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They’re very ordinary sorrows
That mark my todays and tomorrows

Some pain must befall us all
There’s nothing you or I can do
Short of asking time to stall

I watch the scudding clouds
Sometimes white and sometimes grey
And in my darkest hour
Console myself with the promise that I’ll pray

There are some things no one can fix
Sometimes I wonder
How hope and doubt in us mix

I’m not asking you to be kind
I know you have your own sorrow
And can do without mine to borrow

The hardest thing I find to share
Is the unrelieved grey of pain
If I talk about it, do I count that as a gain?

So in this instance, I will refrain
We will wear ours social masks
And faithfully perform our daily tasks

After all, not everything has to be revealed
And some things fester less when concealed.

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Pisces retreats

Me, I’m going deeper in
Going back to places I’ve been

Me, I’m gonna look at the smoke
And see what images it evokes

Me, I’m gonna do some crying
It’s been no use, all this trying

Me, I’m gonna chant me a Vishnu mantra
Though, I confess, I don’t know any tantra.

Me, I’m gonna find some peace
Give this life a new lease

Me, I’m going to dress in white
And do things I believe are right

Me, I’m going to write a song
And I’ll sing it all day long

Me, I’m gonna just let go
And for once move with Destiny’s flow

Me, I know now in my heart:
Sometimes we’re together, sometimes apart

Me, I’m bound for a distant sky
There I’ll find my searched-for high

Me, I’m waving goodbye
I’m parting with many-a-sigh

Me, I’m leaving a forwarding address
In case you have wrongs and want redress.

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I’m going to write you a verse
Don’t frown so, darling,
It could have been much worse.

As you try and take on the universe
Don’t be hasty and don’t go forgetting
That many who know say it’s a multi-verse.

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In losing you, I turned around
And looked for solace
Looked for peace

I looked at sunsets longer
And admired the colors
For about five minutes, then I got bored.

At the beach, I lingered nearer the shore
To feel the ocean spray on my face
And came home with tangled hair, I hated that.

I lit incense sticks
Let the smoke swirl around me
Then my allergies kicked in.

I walked the dog more often
Walked him longer
He hated that, he just wanted to go home.

I looked into people’s eyes
Instead of just looking at them
It creeped everyone out.

I went looking for answers
Spent hours surfing the Net
And got addicted to gaming.

I tried my hand at poetry
But since “love” doesn’t rhyme with much
I gave up on that kind of verse.

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Behold! Here are the darker shades of love
Here there is no harmony
Blanketed by the wings of a dove.

Here there is concentrated hate
Potently, poetically mixed
With this flagrant need to mate.

Here there is the desire to give pain
To hurt, to rent , to tear, to scratch
And then count every wound given a gain.

Here there is a roaring rage
I’m quite surprised
It’s not burning up this page!

Here there is the nothingness of grief
It was so little joy
Not even the memories bring relief.

Here is the rot of passion gone bad
Look closely and you will see
Beneath the mask, a face that is so sad.

Here is the madness that wants to kill
Shattered and shattering
A bitter destiny to fulfill.

Here is the dark moonless night of the heart
Alone, lonely shadow: it wanders in circles
Without an end, without a start.

We will leave it now with this, this our blessing,
And as we go away, we go away gently hoping
That it found some comfort in its anguished confessing.

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I love talking to you
When over one last drink, you tell me,
That love and beauty can’t be dissected
And I tell you thoughts are things.

Over my favorite bowl of soup
While you bemoan your Faustian failures
And I relate my endless despairs
I love talking to you.

I love talking to you
Over the last shared cigarette
Before we go to bed
And let sleep “knit up the raveled sleeve of care.”

Over endless cups of tea
While we separately investigate our universes
Sometimes going parallel, and sometimes clashing in the middle
I love talking to you.

I love talking to you
Whenever we meet again
After a day, a week, an hour
Whenever we find ourselves together again.

On the phone, on the Net
Whether it’s earth-shaking news
Or just a random shared fact
I love talking to you.

I’d rather be with you
Passionately arguing a small point of thought
Than with another more congenially-minded companion
Because the heart of the matter is, my dear,
That I love talking to you.

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My natal Uranus is sorely afflicted, you see
I understand why you can’t keep loving me

My hair’s messy and my mind’s always humming
So I don’t always hear the notes you’re strumming

I would like to be like you: safe and sound
But I can’t forget about the wonders to be found

At times, I can’t be earth-bound, I look to the sky
I’ve got to figure this thing out, answer every why

You don’t have to tell me, I know you’re leaving
And I maybe a wild ol’ Uranian, but I’m still grieving.



Note for myself: Written when the Moon was 22 degree of Aquarius.

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Sometimes Saturn casts
Its coming shadow on me
Prognosticating sorrows I know
Will eventually befall me.

And Uranus doesn’t let up
He rifts and rives my soul
Tears me away from the known
And plunks me on an alien shore
Where I find myself all alone.

Neptune also plays his invidious part
I can no longer tell who lies
Is it me or it is you?
And is there anything
Such as a universal truth?

I’m sitting here with a bowed head
And folded hands
Submitting to Pluto’s volcanic passions
As he rolls over me
Crushing me into the dirt
The rubble
The evil that is humanity

And I take it
Faith like a steady flame in my heart
My spirit buffeted but not broken
My heart bruised but still beating
Very much the child of Sun and Jupiter
Who trine
Because once, long ago,
When you loved me
You blessed my soul.

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I was charmed, my dark lord,
By your armor, by your sword.

Your need to always be armed 
Caught my fancy, had me disarmed.

I was much taken by your unsmiling face:
It had no expression that I could trace.

Swept away by your mystery
Long I wondered about your history.

And was rewarded by the few times you let me peek
Beneath the thick layers of reserve you keep.

But divining the beauty of your soul: so stark!
Has left forever on my heart your indelible mark.

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I’m just standing here quietly,
Watching the dust settle down.
If you wanted to know,
this is what I’m doing:
I’m standing quietly
with everything lying shattered around me.

I’m not crying now.
I cried before when I thought
it was going to shatter,
to collapse in a heap.

Now I’m just picking my way
through the rubble.
There, in running colors,
lies my dream.
Here, shattered like terracotta,
lies my wish.

No point collecting souvenirs.
It would be ghoulish,
like collecting souvenirs
outside an old concentration camp.

I’ll just sweep it all in a neat pile
and throw it on the rubbish heap.
It will be removed soon enough,
leaving the earth bare, clean.

Oh! What is this?
Oh! How sweet, how dear:
a piece of my heart.
I think I’ll take this,
I’ll reclaim it, the poor dear!

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