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It’s a day after transiting Sun went over Saturn in Scorpio. How did you feel? I remember reading that this transit would give us good idea of how Saturn’s passage in the sign of the Scorpion was going to be like. While no transit of Saturn is ever a party, in this sign it is going to feel intense. Of course. The next two years or so also have the north node passing through Scorpio and if your natal north node is there, you’re up for your nodal return.  A life changing transit this. But more on this Saturn transit and the nodal returns later. Those are posts in themselves.

On a (questionably) lighter note, I just saw the trailer for the new Bond movie: Skyfall. It was first released in the UK on 23 Oct 2012, the day the Sun swam into the deep still waters of Scorpio. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but the trailer dialogues are very Scorpionic:

M: Where the hell have you been?

Bond: Enjoying death. (more…)

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A Small Scorpio Journey

Beloved Dotty (Pic by Ria Ray)

I’m in a little village at the foothills of the Himalayas right now. I cannot tell you how lovely it is here. The mountains radiate calm and serenity. The air is clean and perfumed. The pine trees are tall, dark and perfect. I’ve been here for about two weeks and all I’ve done is brood over death and loss and decay.

The new moon in Scorpio was in my eighth and the themes of this sign and house permeated this time for me. Perhaps not surprisingly because we came here to visit family and found illness, old age, a wounded beloved dog and vandalism to the place my husband calls home. But even before that, even before travelling, I worried about the safety of the cat I was leaving behind, my parents who are abroad, our journey through the mountain roads.   (more…)

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I’m going to write you a verse
Don’t frown so, darling,
It could have been much worse.

As you try and take on the universe
Don’t be hasty and don’t go forgetting
That many who know say it’s a multi-verse.

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I was charmed, my dark lord,
By your armor, by your sword.

Your need to always be armed 
Caught my fancy, had me disarmed.

I was much taken by your unsmiling face:
It had no expression that I could trace.

Swept away by your mystery
Long I wondered about your history.

And was rewarded by the few times you let me peek
Beneath the thick layers of reserve you keep.

But divining the beauty of your soul: so stark!
Has left forever on my heart your indelible mark.

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