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Grounded by Saturn!

This morning, I deleted my Twitter account and temporarily deactivated my Facebook account. Perhaps, it’s related to the mid-January eclipse that fell in my 11th house and made hard aspects all over my chart.

Of course, the Facebook deactivation is temporary. FB is such a wonderful resource and I’ve met so many astrologers because of it. One of them is Dr. John P. O’Grady. You might want to check out some of his astrological writing here.

It was from Dr. O’Grady that I learnt about the Timaeus software. This is what the website says about it, “This program monitors the sky for changing astrological conditions and reports your ‘daily horoscope’ based upon aspects to natal positions.  It is also capable of sounding audible alerts when a planet/degree crosses an angle.  It displays the current planetary hour glyph in the system tray.  Timaeus is a ‘real time’ monitor of astrological events, but can be used to research future or past dates.” What I like best about it is the real time chart I have access to at the click of a button. I’ve downloaded the 30 day trial version and it’s pretty cool. I will eventually want to buy it, but I just bought Solar Fire, three e-books from Donna Cunningham and donated to one of my favorite astrology blogs, so I’m calling it a halt for this month.

Saturn's apprentice

Saturn's apprentice

Among other things, the eclipse opposed my Saturn and activated a natal T-Sqaure. Saturn is a demanding taskmaster, you know. He’s been on my case about my flitting about on Facebook and Twitter and not doing any real work. Can’t argue with him when he’s right: so for the next few weeks, I’ll be getting my act together, hitting the books and hopefully, doing some more writing. I want to do a review of Michael Lutin’s excellent book, SunShines, a post on Alice in Wonderland to please a Gemini friend and, of course, write about the Venus ingress into Pisces for NeptuneCafe.

And then, perhaps, as a reward for my good behavior, I’ll be allowed my Facebook privileges again!

P.S. ::Writtern many days later:: I caved in and reactivated my FB account. The event chart showed 3 degrees of Leo on the ASC…

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Sometimes Saturn casts
Its coming shadow on me
Prognosticating sorrows I know
Will eventually befall me.

And Uranus doesn’t let up
He rifts and rives my soul
Tears me away from the known
And plunks me on an alien shore
Where I find myself all alone.

Neptune also plays his invidious part
I can no longer tell who lies
Is it me or it is you?
And is there anything
Such as a universal truth?

I’m sitting here with a bowed head
And folded hands
Submitting to Pluto’s volcanic passions
As he rolls over me
Crushing me into the dirt
The rubble
The evil that is humanity

And I take it
Faith like a steady flame in my heart
My spirit buffeted but not broken
My heart bruised but still beating
Very much the child of Sun and Jupiter
Who trine
Because once, long ago,
When you loved me
You blessed my soul.

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Scene 1: The world waits with baited breath for the Uranus Retrograde on 1-July-2009 and Saturn, editor-in-chief, call in Mercury.

Saturn: You wanted to do a piece on Uranus, right? Well, it’s stationing ready to go retrograde tomorrow. Go get a story. 

Mercury: Yeah, Chief, right. I’ve been thinking about Uranus a lot. Also the Moon, I mean the Sun’s in Cancer and the time’s ripe for… 

Saturn: Stop waving your hands like that, it’s giving me a headache. What do you mean, the Moon? I called you in here to talk about Uranus. It’s big news right now and we need the blog hits.

Mercury: Blog hits, right! I was looking at the stats and… *knocks over the inkstand in his excitement*

Saturn: Out! This minute! And I want the story in today!


 Scene 2:  Mercury is sharpening pencils, talking to his office buddies, checking his e-mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts while searching online for Uranus’s current address.

Venus: So why did the Big Guy call you in? He’s so hot. Power is such an aphrodisiac. *sighs*

Mercury: Mr. I’ve-got-a-steel-rod-up-my-you-know-what wants a story on Uranus. Uranus, I tell you! Hey! Did anyone ever notice “Uranus” can be broken into “your anus?”

*Pluto, who’s been brooding quietly at his computer screen, looks up at this, his eyes shining with a dark light*

Mars: *leering at Venus* Give it to me, baby! 

Mercury: I need to do this today! Anyone know where Uranus is? Guys, just focus for a minute!

Moon: *hurt* Why are you yelling? It’s upsetting. 

Chiron: Here, sweetie, sniff my lavender handkerchief, you’ll feel better.

Sun: The Uranus retro is a headlines story right now. Why’d he ask you to do it? *glowers jealously at Mercury*

Neptune: *trails in wafting Chanel No. 5 and lavender chiffon* Hi, darlings. What a lovely day! The sun is out, the breeze is blowing and I’ve been having the most far-out dreams. In fact, I was just telling Uranus…

Mercury: Uranus? You know where he is?

Neptune: Why, certainly, darling. We’re in mutual reception at the moment, you know.

Mercury takes the address, gathers his pencils, his Dictaphone and rushes out of the door.


Scene 3: Uranus’ study-laboratory. Mercury is sitting perched on the edge of a chair over-flowing with books, papers and a house-cat. His host is busy running numbers on his computer and dashing around the room connecting various mysterious devices into plug-points.

Mercury: So, thanks for seeing me. I know you’re busy and all…

There’s a minor explosion from one of the devises, Mercury jumps. The cat sleeps on undisturbed.

