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Cast a spell
With a look
So deep, so intense

It burns the soul
And makes the heart yearn
For just a little bit more of you

And afraid
Of that light and of that passion
That run so very deep.

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“All things betray thee, who betrayest Me.”

That’s a line from Francis Thompson’s religious poem, “The Hound of Heaven.” It’s a powerful poem and this one line has been echoing in my head. I want to write about Vesta, I’ve been looking at Juno, but it is Venus cruising through Scorpio that’s got a hold me and won’t let go till I say what she wants me to.

"Betrayal" by Darwin Leon

"Betrayal" by Darwin Leon

Venus stationed to go retrograde at 13 Scorpio on 7 October, 2010. She moved into Libra on 8 November and stationed to go direct on 27 Libra on 18 November. Do you have any planets on degrees from 27 Libra to 13 Scorpio? If you do, then this would have probably been a memorable retrograde for you. More so if you have planets near 13 Scorpio or 27 Libra, the degrees of her stations. (more…)

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November is turning out to be quite a month with Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. All that passion and intensity is a good way to offset this winter month in the northern hemisphere. Venus enters the water sign of Scorpio on 9 November, 2009 and while it is there, it teaches us that love is also passion, passion is also torment and sometimes torment is transmuted into death and transformation. Now, why would someone talk about death and transformation when they talk of Venus? Isn’t Venus about love and romance and all those other nice things? Yes, she is. But Scorpio is the sign of her “fall” and she faces certain challenges when she’s in this sign. 

If you want to understand Venus in Scorpio, think of Shakespeare’s Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Both are love stories, but they seethe with jealousy, passion and violence. Both end in death and tragedy. Relax, if you or your love interest have this placement it doesn’t mean that you will encounter the same gory end. But these stories will give you an idea of what this energy is about when it is operating at its maximum and is out of control. Handled with care, there is nothing to worry about.

Venus in Scorpio people don’t want a safe, comfortable-as-old-shoes kind of love. There is nothing casual about their approach to love and romance. When it comes to love, they want to plumb the depths, they want to soar and touch the sky. They don’t fall for someone gently and write sweet little ditties. When they love, they love deeply, passionately, obsessively. This quote from the Song of Solomon will give you an idea of what you’re dealing with, “Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave.” It could have been written for people with Venus in Scorpio.

Receiving a love of like this is great gift. If this kind of intensity is not for you; if you like it free and easy, then don’t engage their affections. Not only is it cruel to toy with their emotions, but it’s bad karma for you. But if you want a love that’s out of the ordinary, a love that’s mythic, that will fill the empty corners of your heart, you would do well to woo the regard of these enigmatic and magnetic creatures.

Annie Lennox: Venus in Scorpio

Annie Lennox: Venus in Scorpio

A friend of mine with this placement shared a song that describes Venus in Scorpio for her: Annie Lennox’s Love Song for a Vampire. Have you heard it? It’s drenched with longing; here are some of the lyrics:

The rhythm of this trembling heart
It’s beating like a drum
It beats for you, it bleeds for you

Annie Lennox knows what she’s signing about. This intense musician has her Venus in Scorpio natally. She’s also written and performed popular numbers like Walking on Broken Glass and Why. Both are love songs, but both deal with the darker themes of jealously, betrayal and despair. Scorpio passion, if not well directed, can wreack great emotional havoc on everyone involved. It’s not an energy that you should treat lightly. Treat it with the respect and reverence it deserves and chances are you’ll have found a love that will last a lifetime.

So let’s see what this transit has in store for us: On the day of her ingress into Scorpio, Venus forms a lovely sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. It’s a day for soul love. Feelings will run deep and true on this day. Make the most of it, because on 18 November, Venus squares the flamboyant Leo Mars and sparks are bound to fly. Try and keep it calm if you can. Jealousy and selfishness are the worst ways to deal with this strong energy.

Venus leaves Scorpio for some fun and adventure in Sagittarius on 1 December, 2009. But before that she squares Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune (all in Aquarius) in the last week of November. The Jupiter square that becomes exact on 23 November might tempt you into overindulgence in either love or spending. The Chiron square on the 25th and Neptune square on the 27th are days you should watch out for. Chiron deals with wounds and healing. Is there an old love that you’ve been unable to let go of? Well, now is a good time to lay it to rest. The square to Neptune will try and entice you with a vision of what can be: be careful, things are not as they seem. Stick to the facts and you will save yourself the pain of disillusionment.

For all the Scorpios out there: enjoy this month when a lot of celestial energy is focused on you. Moreover, Venus is gracing you with her charm: pamper yourself, add something lovely to your wardrobe and enjoy the attention you’re bound to get.

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