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Pisces retreats

Me, I’m going deeper in
Going back to places I’ve been

Me, I’m gonna look at the smoke
And see what images it evokes

Me, I’m gonna do some crying
It’s been no use, all this trying

Me, I’m gonna chant me a Vishnu mantra
Though, I confess, I don’t know any tantra.

Me, I’m gonna find some peace
Give this life a new lease

Me, I’m going to dress in white
And do things I believe are right

Me, I’m going to write a song
And I’ll sing it all day long

Me, I’m gonna just let go
And for once move with Destiny’s flow

Me, I know now in my heart:
Sometimes we’re together, sometimes apart

Me, I’m bound for a distant sky
There I’ll find my searched-for high

Me, I’m waving goodbye
I’m parting with many-a-sigh

Me, I’m leaving a forwarding address
In case you have wrongs and want redress.

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I’m going to write you a verse
Don’t frown so, darling,
It could have been much worse.

As you try and take on the universe
Don’t be hasty and don’t go forgetting
That many who know say it’s a multi-verse.

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