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DISCLAIMER: If you dislike whining or witnessing an orgy of self-lashing, DON’T read this! You’ve been warned!

FeatherdusterI have my natal Sun in the sixth forming a T-Square with Mars in the third opposing Moon in the Ninth. I was discussing this with Matt who describes the sun in a T-Square as “agitated”. He also said, “A happy sixth house Sun is much more likely to do its job well… an agitated one paces and doesn’t sleep and smokes.” Since the sixth house rules service, the daily routine and health, you can imagine how it would feel if it wasn’t doing its job well, or unable to maintain a perfect daily routine or God forbid! indulging in unhealthy habits.

I’m very clear about how I want my life to be. My trusty Virgo Mercury, also in the sixth, helpfully makes lists for me and formulates schedules that, if followed, would make it all possible. Oh yeah, I can have the perfect life with everything in its place, everything done on time and most important of all, everything dust-free! But it would also make me a drudge with no room for spontaneity or indulgence. A perfect life, but would it be worth living?

My idea of beauty is spotless glass. But life is not like that, it’s not crystalline, its amorphous. And dusty! And I’m full of guilt. Because I’m sitting here writing this while there are bookshelves to be dusted, laundry to be put away, emails to be answered, tasks to be crossed off lists. It’s endless. I can’t argue convincingly about the immortality of the soul or existence of true love, but I sure can tell you that things to be done…are perpetual, endless, immortal.

When I was a kid, I loved going around the house dusting every surface I could reach, arranging kitchen jars in neat rows, happily vacuuming carpets. My mom never had to ask me to help, I was eager to make our home as perfect as it could get. I even dusted the leaves of her house-plants! I gave up when I was sixteen because the dust would return, the jars would move into disarray again and the carpets would need another round of vacuuming. The realization that, no matter how hard I tried, I could not get things to stay clean and perfect was the end of my innocence. I still haven’t gotten over it. I’ve “outsourced” as much of the housework as I can. But I still haven’t been able to fully escape the clutches of the “things that must be done” monster.

Raphael says that my cadent Mars “procrastinates.” And, as always, Raphael is right. As he pointed out, my T-Square works hard mentally. I get a high from writing, but if I spot something in my home that needs to be done, then the writing becomes a guilty pleasure. More guilt than pleasure.

I have a friend, Mercury and Venus in Virgo, who manifests the Virgo energy splendidly. From her perfectly applied eyeliner to her strict maintenance of her daily rather punishing schedule, she manifests this energy better than anyone I know. Since she is very picky about how she wants things in her house, she abhors domestic help and does a lot of chores on her own. She also has a full-time job. She gets taut as a stretched wire if her schedule gets slightly disrupted and is prone to falling sick ever so often. This is the dark side of Virgo: becoming a slave to routine, creating a well-ordered life that you don’t enjoy, turning brittle and liable to shatter easily. 

But any energy ill-expressed has a dark side. And before you dismiss Virgo or the importance of the sixth house, have you considered how very essential it is? Think of freshly laundered linen; soft clean cotton sheets; a perfectly written post that has no errors (don’t look at me); sparkling window panes; being in a space that is both clean and neatly arranged, which soothes the senses and the spirit. For creativity to flourish, it needs a crucible of structure to hold it while it gestates and is birthed. Without our daily routines, we are like debris floating on the surface of a chaotic sea. Without the contrast of “work” there is no perception of “reward,” no enjoyment of “pleasures.” And a diseased body is no vehicle for fun and pleasure. 

I’m here today to make my peace with my sixth house destiny, because even as I rant and rave, I know this: In the twelfth, we leave the material behind for the spiritual; but in the sixth, we manifest the spiritual and the sacred as material. In the twelfth, quiet meditation brings peace; but in the sixth, peace comes from living out the fact that cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. 

Let me know what you think. I’ve got to go now, some dusting to do!


Note: Transiting Sun is currently in my sixth and in a few hours will conjunct its natal degree.

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