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Too much, I think is made of “never giving up.” Do we stop and ask ourselves is this goal worth pursuing? Is it for my highest good? I have a lot of fixity in my chart and it’s well-nigh impossible for me to give up. But, of late, I’ve been considering the emotional cost of pursuing some things. And that has made me learn the fine art of giving up. It must be the strong Neptune in my chart: It has taught me the power and wisdom of surrender.

I’m not talking about a weak-willed, “Oh, this is too tough, let me give up” attitude. What am I talking about? Gosh, Neptune is making it difficult for me to find the right words. So I’m going to call on Mercury in Virgo as an antidote and explain with an example. Take unrequited love (all you people with Neptune aspecting your Venus will get this one): He’s just not that into you. Give up already. And if it’s still not working, listen to Elsa P. of http://www.elsaelsa.com talking about it in her direct and honest way. Hope it helps:


I just spoke to a friend grieving over this man who just won’t love her back and, today, to address the power that comes from giving up and embracing Neptune’s wisdom, I wrote this:

On Giving Up 

I gave up on happiness
And found peace

I gave up on your love
And found the love inside of me

I gave up on success
And found it followed me

I gave up on control
And won cooperation all around me

I gave up on manipulation
And found that truth works just fine

I gave up on hubris
And the Universe started teaching me

I gave up on irresponsibility
And found doing my duty sets me free.

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