Uranus: Damn! Gave it too much juice! Double damn!

Mercury: It must be because of the station. I was reading how stationing planets become very powerful.

Uranus is not listening; he is too busy trying to prevent a fire from breaking out in his house. Mercury takes out his Dictaphone and starts following Uranus around the room.

Mercury: So, like I told you over the phone, my editor wants me to do a piece on you and I was wondering if you could tell me what you’re doing with all these gizmos right now. *shoves the mike under Uranus’ nose*

Uranus: *blinks at the mike and notices the bright-eyed reporter for the first time* By thunder! Where did you spring from?

Mercury: *undaunted* I’m doing a story on you, remember? So what you upto here?

Uranus: THE IDEA: About 10:45 PM Calgary, Canada

Take note of that. I’m too busy right now to stop and explain, but…

I think I’ve had a moment of utter brilliance, and it is no mistake that you are here for it.

I believe I’ve just had a gigantic intuitive leap (backed by logic). I think I’ve figured out a very cunning way to benefit you, to (potentially greatly) benefit myself, and generally raise the good karma level for all of us. All with a simple series of actions.

Expect to see the first results on your end Friday. Goodbye! **

Mercury: Okay, got that. I need more information on…

Uranus: Can’t now. Busy! Busy!

There’s another explosion. So loud that even the Uranus-immune cat wakes up. Seeing that he has lost his host’s attention, Mercury stuffs the Dictaphone back into his bag and sees himself out muttering under his breath about weird Uranian types and hardnosed Saturn-ruled editors.  


Scene 4: Mercury is back in office and frantically reading Erin Sullivan’s Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape when his phone rings:

Mercury: *while still reading the book* Yeah, ‘sup?

Saturn: I hope the article’s ready. I want to take a look at it before it goes to the press. You have 15 minutes.

Mercury: Yeah, it’s all done. I was just checking for typos and… *Saturn’s disconnected the call*

Mercury thumbs through the rest of the book, switches on the Dictaphone, starts typing while simultaneously calling Jupiter to see if they’re still meeting in the evening for a drink. Fifteen minutes later, in Saturn’s office:

Saturn: Odd. Very odd. What’s the big surprise he’s talking about?   

Mercury: We’ll find out Friday, sir.

Saturn: Hmm. Make sure you cover that story. See if you can get an exclusive.

The scene fades with Saturn anticipating being the first to break the story and raking in the hits, and the exhausted Mercury nodding in distracted agreement.


**Input on the Uranus state-of-mind from Matthew Currie.

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As a teenager, I was in love with Pluto. Dark, mysterious, moody: easy to fall in love with, easy to romanticize. I read and re-read Linda Goodman’s chapter on Scorpio and dreamed… Inevitably then, like an iron filing to a magnet, I fell in love with a strongly Plutonic type and had my heart broken. Eventually, I married a Scorpio sun with a stellium in the sign of the eagle. So, as you can see, I have nothing against Pluto; moreover, I can still see his appeal. But wait a minute! This post isn’t about Pluto!

Isn’t that just typical, though? Saturn got ignored again, and let’s face it, Pluto is hard to ignore. But that’s the thing with Saturn; you can’t ignore him for long. Because now, a decade and a half after being smitten by Pluto, if you asked me who the hottest guy in the solar system is, the goat would win hands down. I fell for Saturn gradually, slowly, over a period of time. But having fallen for him, I know this one’s a keeper.

When I look back over the past few years I note that I’m past my first Saturn return, that I survived his transit over my sun, Mercury and Venus; and I’m still staying put even though he’s been passing back and forth over my descendant this year. It must be this unwitting propinquity that made me see beyond the harshness attributed to the ringed-one and look for the good.


And there is a lot of good: you’ll go thorough boot-camp, no doubt; but, hey, who says you have to moan about it? Give in, surrender, obey. Because when you graduate, you will be an adult. And no matter what people say about childhood being the best time of our lives, I love being an adult: the responsibilities that you shoulder are the ones you chose, the limits that govern you are the ones you define and the liberation that your hard work wins for you is completely your own.

Don’t believe everything you read about goats as being stuffy: okay, so they might be when they are kids. But as they age, their dry wit can have you howling with laughter. My younger Cappy brother, who spent his childhood frowning at the antics of his fire sign siblings is now a successful (naturally) banker. This yesteryear wet-blanket is now a psychological rock for his more volatile sibs. He still frowns at our antics, but we forgive him that, because when we need advice we can trust and use, we turn to him. One of my most loyal friends is a girl goat who will always have a piece of my heart. And recently I met a dyed-in-wool Cappy man, who despite his lack of a social smile, proved to be one of the most fun people to hang out with.

So if you are single and looking for a star to hitch your wagon on, you can’t go wrong with Saturn. You may miss out on the outrageous antics of sun, Mars and Jupiter and you may have to forego Pluto’s mysteries, but if what you want is real and true and stable and lasting, you can’t go wrong if you fall for a goat.

 Sometimes we just need to be reminded that if we embrace Saturn and his lessons and limitations, we will, of a surety, reap the rewards of enduring success and the kind of freedom that only comes after we’ve paid our dues.

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