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Here Comes the Sun

I am the Sun. It is the heat generated in my core that makes all life possible. It is my light that makes this world and other worlds visible to you. I am all pervasive, visible to all; and even the blind who do not have sight feel my warmth on their face. When my heart collapses and my end comes, so will yours: my death is your death. I burn with a splendid fire and my power is so strong that planets pay their homage to me by spinning around me. I need no borrowed power, the energies of creation burn within me. I need no borrowed light, I am the light.

It is no coincidence that the Sun is exalted in Aries, a sign whose sacred words are “I am.” It takes great courage to announce who you are and there is nothing riskier than displaying your true self because rejection then can become a mortal blow to the soul. But once you announce who are, once you take a stand, then everything else falls into place. The world reorients itself around you and you see who your true allies are, and those who are your foes and what you need to do becomes clear. (more…)

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I still remember, when as a young cub of about 14, I was handed my first Linda Goodman. I devoured the book and fell in love: with the intensity of Scorpio, the zaniness of Aquarius, the fay-ness of Pisces and the stability and sensuality of Taurus. Thus began my love affair with the water and the earth signs. I wished I was one of them. My Leo sun left me unimpressed, as did the other two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius.

But now in my thirties, when life is real and earnest and the world demands too much and hesitates in returning the favor, I’ve finally fallen, deeply and irrevocably, for fire. Because fire signs are givers. You don’t have to ask, by just being around them, you will go home with your cup full: of faith, of energy, of hope. In the astrological world, I found it in the sheer enthusiasm and openness of GlowStick and David Rowan (both Sun in Aries), the warmth and affection of April Elliott Kent (Sun in Leo), Annie Heese and Jeremy Neal (both Jupiter in Leo) and the tireless good humor and cheerful wisdom of Matthew Currie (Sun in Sagittarius).

If the New Agers are right, we are what we think. And if you are anything like me, how you think is influenced by what you read. So, I’ve been wanting to write a little about the fire signs because I can’t say I’ve found anything that’s quite pleased me when it comes to telling one about the Aries, Leos and Sagittarius essence. But first, Leo. Partly because my sun is in Leo and partly because the transiting sun is lighting up this part of the zodiac right now.

What have you read about Leo? Sun-ruled, fixed sign. Arrogant, proud, likes shiny things, stubborn, loyal, wise, loving. It’s always sounded a little flat to me. And boring. I was discussing this with my Sun in Leo friend Art Grant. And he said, “You’d think that love would be very much associated with Venus, but that’s what we RECEIVE if you really get down to it, and the Sun through the sign Leo GIVES…” While I don’t know very much about the astrological nuances of Venus and love, I do know that no other sign has the power to bring light and fun and joy into our lives like Leo does. Forget their grand and extravagant gestures; they can do it with small, ordinary actions that other adults wouldn’t even think of. I know a Leo who recently went around her office handing candy to everyone. It lighted up every single care-worn adult face. When asked why she was doing it, she laughed and said, “Happy to be alive.” There’s another one who loves balloons and buys a lot of helium-filled ones to share with the neighborhood kids. It costs nothing but it sure thrills the kids. For me, these examples typify the Leo joy in being alive and sharing that joy with others.   

If there are any Leos reading this and life has got you down a bit and you’re feeling a little blue and unappreciated, this is what Linda Goodman says about your ruler, “No one, not even Pluto, has the sheer life-giving energy of the Sun.” There it is again, the word “give.” So if you aren’t getting the praise, kudos and love you want or deserve, it might help to see what you’re giving, instead of frowning at what you’re receiving. The song says, “Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could…” You need to start with the giving and the Universal Law of attraction will multiply that three times and return your gift to you reflected in the eyes of people whose lives you’ve brightened up. 

And if you have a Leo in your life and want to keep them there, you’d do well to remember that they really need your sincere praise and affection. For Leo, if you love them, you have to demonstrate that love. By words, by deeds. Over-the-top gestures and compliments are very welcome. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money on them. A Leo living out its positive side is hard-working and creative and doesn’t need your money. They do need your love, though. Every day. And they need that love expressed.

Wordless soul communion is okay for the water signs. Providing a safe haven by maintaining material security will keep the earth signs happy. The air will derive joy from shared mental pursuits and conversations. But you have to feed this fire sign if you want its flame to keep you warm in a cold world. Don’t go running to the gourmet store, that’s not what I meant. Although, come to think of it, if you’re going to get them their favorite cheese and bottle of wine and when they come home, tell them, “This is for you. No special occasion, just because I love you and I wanted to show you how much,” you’ll reignite the light in their eyes. And you do need to keep the Leo light burning because this jaded, dark world needs it so very much.

Expressed most positively, as an affirmation of the self that’s free of all need, The Sun Never Says by Hafiz of Shiraz captures the Leo essence beautifully:


Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth,

“You owe me.”

Look what happens with a love like that,

It lights up the whole Sky.

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