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I’m tired, tired
Of all human pretences
And, although, it’ll hurt you
I’m even tired of your honest little confidences

I dread it when you come
Knocking on my door
My love, my sympathy
My understanding
I know you want some more

The ring of the phone
Fills me with gloom
It dispels the quiet
The beauty of my doom

It’s not that I dislike you
It’s just that my spirit needs some rest
Give me some time alone
Is my passive-aggressive behest

I know you are filled with sadness
Bereft of hope and wounded in love
But help me God and the Heavens above
I’ve just about had enough

So for a while, I’m going to hide here
Maybe go on an emotional ride here
And cry me some glad tears
And take out and look at
My own very ordinary fears

And there in the blessed aloneness of my being
In that space that is just me
Where many things can come alive and be
If then you reach out
Without a hook, without a vortex of want
 A telepathic link, a gentle friendly shout
We can share a cup of tea
And laugh at what the fuss was all about.

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