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I don’t think of her at all
Except sometimes a painting will remind me
That she loves Magritte
But I don’t think of her at all

I never loved her at all
Except sometimes in the quiet of the night
I keenly miss her calls
But I never loved her at all

She never meant much to me at all
And this restlessness I feel
Has nothing to with her after all
‘Cause she never meant much to me at all

She never was the one for me at all
Too flighty, too stubborn, too flaky
I’m finally well rid of her, y’all
‘Cause she never was the one for me after all.

For more on nodes and synastry, please see this: https://astrologyexpressed.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/nodes-in-synastry/

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A reader said she liked my synastry post and that more people should be writing on this topic. Since my progressed sun is in the seventh house, maybe this is a good time for me to think and write about relationships.

When I think of synastry, I always want to know what the nodes are doing. It’s the influence of Eugenie Diserio. Years ago, I spent a few months in Singapore. Surfing the net. That’s all I did. Ten to twelve hours a day. And what I stumbled upon was Eugenie Diserio’s “Ask Genie” column on astrology and relationships. She’d give relationship advice and she’d always factor in the nodes. Eugenie’s a great astrologer and a good writer and she’s made a deep impact on how I approach charts when it comes to relationships. 

Important relationships always show nodal connections whether it is work, marriage, friendship or those rare and magical times when we feel inexplicably yet inexorably drawn to someone we just met. The nodes (by themselves) do not promise longevity in relationships, nor does the presence of nodal contacts guarantee that a relationship will ever form. But they do indicate that a connection exists, maybe just at the soul level, and the person who has nodal synastry with you will leave their mark on the fabric of your being.

Traditionally, the south node indicates our past lives and the north node the lessons we need to learn in the present one. So if someone’s planets conjunct your south node, they bring with them the flavor of the old bonds you once shared. Venus conjunct the south node is a past-life lover and you will share a haunting chemistry with them. The sun and the moon can indicate a parent; Jupiter, a teacher and so on. The north node contacts are people who light up the path you are meant to pursue in this life. They are all your teachers, each and every one of them. They help you become who you are meant to be in this life. It is because of this reason that astrologers favor NN contacts over the SN node while examining the health of a relationship.

I just did a rapid chart scan of people who matter or have mattered to me, to see how the nodes were playing out. There is contact between the nodes and planets in almost every single case. The man who broke my heart has his Venus conjunct my SN node, an aspect Cafe Astrology  describes as that of star-crossed lovers. The man I married has his sun in the same sign as my NN and vice versa. One of my closest friends has her Jupiter exactly conjunct my NN: a friend I made when I was in my late twenties, not a time when friendship is easy to form, and I know that we will be friends forever in this lifetime. An ex-boss, and my favorite example of a person who uses her power well, has her Uranus conjunct my NN: I learnt a lot from her.

The contacts exist even with casual friends with whom I share a light but meaningful bond. Take, RR: my Venus conjuncts her NN and her Mercury conjuncts my NN. She’s a beautiful free spirit and our paths seldom cross, but once in a while we hang out and get to talking. Because her Scorpio sun is in the same sign as my moon, we tend to talk of Scorpionic things. And every single time, our conversation is punctuated by goose pimples. This happens multiple times in a single conversation. I laugh at this and tell her we both must have been white witches in a past life. The nodal connections in the charts don’t show any past life links, but they do show the presence of easy affection and flowing communication. And it’s true; our encounters always leave us feeling happier. A whimsical way to see it would be to say that she belongs to my extended soul family.  

Whether you delving deeper into synastry as a subject, or merely interested in it for a personal reason, you can do no better than to take a look at what the experts have to say. So what are you waiting for? Here are the links:

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P.S. I wrote an article on nodes and synastry for Sasstrology. If you’re so inclind, you can find it here: http://sasstrology.com/2009/10/nodes-in-synastry-an-introduction.html

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