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I’ve been saying for years, without thinking much about it, that I’m always surrounded by by Cancerians. Best friend in school, best friend in college. And it’s not just Cancer suns. My husband has a Cancer ascendant and so do two of my closest friends at work. Makes you wonder what’s going on, especially since I have Saturn in Cancer. Saturn makes for lasting bonds, yes. But you have “bonds” and then you have “bondage.” Ask my husband. 

I was reading Julie Demboski’s Receiving Venus: Someone Else’s Venus in your Natal Chart last evening, and this led me to realize that as a Leo sun, I represent the second house of material benefit and things we value for the Crabs. Then, suddenly, it made sense: they obtain some tangible gain by associating with me. Which is great for the Crabs but it does dent my Leo ego. But it’s the way of life, and Virgos can very well say the same of Leo suns and Leo ascendants, Librans of Virgo suns and Virgo ascendants and Scorpios of…you get the picture. 

So when you are doing synastry readings, you might want to look at where one person’s planets fall in the other person’s chart. For more details, check out Michael McClain’s Synastry – Planets in the Partner’s Houses.

P.S.: I just noticed, a few hours after writing this, that today is the summer solstice and that sun just entered Cancer. And my fave rave Crab friend just called to say she is coming over.  Don’t you just love synchronicity?

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