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NR: Good to see you. Please sit down. You know, it wasn’t easy to get in touch with you. You have one tough secretary.

Saturn: One of the things I’m in charge of is boundaries. As someone who works for my best interests, it’s my secretary’s job to maintain those boundaries.

NR: But doesn’t that distance you from others?

Saturn: Yes, that’s the idea. It filters out whatever is a waste of time.

NR: You look tired, do you want to do this another day?

Saturn: It’s been very busy. Let’s do it now and get it over with. I want to cross it off from my list of tasks.

NR: That works for me. As I told you before, I wanted to interview you today about your transit through the seventh house.

Saturn: What do you want to know? I don’t have a lot of time.

NR: You sound rather brusque. Let’s start with that. What’s with the brusqueness? It’s making you very unpopular in some quarters.

Saturn: My job is to get things done, not to win popularity contests.

NR: Everyone applauds your dedication to taking care of things. But, surely, you could chill out a bit instead of always being so business-like? It would probably make your encounters with others more pleasant.

Saturn: I don’t know about “chilling out” but I always follow the correct protocol in my dealings with people. If that is not sufficient for someone, then they are probably immature. I have no patience with people like that.

NR: Surely you can give them a break? Not everyone can be as focused or mature as you.

Saturn: It’s a tough, competitive and demanding world and if you want to survive, you need to grow up and act your age. People who snivel about things really annoy me. Instead of whining, you need to be out there fixing problems; not wasting everyone’s time by pointless complaining.

NR: Some people would say that’s a pretty harsh attitude. Aren’t you afraid that when your time comes, you will meet with the same response?

Saturn: I’m not banking on others’ sympathy to bail me out when times get tough. I’m working hard now to secure the future.

NR: Okay, moving on, a lot of people wanted to know about this one. Does Saturn transiting in one’s seventh house lead to divorce?

Saturn: Not always. A bad marriage usually ends during this time. But that’s because it’s been floundering for a while. And at this point, people decide to end something that hasn’t been working for a while. But even a good marriage can become an area you need to work on. It may have sprung a few leaks. So you patch those leaks and it’s good as new. In fact, it’s better. Because during this transit, you’ll learn that a marriage also needs effort to maintain and requires that you invest time and resources in it if it’s to stay healthy. That requires sacrifice. Some people decide that their marriage or current relationship is not worth that kind of effort and end it. Others become conscious of the fact that they want to keep their relationship alive because of the good in it and are willing to work to keep it afloat.

NR: Wow. I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing that. I’m sure many of us are relived to hear it.

Saturn: Anything else?

NR: Yes. I did a little research before our interview and I heard that some of your friends are complaining about your standoffishness.

Saturn: In the seventh, I give a lot of thought to relationships. Ones that are based on mutual affection and reciprocity work well. But we all acquire connections where there is no mutual affection. Or worse, connections that are parasitic.

NR: Parasitic? Would you please elaborate on that?

Saturn: You ever have a “friend” who only got in touch with you when they wanted something from you?

NR: Oh, I see. So you just ignore these people if they come knocking on your door?

Saturn: Look at it this way: this transit will at some point square the IC and the MC. So you’re looking at a person who has a lot of responsibilities at home and in their workplace. These become areas of priority requiring a lot of focus and hard work. So here you have a very busy person who has very little time and energy to spare. If they value themselves and are discriminating, they will not want to invest themselves in people who are out to use them.

NR: You’re saying your friends are siphoning off your time and energy?

Saturn: No, my friends are people I gladly share with. In fact, my relationships with them have improved. I am disengaging, but it is from people who only seek me out when they need something from me, who are not there for me when I need them, or people for whom I have no true affection.

NR: Okay, I’m done with my questions. Any parting words for people who have Saturn transiting their seventh house right now or will have it soon?

Saturn: Focus on what needs to be done in your home or at work and do it. Eventually, your hard work will pay off in terms of success at work and a stable home. Examine your relationships and if you find some are not working out, either fix them or end them. Where others are concerned, don’t make promises you can’t keep. You have enough on your plate. So if you want to do justice to it, invest your resources in areas where your duty lies.

NR: Thanks, that’s good advice. As you know, I’m a big fan of yours and everything you’ve said only reaffirms my good opinion of you.

Saturn: I know. That’s why I agreed to do this interview. Good PR.

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