter, but I love the Jacaranda and the color works.

I don't know the flower associated with Jupiter, but I love the Jacaranda and the color works.

Sometimes, surrender is the answer. Acceptance is the answer. Humility and owning our limitations is the answer. Allowing pain to flow through our life is the answer. I don’t mean you should curl up and die. My Jupiter in Aries trines my Sun and my faith is strong. But in the meantime, I also know that I have to go through this process. Without getting bitter, without resenting it, without attacking other people. Without humility, without accepting that we still have some learning to do, no learning can occur. How can it if you block it the learning by saying that you know everything?

Have you read about Edgar Cayce and his work? He was a healer and he worked while he was in a trance state. There are transcript of what was channeled. Many of these transcripts detail what was said through him about people he was diagnosing. People with paralysis or very debilitating diseases. The health or the dis-ease of the body was linked to a person’s spiritual development. Spiritual, not in the sense of God or religion, but in terms of being kind, forgiving and well-intentioned towards others. About people seeking to regain their health, there were times when the Guides said, “There is no development in kindness, in giving to others. If this person regains his health, what is he going to do with it?” (This is not verbatim, but I hope it conveys some of the meaning of what was said.)

Without internal growth, the body atrophies. Because you can have health, wealth, power, beauty, intelligence…but what are you using it for you? Have you mastered your jealousy, pettiness, greed, selfishness? Total mastery can be quite a task. But awareness is a beginning. Self-aggrandizement is no sin, neither is reaching out for more and better. But what about your spiritual currency? I see powerful examples, amongst people I love, of spiritual bankruptcy. In wanting more, they despise what they do have. In wanting to achieve, they disparage what they have achieved so far. People are either richer than them, or more educated or from a better bloodline or the opposite. They feel inferior while thinking of the former and treat the latter with disdain. Simple pleasures are ignored and they seek a “high” through artificial means. When you’re hollow inside, you can drink as much as you want, but nothing will fill that gaping hole where you were meant to flower.

And people do flower, even during difficult transits. Perhaps, especially during these. When times are tough and you’re plodding along trying to cope, just trying to survive, you can learn a lot. Especially empathy and kindness. This text from the Bible comes to mind:

If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not charity, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal.

And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not charity, I am nothing.

And if I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, but have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.

1 Corinthians 13:1

Some versions of the Bible use “love” instead of “charity.” But I prefer “charity.” I mean that in the nicest way: a feeling that is a blend of kindness and giving.

There was one more thing I wanted to mention today. Grace. Yeah, it’s a tough transit and, yeah, you’re going through a rough time. But one of the gifts of astrology is the reassurance that even this shall pass. And you’ll come out on the other side. But what will you be once you emerge? Will you be wiser, kinder, determined to use your power (we all have some) well? Or will you emerge from it bitter, full of hate and resentment, determined to get what you want at any cost? At anyone’s cost? What will this do to your relationships? Don’t shake your head: we need healthy relationships to have a fulfilling life. And your inner choices and feelings will determine the health of these relationships.

So whether Pluto is squaring your Venus or Saturn conjuncting your Sun, what you become is up to you. You have Free Will there. And hidden amongst the folds of your decisions is Grace, that mysterious force that blesses us with goodness.

If I hadn’t gone to my friend Hitch’s blog this evening, I wouldn’t have noticed that Jupiter has gone direct today. And Jupiter is wisdom. Is faith. I’ll end with another quote from the Bible and, even if you are not a Christian, I hope these words help you:

O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.

Well, that’s all for me. Didn’t meant to get on my soapbox. But it’s Jupiter, you know?

God be with you,


P.S. And for all you astro-buffs out there, while I was writing this the transiting Moon was conjunct my natal Sun exactly, the MC of the event chart (when I was mid-way with this post) was the exact degree of my ASC. Oh, and in the event chart, Jupiter was conjunct the cusp of the ninth house.

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A "weak" Jupiter is like a sad clown

A "weak" Jupiter is like a sad clown

Tee asked me recently, with his characteristic gentle concern, “What do I do about my debilitated Jupiter?” Tee’s Jupiter in 29 Capricorn. I’d told him a while back that my friend Matthew Currie says that a person with such a Jupiter may find it hard to be happy and may go to unusual lengths to find happiness. That’s certainly been true for Tee and his excesses have left him rather debilitated.

His question lead to an animated discussion and I told him that I’ve often wanted to write on “weak” planets (planets that are debilitated or in their fall in a chart) and what we can do about them. “What can one do?,” he asked. “Well, if you have a planet that’s ‘weak’ in your chart, you should honor it in your life. It’s weak because it can’t express itself properly. Take Jupiter. What is Jupiter about?” “Teachers,” he said knowledgeably, “gurus.” “Yes. But also generosity and enthusiasm and kindness and optimism and plain blind luck. It’s also about giving. It’s kind. You don’t have to give things. It’s also about generosity of spirit. I think first you need to understand Jupiter. Read about it. Then honor him in your life, every day or every hour or once a week or whenever the spirit moves you.”

