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It can take you a lisun and moonfetime to truly understand a person or, for that matter, explore your own inner depths. Human beings are complex creatures with multiple, and sometimes contradictory, needs and drives. For me, the biggest draw of astrology has always been psychological profiling (my Moon is in Scorpio, dahlin’).

If you’ve been playing around with sun signs for a while, chances are, you’ve been pleasantly surprised with their accuracy. But you’ll also have found that sun signs are not quite enough to understand another person. Well, of course they’re not! And astrologers have been yelling about this till they’re hoarse. Nothing quite beats a complete chart analysis. But even there, you have to start somewhere. Two of the most important energy signatures in a chart are the signs in which a person’s Sun and Moon are located. Matthew Currie’s book The Sun And Moon: Yin And Yang, And How You Do Your Thang delineates personality types according to both the Sun and the Moon signs. 

Matthew says, “The Sun represents your ‘life spark,’ and just like the Sun’s role at the center Matt_nof the Solar System, everything else about your personality would fly off into deep space without it.” He goes on to add, “When people complain that others don’t know ‘the real me,’ they are probably referring to their Moon. Your Moon is how you react to your world on an instinctual level, before things like language and social roles get in the way. The Moon is also the place where you are most likely to store any and all of your childhood emotional issues.”

So, once you get a handle of these basics, you can move on to other more detailed astrological nuances. But if your basics are not clear, then you’ll find yourself forever floundering in shallow waters unable to enter the deep knowing that astrology bestows upon its learners.

I really enjoyed Matthew’s book: it teaches you what you need to know with a dash of humor thus making learning a fun thing. And more than that, it’s good to see contemporary astrologers revisiting these topics. Many others in the past have written about it, but we’re living in a fast-paced society, and astrology needs to keep up with our changing lingos and points-of-reference.  Matthew’s book not only does this but also gives you a lot to take away. As he says, “This book will help you understand the basic nature of the Sun and Moon in each sign. And, in one easy step, you will have expanded your astrological understanding of people from twelve basic types, to twelve times twelve… one hundred and forty-four basic personality types.”

If you want a copy of the book, or even a chart reading done, you can get more information here


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