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“Do you believe in Astrology? I mean, really believe in that stuff?” How many times have you heard this? If you are reading this note, then this is something you probably live with every day of your life. How do you react? Because along with the mildly curious, there are some who are more than happy to jeer and cut. These reactions have made me keep my enduring interest in astrology hidden from people till I know them better. You would, too, if you were the butt of many jokes as a teenager. But I’m older now and wiser and I’ve given this question, that inevitably pops up, a lot of thought. Not so much the question, but the answer.

Do I believe in it? It’s like asking someone who passionately studies and loves music if they believe in music. It does not compute! Ever since I got my first astrology book about casting a chart, all I’ve wanted to do was learn how to do it. There was never any question of whether I believed in it; I just wanted to learn how!

Recently I decided that I was not going to cross swords over this question. Not engage in a fruitless conversation about, “How can you believe in this stuff?” I read on a blog, recently, that one can look upon the planets as being mirrors of what is happening on earth. Not as causes, but as patterns reflecting events. I liked that, it’s a good answer to give a friendly and curious soul who unwittingly asks this question. As for others, those who attack it, I’ve decided that I am going to leave this battle for other astrologers who know more about astronomy, myths, legends, facts, case studies and have the numbers to build a solid defence.

Just this morning, a young kid I work with asked me the same thing and sure enough my Mars heard the battle cry in his innocent provocation and wanted to punch him in the nose. Saner counsel reigned and the moment passed. I tried out my I-will-be-calm-and-non-con frontational-about-it attitude and all was well.

But it’s hard, isn’t it, to have a passion for something and to have to defend it all the time and be seen a bit (bit? ha!) odd because of it?

Before this descends into an orgy of self-pity, let me get to the point of this post: I got a message this afternoon from someone saying that they got this job that they were so hoping for. So when I got home today (this was written originally on 29-Apr-2009), I looked at the natal chart and the transits. Transiting Venus at 1 degree Aries is currently conjunct the MC which is, you guessed it, 1 degree Aries.

So, do you believe in astrology?

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