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Touching someone's heart or looking into their soul is sacred. Do it with care and reverence.

Because I’m awfully lucky, I have a copy of Richard Idemon’s Through the Looking Glass: A Search for the Self in the Mirror of Relationships. The book is a transcript of a week-long seminar that Richard did and it has been edited into a book by another person I love to read, Howard Sasportas. In fact, it is the transcripts of seminars that Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene did that I really love more than the books either one of them wrote individually. Astrologers, all three of them, but also psychologists. And great minds. We owe them a lot.

There is so much treasure in Through a Looking Glass. The chapter on love where Richard talks about the four concepts of love that the Greek knew is something we all need to read and understand. Don’t they say that to understand all is to forgive all? Well, I think understanding also leads to the beginning of self-healing and I’d recommend this book just for that.

When I started my relationships’ classes with Dawn, one of the first things she taught was to look at the missing element or modality in a person’s chart because they will be strongly drawn to people who have what they are missing. Any good astrologer will tell you that before you do either prediction or synastry, you should look at the person’s chart and understand it well. Transits, progressions and synastry don’t happen in a discrete units, they interact with the chart and you have to read them like that. Which is why I don’t do readings: it’s too much work.

To get back to the point, Richard says the same thing: look at the chart, look at the dominant function, the inferior function, the singletons and which aspects predominate. By function he meant: element, modality, signs, house orientation and yin-yang balance. Look at that you’ll have a fairly good idea of the areas where someone over-compensates, represses and projects onto the other. Projects and draws them into their ambit. (more…)

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I want to unravel
And un-spool
At your feet

And lie there
For a while

And then knit me
Back again
Hold me together

Read more on IC/MC conjunctions in synastry: 


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I don’t think of her at all
Except sometimes a painting will remind me
That she loves Magritte
But I don’t think of her at all

I never loved her at all
Except sometimes in the quiet of the night
I keenly miss her calls
But I never loved her at all

She never meant much to me at all
And this restlessness I feel
Has nothing to with her after all
‘Cause she never meant much to me at all

She never was the one for me at all
Too flighty, too stubborn, too flaky
I’m finally well rid of her, y’all
‘Cause she never was the one for me after all.

For more on nodes and synastry, please see this: https://astrologyexpressed.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/nodes-in-synastry/

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I love talking to you
When over one last drink, you tell me,
That love and beauty can’t be dissected
And I tell you thoughts are things.

Over my favorite bowl of soup
While you bemoan your Faustian failures
And I relate my endless despairs
I love talking to you.

I love talking to you
Over the last shared cigarette
Before we go to bed
And let sleep “knit up the raveled sleeve of care.”

Over endless cups of tea
While we separately investigate our universes
Sometimes going parallel, and sometimes clashing in the middle
I love talking to you.

I love talking to you
Whenever we meet again
After a day, a week, an hour
Whenever we find ourselves together again.

On the phone, on the Net
Whether it’s earth-shaking news
Or just a random shared fact
I love talking to you.

I’d rather be with you
Passionately arguing a small point of thought
Than with another more congenially-minded companion
Because the heart of the matter is, my dear,
That I love talking to you.

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The gentle breaking of morning every day
The benediction of the evening breeze
The smell of the rain in the air, on the earth
The soaring freedom of a bird in flight
The shade of the trees in a wood
The butterflies in the garden on a drowsy afternoon
The moon and the stars in a clear winter sky

Woodsmoke, rainbows, ocean waves
pebbles on a riverbank

I have loved you like that.

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I was always loving you
if it wasn’t clear in my text
you should have delved deeper
it was shining in the subtext.

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I’ve been saying for years, without thinking much about it, that I’m always surrounded by by Cancerians. Best friend in school, best friend in college. And it’s not just Cancer suns. My husband has a Cancer ascendant and so do two of my closest friends at work. Makes you wonder what’s going on, especially since I have Saturn in Cancer. Saturn makes for lasting bonds, yes. But you have “bonds” and then you have “bondage.” Ask my husband. 

I was reading Julie Demboski’s Receiving Venus: Someone Else’s Venus in your Natal Chart last evening, and this led me to realize that as a Leo sun, I represent the second house of material benefit and things we value for the Crabs. Then, suddenly, it made sense: they obtain some tangible gain by associating with me. Which is great for the Crabs but it does dent my Leo ego. But it’s the way of life, and Virgos can very well say the same of Leo suns and Leo ascendants, Librans of Virgo suns and Virgo ascendants and Scorpios of…you get the picture. 

So when you are doing synastry readings, you might want to look at where one person’s planets fall in the other person’s chart. For more details, check out Michael McClain’s Synastry – Planets in the Partner’s Houses.

P.S.: I just noticed, a few hours after writing this, that today is the summer solstice and that sun just entered Cancer. And my fave rave Crab friend just called to say she is coming over.  Don’t you just love synchronicity?

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