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“I had the time of my life

And I never felt this way before

And I swear this is true and I owe it all to you.”

It encases your soul, your heart, your mind. Your body exalts when the breeze plays over your face and streams gently through your hair. It sings in quiet celebration when you entwine with the one you love. The gift of the senses: to smell, to taste, to feel, to touch, to hear. Your eyes through which your soul glows also receive the beauty of orange dawns that break in the east and the lilac sunsets that spill their heart on the horizon.

And when you love your body, when you hydrate it, feed it almonds and fruit and stretch it gently, slowly, just a little bit more in a yoga stretch and then release…you feel the body joy of a body that you have loved and that love is its own reward. (more…)

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Hi Sweetheart,

I’ve been thinking of telling you this for a while now. And not just you. It’s also addressed to two others. All three of you are fine writers. More, all three of you are people I love very much.

Maybe it’s my Virgo Venus, but I think that love that does not prove useful is… Well, it’s kind of useless, isn’t it? I can see some people shaking their heads and thinking love suffices in and of itself. Perhaps it does. But for me, if I’m not proving helpful in some way to people I love, I feel like I’m failing them. Which bring us to the use of apostrophes. (more…)

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Venus moves into Virgo on Monday, 21-September-2009. What can we expect when the planet of love moves into the sign of the Virgin? This sign’s association with the symbol of a virgin shouldn’t be taken literally. Virgo is, after all, an earth sign that is well grounded in all that’s real and material. And while the Virgo sensuality is subtle, it’s there all right.

Venus is full of grand and dramatic gestures in Leo and enchantingly beautiful and romantic in Libra. But how does she fare in Virgo, the sign of her fall? We say a planet is in its fall because it is unable to express itself fully in that particular sign. Since its expression is restricted, it becomes weak. Recently a reader asked me what can be done about a weak Venus. The first step would be to understand how the energy is operating and, having done that, we can come up with ideas on how we are going to deal with what we find.

In this Mercury-ruled sign, Venus is both clear-eyed and clear headed. If your partner has their Venus here, at first, you were probably attracted to their low-key and every-hair-in-place appearance. Once you got to know them better, you realized that a theme of purity ran in many areas of their life. Along with their neat appearance, they also had an interest in keeping both the mind and the body healthy.

When it comes to love and relationships, people with this placement identity with Belinda Carlisle’s song “Heaven is a place on Earth.” Or rather with the part where she sings, “We’ll make heaven a place on earth.” They attempt to do this by bringing the Virgo traits of service and devotion to their romantic relationships. They try to enhance the quality of their loved one’s life by being helpful and by gently steering their activities in a healthy direction.

Virgo Venuses shows their love by being helpful. This often takes the form of offering suggestions and giving advice. But they should remember not to overdo it, lest it be seen as nagging by the recipient. If you are the recipient, try and see their “nagging” for what it really is: their way of showing love.

There is a dark side to this Venus’ need to be of helpjulia-roberts-10: they can find themselves becoming attached to people who need to be rescued in some way. This allows them to play their favorite role, that of a savior. But they need to be careful or the savior becomes the victim in the long run. They would do well to be apply Virgo’s famous sense discernment when it comes to romantic alliances.

Virgo is a modest sign and when Venus is here, she doubts her attractiveness. This is what the lovely actress Julia Roberts (Venus in Virgo) says about herself, “I’m an utterly average, total geek,” and, “On my best day, I am a seven-point-seven. I could be a hard eight if I felt great.” Her Venus is conjunct both Uranus and Pluto and this powerful stellium has made her an international star famed for both her beauty and her acting skills. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t associate great beauty with a Virgo Venus, that’s Libra’s domain, but Ms. Roberts’ example reminds us that the way in which a planet manifests in a person’s life is also dependant on its house placement and the aspects it makes to the other planets in the natal chart.

Let’s see how Venus fares as she tries to walk carefully and sensibly through Virgo for the next three weeks. She enters Virgo (21-September) on a powerful note as she forms an exact trine to Pluto in Capricorn. The keynote of this aspect is emotional intensity. Don’t waste this energy; use it to explore the deeper workings of your romantic relationships. You might make an important psychological breakthrough at this time that could prove helpful in taking your relationship to a newer level.

Another interesting day is 10-October when Venus opposes Uranus in Pisces. This opposition makes people chafe against restrictions and eager for excitement. Alternatively, this energy can manifest as a disruption in your love life or your finances. Start the day with a deep breath and try and be patient if someone close to you suddenly wants to make changes.

People with planets in the last ten degrees of the mutable signs have been under a lot of stress lately due to Uranus’s opposition to Saturn; but almost no one has been immune. This aspect is waning now and won’t recur till April 2010. In the meantime, we can use this respite to pick up the pieces and put things right again. You’ll get an opportunity for doing some serious work on your relationship or your finances on 14-October when Venus conjuncts Saturn.  This could prove to be a somber day that requires you to put duty before self-gratification. Do what needs to be done because, although Saturn is demanding, he always rewards those who stay true to their duties and responsibilities.

For Virgos reading this: transiting Venus is headed for a conjunction with your natal sun. Look at an ephemeris to see the date on which it happens and mark that day in your calendar. On that day, you’ll feel good, look swell and everyone will notice. Enjoy! On 15-October Venus moves into Libra, one of the signs it rules. More on this later!

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