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We are at the threshold of important changes in energy right now. Jupiter moves into Pisces on Monday, Mercury recently went direct while Saturn went retrograde; and Venus, after a recent conjunction with the solar eclipse in Capricorn, moves into Aquarius on 17 January, 2010.

With my Leo Sun, not unsurprisingly, I have many friends with Venus in Aquarius. Many images flit by in my mind’s eyes as I think of this placement: the young lady with Venus conjunct the Midheaven and trine Pluto who is openly and strongly a feminist, an older friend with a passion for the environment, another one who rarely uses any makeup but has a gamine charm that’s hard to resist. 

What do you expect when the planet that rules love, attraction and aesthetics is in Aquarius? Why, the unusual of course! People with this natal placement do not want to be valued for the run-of-the-mill attributes that everyone else fusses about. They want you to honor them for their unique individuality and their love of humanitarian causes. While it might be wise to primp and preen for other Venus placements, if you want to snag the interest of this one, you’re better off cultivating your mind and keeping abreast of the latest environmental and humanitarian developments. Have you heard people say, “Think globally and act locally?” With these folks you’re better off emphasizing “global.” There is nothing petty or parochial about Aquarius Venus; its interest reaches out and embraces the whole planet.

Now that you know you are dealing with someone whose scope encompasses the world, you will not be surprised if I tell you that they are not looking for a conventional relationship. They think diamond rings and picket fences are all right. All right for other people. Here’s what my friend with Venus in Aquarius squaring Uranus says, “Yeah, attraction to people who are different in various ways, enjoying exchange of ideas, unconcerned with normal beauty standards. People often over-emphasize the ‘needing space’ aspect of Venus in Aquarius, but equally important is the actual attraction to difference. I wouldn’t be happy with space in a relationship with someone who was totally normal/status quo. Men with Venus in Aquarius tend to like unconventional women, and women with the same placement that I’ve met all have strong feminist ideas and unconventional gender expression.”

Another friend with her Venus strongly flavored by Uranus says, “I don’t want to buy a ‘pre-packaged’ program for relationship, like the standard package of marriage. Marriage itself is fine, but I want to define and create its shape and terms, from scratch, with my partner, to suit both of us. I like and need some freedom, I don’t want to be inseparable twins, it would be too smothering! Being inseparable twins can be boring.” While talking about her ideal relationship, she adds that it would allow each person to go off on their own to do their individual thing. And when they reunite, “This would give us new stories to tell each other, new revelations to share. As the song says, ‘How can I miss you when you won’t go away?’” Given all this, it’s not surprising that romantic Uranian relationships are often founded on a strong bedrock of friendship. Friends understand us and allow us to be ourselves more than a lover does.

If this hasn’t dimmed the light of romance in your eyes, then I wish you luck in trying to win the Aquarius Venus’ elusive heart. Elusive they might be and unconventional, but if you like them, then you already know that this is a very special human being. Hang around with them, let them show you the world as they see it: it will open your mind and expand your horizons. Love is indeed a many-splendored thing, and it cannot be captured in a neat little definition.  And why would you want to capture and trap and label and define love? Let these children of Aquarius show you what it can be like to fly with the wind of freedom in your hair as they reach out and create the future that mankind has been waiting for all this time.

Oprah Winfrey, with her Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, is a good example of this energy. Wikipedia tells us that The Oprah Winfrey Show has had daily broadcasts for the past 25 years. It’s an internationally popular show that discusses issues about the human condition. You could say that Oprah is a crusader for humanity. Without a doubt, her work has helped countless people around the world. Her personal life is marked by a long-term relationship without the usual tying of the knot. Nope, not an ordinary woman this. Not in any sense of the word!

Venus moves into the electric and electrifying Aquarius on 17 January, 2010 and stays in the sign of the Water Bearer till 11 February, 2010. I find Venus contacts to the Sun are a great time to have some fun! So, all you Aquarians out there, keep that in mind during this transit. Not only will you shine with a brighter light, but your interest will turn to things like love and beauty. This is always a good time to invest in a new wardrobe or go for a haircut. The results are almost always pleasing.