Not an unusual conversation. Unless you know Tee. He’s not into astrology. At all. So it was rather surprising that he and I were talking about Jupiter. Intrigued, I decided to do a horary for the time he asked me the question. I told him since we were talking about Jupiter, chances were that Jupiter would be strongly placed in the horary chart, on the ASC or the MC. As a matter of fact, when he asked me this question, Jupiter was conjunct the MC exactly!

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This morning, I read Petros Eleftheriadis’s blog entry about the hard time an astrologer had on Penn & Teller’s show. I saw a clip of it myself and it hurt to see the astrologer trying to figure out a career for this woman whose chart he was reading. I think the planet, or rather, the luminary he was looking at was the moon. As we all know, the moon rules a variety of careers and he listed them all out. The lady said later on that he mentioned almost everything under the sun and was bound to get something right.

But that’s just the thing, a planet can have various fields of activity under its domain. Take Jupiter: If it is connected with your tenth house you could be involved with anything from organized religion to publishing (books, not newspapers or magazines), to work connected with foreign travel or the law. To the astrologically uninitiated, it looks like a long list and since they can’t see the connection to Jupiter, it looks like the astrologer is wildly throwing these options around.

What Mr. Eleftheriadis says on his blog is that astrologers shouldn’t force themselves to find answers to all questions when they look at a chart nor try and find astrological evidence in the chart for everything they see. Donning the mantle of omniscience does more harm than good. This was brought home to me a while back when I was looking at an event chart and could find no obvious astrological markers for it in its chart. While this is more indicative of the gaps in my astrological knowledge than anything else, I still felt intensely frustrated when I didn’t see what I expected to see. I’ve saved the data for another look and will return to it with an open mind after a few days.

On a related note, I’ve been assigning myself astrological homework. I have the option of looking at friends’ charts or the charts of merest acquaintances. I’ve been wondering whether it is best to do a stranger’s chart while you’re learning. Because with people you know really well, you already know the issues that plague their lives. Like my friend whose financial situation is always unstable because of her spouse’s rather erratic career history. She has Saturn in the second house, squaring Uranus exactly, to the minute! Aquarius is intercepted in the eight: I’m taking Aquarius as her husband’s income. The Saturn indicates her money worries and the square tells us that the husband will sometimes be a source of added income and sometimes not bring in anything to their joint finances.

I only saw the above aspect because this theme was playing out very big in her life recently. But you see what I mean? If you had just plunked her chart before me, would I have seen it? But that square is kind of hard to miss. Anyway, I worry about stuff like this especially since I’ve put my homework on hold: to be or not to be. To read a stranger’s chart or read a friend’s? Paralysis. Haven’t looked at any chart at all as a result.

April Elliott Kent says something very useful about this in her post Constructing an Astrology Reading. She advises that you learn about your client’s “non-astrological reality” before doing a reading. It helps you organize your work better and adds value to the consultation. What I got from this was that one does not have to work blind and figure out everything just by looking at the chart. Have you read her post? You should, I’ve linked it, check it out.

One of the things that astrology needs quite badly right now is credibility. I think astrologers educating the general public about astrology and its limitations will help. If you are an astrologer who’s reading this, how many times have people asked you to guess their sun sign, even if you’ve just met them? Yeah, I know. Someone needs to educate the masses: Why can’t that someone be you? And why not start with the next person who wants you to guess their “star” (sun, SUN sign, O ignorant wretch! Star Signs is another book that Linda Goodman wrote!) sign?

Oh, and about that event chart I mentioned, I suspect that Aquarius on the eleventh house explains quite a lot!


P.S. Here’s a great post along similar lines: http://nononsenseastrology.com/?p=2395

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Deconstructing Venus

A reader called my piece on Jupiter a “rant.” She was quite complimentary about it and the good news is that I’m not done with this solar system yet. For the past two weeks, I’ve been seeing hearts in cloud formations and in water stains, the Morning Star on days I wake up too soon and, today, there was a rash of Venus-themed posts on AstroDispatch. That’s just asking for it. So, today, we’ll take a close look at Venus and see if she stands up well to scrutiny.   

If you are expecting to read a fair and balanced (two words the Venus-ruled Librans love) post, then please stop right now. I suspect that I have an ax to grind when it come to Venus: She is both debilitated and badly aspected in my chart and I can hold a grudge as well as any Scorpio. 

pink460You rarely meet pure types in real life, so I can’t pluck a convenient acquaintance and try and rip ‘em apart here. But there’s enough Librans and Venus-kissed-dimples-and-cleft-bearing people in my life for source material.  Let’s begin with the duo I call “the Librans.” I have no fear that they will stumble across this because how can you read when you buff your nails 10 times daily on a weekday and 50 times on the weekend?

They are both people you like: they dress well, smell good, their clothes and accessories are color-coordinated, their nail polish is never chipped and they re-apply their lipstick frequently. It’s like being surrounded by cabin-crew lookalikes all the time. Every hair in place, nose always powdered, wrinkle-free clothes. But put all that effort in one direction and other areas of your life are bound to suffer a bit. But Venus blesses her children with a unique perspective on the world and reality doesn’t bite. Being rightly upbraided by the boss for doing a half-baked job? This is what one of them had to say about it: “As I listen to her, I’m glad I’m dressed so well because then I can look down on her.” But, yes, of course! If you are wearing the exactly right shade of L’Oréal, what does it matter how you’ve mucked up what you’re paid to do? You looked great while doing it, right? Good Lord, what more do people want from one these days?