For the rest of us, the vibe will more about expressing individuality in taste and relationships and less about conformity. So follow your inner drummer and march to your own beat. See? It’s very liberating, very Aquarius! Enjoy it while you can because we hit a potential road block in the last week of January when Venus opposes Mars in Leo. Don’t be surprised if your need to be yourself comes into conflict with someone else’s need for attention. A time for compromise? Why not? That’s better than arguments and outright rebellion. Hang in there because the first weekend of February promises some magic and healing: Venus conjuncts Neptune and Chiron. What is real? What is an illusion? What hurts us? What heals us? These are the questions that we will face during this time. I hope we find workable answers and solutions because the best is yet to be: on 11 February, 2010 the Goddess of love moves into the sign of her exaltation, Pisces.

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Powerful writers shape minds. Subject matter experts lead the way. Donna Cunningham is both. It’s a rare and potent combination; and in the world of astrological writing Ms. Cunningham is right there on the top. Countless number of people have been helped and healed by her words and her insights. Students of astrology devour her books and will continue to do so in the years to come. Printed below, with her permission, is a piece on Uranus from her book Outer Planets as Career Indicators.

Uranus_astrologyPrecocious children have been known to tell their parents, “you’re not the boss of me,” but individuals with Uranus in the career houses of the astrology chart may adopt this as a life-long motto. Some wear it on greasy tee shirts along with other rude sayings, while others deign to wear suits but carry the attitude around in their pockets, ready to whip it out at any challenge.

Brighter than most people around them, typical Uranians easily grow bored and restless, and unless new challenges constantly present themselves, they can create an uproar in the workplace for the sheer excitement of it. Many of them gain the reputation of being mavericks who are unpredictable, erratic, or difficult. Because they’re almost impelled to speak out about things that are wrong, they’re often seen as troublemakers. They question authority and object—none too tactfully—when standard operating procedures on the job are irrational, inequitable, or unjust.

Uranians can have a superiority complex—sometimes even a justified one—but those who cross the line into arrogance are likely to create friction with bosses and coworkers. They inherently feel the rules don’t apply to them, for after all they’re special. Surprisingly often, they get away with it, for they appeal to our too-frequently-suppressed Inner Outlaw, and we live vicariously through their escapades.

Uranians’ resumes tend to be full of mysterious gaps that give job interviewers the willies, and their references tend to be friends or colleagues rather than past employers. They tend to change jobs frequently and suddenly, particularly when bosses clamp down on them.  Transiting Uranus is often the impetus for their vocational shifts, for it increases the restlessness and the need to adhere to their own authority rather than rather than former supervisors. However, they’re seldom jobless for long unless they want to be, because they’re usually so bright at what they do that they dazzle potential employers into ignoring the personnel officer’s “red flags” of warning. (They’re also inventive enough to come up with plausible reasons for their spotty job history.)

Over time, they tend to change careers as well, when they no longer find their old field challenging enough or when technology evolves in interesting new directions. They get bored with what they’re doing and move on. Alternately, the trend changes and their fifteen minutes of fame are up, and they’re back on the path of exploration and experimentation that characterizes their work life.

Who are the Uranians? They’re people who have Uranus or the sign Aquarius strong in their birth charts, especially with strong aspects from Uranus to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven or 8° either side of the Ascendant, Midheaven, IC, or Descendant. These factors are stronger if Uranus aspects a number of the personal planets or is in a major configuration like a t-square or grand trine, or if there is a stellium of three or more planets in the sign Aquarius. Such combinations make them Uranian in nature, but might primarily affect their personal lives. (If you’re new to astrology and don’t understand the technical parts but identify with what has been said so far, chances are you’re Uranian.)

For a direct impact on vocational potential, these placements would generally need to be in the 10th, 2nd, or 6th houses or conjunct, square, opposite, or trine the Midheaven and would also need to be prominent in some of the ways mentioned above. If the chart has only Aquarius on the Midheaven or on the cusp of the 2nd or 6th houses but none of the factors mentioned above, the individual may not fit the picture I am describing. The likelihood of a match increases with the number of these factors in the chart.

About the AuthorDonna Cunningham is an internationally-respected author of books, articles, and columns about astrology, flower essences and other metaphysical topics. Her insights reflect her dual background in astrology and psychotherapy. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University and over 40 years of experience in working with people. Her ebooks can be found at Moon Maven Publications (http://www.moonmavenpublications.com) Visit her blog at http://skywriter.wordpress.com.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

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