But I would be doing Libra and Venus an injustice, and we know Libra stands for justice, if I led you to believe that looks are all they care about. They read as well, quite a bit in fact, I was wrong about that before. There’s always reading material lying around when you go to a salon to get a pedicure. How else do you think they know the exact shade of pink to buy this season? Reading, man, it improves the mind. And their minds gets quite a work-out, a warm-up even because of their close affinity to their best friend, the hair dryer.  

Astrologers call Jupiter and Venus the “benefics” because the former bestows good luck and the latter beauty, to name a few of the goodies that… Wait! Put that kitten down! Before you sacrifice it to appease these two, here’s one random piece of information: sometimes, when this happy guy and this pretty lady are batting eyelashes at each other in your nativity, it’s almost certain that you will be afflicted by diabetes. I see that the well-glossed Venus smile is a little dimmer now. Good, it was hurting my eyes.

Dear God, I just realized that today is Friday, a day holy to the goddess Venus. Despite my vituperative tirade, I know it is unwise to call her wrath upon my head. James Hillman, a Jungian psychiatrist, has written an essay titled “Pink Madness” on Aphrodite.  In it he talks about the harm we cause ourselves and the society if we do not honor Venus is our lives. Maybe the heart-shaped clouds are trying to tell me something. Maybe it is a good idea and only fair (thank you, Libra) to reconsider the value the goddess of love and beauty brings to all our lives. A confession: I’m rather susceptible to Venus men. Beauty calms my soul and I say a silent prayer of gratitude wherever I find it: in a man, in nature, in spiffy hotels or in a piece of work well done. In Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal, every time Sam Vimes, Commander of the City Watch, enters his son’s nursery his “world turns pink.” The image invariable makes me smile and softens the edges of my sometimes harsh and frenetic world.  Love, beauty, fairness: we need them all. Every day. Just as we need balance, the lesson that Venus-rules Libra teaches. So, that’s it for now. I gotta go buff my nails!

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Transiting moon is well within conjunction orb of my natal Jupiter and Chiron as I write this. So clearly we’re dealing with hurt feelings and, in my case, I’ve decided to vent them on Jupiter. Fatso natally trines my sun and I’m usually a pretty happy person. But happy, sunny, jovial people have their dark days, too, and this is mine.

If you’ve been into astrology long enough, or even if you’ve gone only a little beyond the basic sun signs, you’ll have heard people oh-and-ah about Jupiter. The Great Benefic, he’s traditionally know as. Really? Did y’all read the fine print? And there’s a lot of fine print, easily missed, when you’re looking at Jupiter. Check this out:

Easy aspects: Do not quit your day job just based on a trine or sextile made by transiting Jupiter. Jupiter transits promote optimism and good feelings. But they don’t help you get off your butt and go out there and achieve something. Jupiter’ll tell you, “You don’t need this grief, babe. Quit your job, hang out with me. We’ll go places, see people. It’ll be fun.” And it will be just as he promises: you’ll have a ball. But, alas, all parties come to an end and so will yours.

Then, the purple-favoring one will wave a cheery goodbye as he goes off to hang out with someone else. And you’ll be left there alone, cleaning the mess that your joint revelries created. Did I also mention that you would be hungover? And broke?

Your best bet with a good transit is to keep your head on your shoulders while enjoying the natural high he brings you. And if he does bless you with unexpected opportunities, and to be fair, he will, then call on Saturn and Mars so that you can make something out of them.

Jupiter or Bonzo?Not-so-easy aspects: The conjunctions and squares are described as harsh or active aspects and if Jupiter is making them natally or by transit, then Bonzo the Happy Clown is no competition for you. ‘Cause you’re funnier than him, louder than him, your jokes are more risqué and the odds that you play are bigger.


Ever notice that “whoo-hoo” rhymes with “boo-hoo”? Now you know why! Two of the people I hang out with most have Jupiter squares and oppositions natally and they’re great fun to be with. But they’re constantly pushing their luck and frequently falling on their butts. They ignore rules and facts and just blithely go their merry way, doing what they want to do. Now, I’m all for be-yourself-do-your-thing-be-happy; but our optimistic duo brush aside reminders that decisions should be tempered with a little dose of Saturnian restraint and homage to ground realities. Without that, people oftentimes make bad decision and attract negative results. So, of late, I’ve found myself shaking my fist at Jupiter as I once again bail these two Jupe babies out of whatever fine mess they’ve landed in.

So the next time Jupiter rolls by promising fun and fortune, don’t forget, he’s a  gas giant. Now you know where the expression “full of hot air” comes from.

Disclaimer: Currently, transiting Jupiter is squaring and opposing this writer’s personal planets. Since it is also retrograde, something she thought looked just great is turning out to be not quite the picnic she expected. So keep that in mind when you read this, especially the part about “hot air.”

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